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Reliance Car Insurance Highlights

Reliance (Car Insurance)
Reliance General Insurance is one of the leading general insurance companies of India, incorporated in the year 2000. The company has over 139 offices and more than 28,900+ intermediaries across India.
Claim Settlement Ratio
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Reimbursement within 7 working days for non cashless garages
close - Reimbursement within 7 working days for non cashless garages
Spot Claims
Available upto Rs 10,000
Advance Cash
Available upto 50%

The experience of car insurance policyholders only enhances with the addition of various add-ons that rescue you financially in case of uncertain events. Among the options available, Reliance car insurance add-on covers are most sought after. These add-ons will combine with the base policy and come at an extra cost but are worth the expense considering the benefits. So, first, let us check where you need the add-on most before exploring Reliance car insurance add-on covers. 

  • Loss of Valuable Belongings

It’s obvious that the vehicle and the policyholder sustain damages in an accident. But what’s ignored is your valuables and belongings that are often lost or stolen. Since they are without protection under the standard Reliance car insurance policy, an add-on fills the gap famously with a lump sum compensation.  

  • Swift Roadside Assistance

The first thing you look for in an accident is immediate roadside assistance from your insurer. In addition, you face various other issues immobilizing your car when stranded. Consider multiple options under Reliance car insurance add-ons for protection against such unforeseen eventualities. 

  • Depreciation Waiver

It is frustrating when your car insurance claim depletes considerably when applying depreciation and compulsory deductibles. As a result, you pay a substantial share of the repair cost from your pocket. How about zero depreciation Reliance car insurance add-on saving your hard-earned money?

Reliance – Nine Essential Add-on Covers for Your Car Insurance Policy

Reliance offers an array of add-ons to widen the coverage of policyholders. Let us take a quick look at all of them. 

  • Nil Depreciation

Depreciation is a natural process that lessens the insured car’s value over time. Accordingly, your coverage also goes down proportionately. The Reliance car insurance add-on for NIL depreciation compensates you for the total claim without applying depreciation. However, the depreciation would apply to tires, tubes, and batteries up to 50% even with this add-on. 

  • No Claim Bonus Retention

The NCB is a reward for adhering to safe driving practices with claim-free years to show. The bonus reduces your premium up to 50% for five consecutive claim-free years, but you lose the benefit even for a minor claim. However, the NCB retention Reliance car insurance add-on helps keep your premium discounts intact even after filing a claim. 

  • Consumables Cover

Parts and accessories under the consumable category do not enjoy protection against damages under comprehensive car insurance. But the Reliance car insurance add-on consumables cover compensates for the refilled engine oil, grease, washers, and nuts and bolts.

  • Engine Cover

The add-on cover compensates the policyholder for the repair cost of engine and gearbox parts damaged due to water ingress and lubricating oil leakage. Without the add-on, financial cover for such damages is not possible. 

  • Daily Allowance Benefit

If your car is under repair due to damage, your travel gets restricted. As a result, the add-on cover compensates with a daily allowance for your inconvenience. However, the add-on cover comes into play if the car is under repair in the network garage for at least three days. 

  • EMI Protection

The add-on cover compensates for the missed EMIs payable to the financier if your damaged car is under repair at any Reliance network garage. 

  • Total Cover

If your car sustains total loss due to theft or accident, consider the Reliance car insurance add-on. It compensates for the additional cost involving registration, insurance, and road tax for the total loss as the repair cost exceeds the IDV. 

  • Electric and Electronic Accessories

The standard car insurance does not cover damages caused to your car’s electrical and electronic accessories in an accident. However, the add-on compensates for repairing the fog light, air-conditioner, brake light, and music system. 

The above Reliance car insurance add-ons enhance your coverage at an additional cost. In addition, Reliance car insurance offers packaged add-ons for your convenience. They are:

Reliance Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. What are the limitations of the Reliance car insurance add-on for nil depreciation?

    The add-on facility is available under a private car insurance policy, and you can claim protection under the add-on twice during the policy term. In addition, the insured car cannot be more than 5 years old. 

  • 2. How much will the premium be for the add-on cover of Reliance car insurance?

    How much will the premium be for the add-on cover of Reliance car insurance?

  • 3. How many Reliance car insurance add-ons can you choose during a single policy term?

    There is no bar on selecting the add-one coverage while purchasing or renewing your car insurance policy. However, choose wisely to match your risk perceptions and budget. 

  • 4. Does the cost of Reliance car insurance add-on cover remain uniform?

    You pay an additional cost for the add-on cover, but the price is not uniform and varies according to the protection offered. 

  • 5. Can you purchase add-ons with Reliance third-party car insurance?

    No, the add-on covers are available only with Reliance comprehensive and own-damage car insurance policies.

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