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  • 1. What is the Incurred Claim Ratio of Raheja QBE Car Insurance Company?

    The company had a motor ICR of 102% and a total ICR of 102% in the financial year 2018-19.

  • 2. How can I check my Raheja QBE car claim status online?

    Checking your claim is easy, you simply need to log in to the website with your policy details and you will get the details of your status. To go to the company page, click https://www.rahejaqbe.com/motor-insurance . If you do not have your login ID and password, you can get in touch with customer care.

  • 3. How can I Download My Raheja QBE Car Policy Document Online?

    You can download all car insurance-related documents from here: https://www.rahejaqbe.com/motor-insurance/car-insurance/private-car-package-policy

  • 4. How long does Raheja QBE Company take to process and settle a car insurance claim?

    Once all the details and documents are produced by you, the company takes a few days to settle the claim. Cashless claims require less paperwork and hence are generally quicker than reimbursement claims.

  • 5. Does Raheja QBE offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    No, as of now Raheja QBE does not offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance.


  • 1. What precisely is an endorsement as per Raheja QBE car insurance policy?

    In the insurance industry, endorsement represents a shift in specific information. Changes in the name of the policyholder, for example.

  • 2. What if you forget to renew your Raheja QBE insurance plan before it expires?

    If one fails to do Raheja QBE car insurance renewal before the policy expiry date, they can do so within 90 days of expiration. Else the policy will lapse.

  • 3. How long does one's Raheja QBE car insurance plan last?

    The duration of one's Raheja QBE car insurance plan - 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years - determines its validity.

  • 4. Will I be likely to preserve my NCB if I switch from another insurance company to Raheja QBE General Insurance Company?

    Yes, you can retain your NCB upon switching to Raheja QBE from another insurer on renewal. Based on the track record you maintain with the previous insurer, Raheja QBE credits you with NCB discounts.

  • 5. What will happen if you don’t renew your expired Raheja QBE car insurance policy?

    If you do not insure your car within 90 days of your plan's termination date, you may face a car inspection and the loss of any cumulative NCB. 


  • 1. Where can I check my Raheja QBE car insurance claim status?

    Visit the official website of Raheja QBE to track the claim settlement process.

  • 2. After an accident, is it mandatory to file an FIR for Raheja QBE car insurance claim settlement?

    Yes, if your insured car goes on to injure the third person or cause damage to the property. For own damage, it may not be necessary to file an FIR for Raheja QBE car insurance claim settlement. 

  • 3. What precisely are deductibles in Raheja QBE car insurance claim?

    Deductibles are the ones Raheja QBE will not pay when you file a claim with it. The deductible sum is subtracted from the total claim amount. A car insurance policy includes a compulsory deductible of INR 1,000 (for vehicles less than 1500 cc) or INR 2,000 (for vehicles greater than 1500 cc).

  • 4. What supporting documents must I submit for Raheja QBE car insurance claim settlement if my vehicle is stolen?

    If your car is stolen, you must provide Raheja QBE with the entire set of vehicle keys, a no trace report for the lost vehicle, an indemnity bond (part of the insurance policy document), and a no objection certificate (NOC) from the financer, in addition to the existing documents.

  • 5. What should I do with my Raheja QBE car insurance policy after selling my vehicle?

    If you sell your car, you can transfer your policy to the new owner or cancel it. Both can be accomplished by submitting a formal request and completing a form at the nearest branch.

Policy Download

  • 1. Is Raheja QBE car insurance reliable?

    Yes, Raheja QBE car insurance is best suited for insurance purchases, claims, coverages, and add-ons. The company is doing well, with a claim settlement ratio of 86% for FY 2020-21. The claim settlement protocol is straightforward, instant, and seamless. Raheja QBE car insurance is designed to cover financial liabilities in the event that the insured vehicle is involved in an unexpected road mishap. Raheja QBE General Insurance Company, with its customer-centric approach, offers low-cost car insurance plans with seamless claim settlements.

  • 2. How to get the Raheja QBE car insurance policy document Online?

    Raheja QBE car insurance policy document containing coverage details, proposition form, policy term, premium receipt, any attached endorsement deals or supplements, medical examiner document, etc. You can download the policy document directly from the website of Raheja QBE. This is how you need to navigate.

    1. Visit the official website of Raheja QBE car insurance. Request a callback and include your name, phone number, and other pertinent information.
    2. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
    3. Enter the OTP into the portal for verification.
    4. Enter your registered email address next.
    5. Your car insurance policy will be emailed to you in PDF format.
    6. Download the policy statement.

    Alternatively, you can download the memorandum from the vahan e-services link by clicking on the vahan report if you are enrolled with the mParivahan website.

  • 3. Can I get my Raheja QBE car insurance policy delivered at home?

    Yes, you can request Raheja QBE to deliver the policy document to your home.

  • 4. Can a soft copy of the car insurance policy document suffice?

    Yes, the soft copy of the car insurance policy document can suffice. However, you can keep the hard copy of your policy document too.

Add On Covers

  • 1. What do you mean by Raheja QBE car insurance add-on covers?

    In-car insurance, an add-on is a voluntary coverage that a policyholder can add to a standard plan. Add-on covers, which provide benefits in addition to the basic car insurance policy, provide extra protection at an extra cost.

  • 2. How Does Raheja QBE Decide the Premium of Add-on Covers?

    The premium of add-on covers is decided based on the add-on you actually purchase, the price trend prevailing in the market, etc. 

  • 3. Which consumables does Raheja QBE car insurance policy cover?

    Engine oil, gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, grease, washers, oil filters, lubricants, power steering oil, AC gas oil, radiator coolant and all similar items, except fuel, would be covered under a consumable cover.

  • 4. I have bought a third-party Raheja car insurance policy. Can I purchase an add-on to enhance my coverage?

    No, you cannot purchase add-on covers with a third-party policy. Add-ons can be bought either with a comprehensive or standalone car insurance policy.

  • 5. Do I have to pay the premium of Raheja QBE add-on covers separately from the one payable for a standard insurance plan?

    No, the premium of Raheja’s basic car insurance policy will combine with that of the 


  • 1. What are the different add-ons provided by Raheja QBE under its comprehensive policy?

    An add-on increases the range given by an insurance policy. Under Raheja QBE comprehensive car insurance policy, the buyers can select among numerous add-on covers like loss of accessories, roadside assitance, engine protection, zero depreciation and so on.  

  • 2. How can I contact Raheja QBE car insurance to buy comprehensive insurance?

    The customer can easily contact Raheja QBE on toll-free number- 1800 102 7723, or on +91 70453 59601 to buy comprehensive insurance. You can also write to the insurance company at info@rahejaQBE.com. 

  • 3. For how long does my Raheja QBE comprehensive car insurance remain valid?

    The existence of your Raheja QBE comprehensive car insurance policy relies on its tenure – 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. 


  • 1. Who can get Raheja QBE third-party car insurance?

    Raheja QBE third-party car insurance is available to car owners who have registered their vehicles with the Regional Transport Authority of India (RTA).

  • 2. Is there a time limit for filing a claim with Raheja QBE for third-party car insurance after an accident?

    Yes, you must file a third-party car insurance claim within 60 days of the accident. It should be done as soon as possible.

  • 3. Who is in charge of cases filed under third-party claims?

    The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal is a special court that handles third-party claims.

  • 4. What is the maximum compensation provided by Raheja QBE to third-party car insurance policyholders?

    Under the third-party property damage clause, Raheja QBE car insurance policy can compensate you up to INR 7.5 lacs. However, there is no set amount of compensation that a victim's family will receive in the event of death.

  • 5. How long does a third-party car insurance policy from Raheja QBE last?

    The policy usually lasts one year and must be renewed before expiration. However, the IRDAI has allowed the issuance of a 3-year car insurance policy by insurance companies such as Raheja QBE.

Zero Depreciation

  • 1. Can I get my car repaired at Raheja QBE authorized garages if I have bought its zero depreciation add-on cover?

    With zero depreciation coverage, you can have your car repaired at any authorized garage, workshop, or service station by the insurer. Even if you get your vehicle repaired other than the network garage of the insurance company, the zero depreciation add-on cover will come into play. The difference is that there you will need to pay for your repairs and get that reimbursed later from Raheja QBE by submitting bills to the insurer.

  • 2. Can I purchase additional add-on covers in addition to this zero depreciation cover?

    Yes, in addition to the zero depreciation cover, you can add as many add-on covers as possible.

  • 3. When will I be able to include this add-on coverage in my Raheja QBE comprehensive car insurance policy?

    This add-on coverage is available when purchasing or renewing your  comprehensive car insurance or standalone own-damage policy.

  • 4. What parts of my car aren't covered by the Raheja QBE zero depreciation policy?

    The Raheja QBE zero depreciation car policy does not cover car tires, tubes, or batteries fully. They are covered at 50%. Besides, the add-on does not protect against damage to the engine and the breakdown of the vehicle due to mechanical and electrical faults.

Own Damage

  • 1. How can I get in touch with Raheja QBE for insurance-related issues?

    Customers can quickly contact Raheja QBE by dialing its toll-free number available on the company’s official website. You can also email your queries to the insurance company at info@rahejaqbe.com or customercare@rahejaqbe.com.

  • 2. Why do I need to purchase Raheja QBE car insurance?

    A Raheja QBE car insurance policy can assist in settling the losses incurred in the event of an accident. It protects the policyholder from financial and legal losses that impairs a person's financial capabilities. It compensates for both property damage and loss of life.

  • 3. How does Raheja QBE calculate the premium of a standalone own-damage car insurance policy?

    It calculates the premium based on the car you buy, its make & model, engine type, the insured declared value, the place of vehicle registration, etc. 

  • 4. How can you pay Raheja QBE standalone own-damage car insurance premium?

    You can pay the premium using any of the online and offline modes. If you wish to pay online, choose from these options - net banking, UPI, wallet, debit card, credit card, etc. Offline modes include payments made through cheque, cash, demand draft, etc.

  • 5. Can a Raheja QBE car insurance policy be transferred to another individual?

    Yes, it can be transferred to another individual. The one who intends to transfer should inform Raheja QBE in writing. A new proposal form needs to be filled in this case. Please note that the insurance transfer incurs a small fee. Don't hesitate to contact the relevant insurance office for guidance and terms and conditions.

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