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The government is required to protect a car with appropriate insurance coverage under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. All automobiles on Indian roads are required by law to have a minimum amount of insurance protection, often known as third-party liability insurance. Since every urban household in India now owns a car, United India car insurance provides people with various car insurance policies and excellent add-on covers.

The potential customers can choose from a wide range of coverage options offered by car insurance policy. So, instead of settling for a basic level of coverage, car owners should explore different auxiliary coverage tailored to their specific needs.

What are Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

Like riders on life and medical insurance plans, an automobile insurance add-on cover provides additional protection for the insured vehicle. The extra automobile insurance coverage comes at a cost; some might cost up to 20% of the base policy. 

With additional benefits to the car insurance and extra coverage on the policy, add-on covers come at some extra cost. This cost can be reflected in the overall car insurance cost and the premium amount. 

The potential insurance holder should also understand that the benefits of add-on covers are only available in comprehensive car policies and standalone own damage car insurance policies. A policyholder of a third-party insurance cannot seek to get compensation from add-on covers. 

Car Insurance Add-on Covers Offered by United India

Zero Depreciation Cover

This is perhaps the most popular add-on because it allows the car owner to claim the total cost of replacing car parts damaged in an accident without paying out of pocket. Only the depreciated worth of automotive parts is reimbursable under conventional auto insurance policies, not the replacement value. United India typically deducts a discount from your claim before paying out because ordinary depreciation, or the decline in the value of car parts over time, is factored in.

Cover for Engine Protection

This add-on is handy for owners of spanking new high-end cars, and it is usually available for vehicles up to three years old. Engine Protect, often known as machinery breakdown cover, compensates for engine-related repairs not caused by accidents. This add-on is beneficial and worthwhile to buy because the cost of repairs in the event of engine damage can be rather substantial. The cover's goal is to keep damage to your engine from burning a hole in your wallet. Note that this insurance add-on does not provide compensation for regular wear and tear and driving negligence.

Return to Invoice Cover

Purchasing a return to invoice add-on ensures that, in total loss or theft, the policyholder will receive the car's original invoice value, which includes registration fees and road tax paid, rather than the insured reported value. IDV stands for "inventory depreciation value" and refers to the car's market value as it depreciates over time. In a total loss, this add-on insurance covers the difference between the approved claim amount and the vehicle's original purchase price.

The former will be considered if a similar model is available for lower than the original purchase price. It's worth considering that the coverage could not extend to imported autos. Vehicles up to three years old are usually eligible for this coverage.

NCB Protection Cover

When an automobile insurance policyholder does not file a claim during the year, the policyholder earns a No Claim Bonus (NCB). The NCB protect add-on allows the insured to keep their accrued no-claim bonus even if there is a claim, allowing them to keep the discount on the upcoming year's premium. 

However, even if the policyholder files own-damage claim or if the holder files a total loss claim, the benefit under this policy will remain active. 

Roadside Assistance Cover

Roadside assistance cover at United India is for the event of a car breakdown where the insurers give specific round-the-clock services such as refueling, towing, changing a flat tyre, arranging for a mechanic's services, and so on. While some firms charge unnecessarily on this add-on, United India ensures that the holder should choose the fair and required add-on while ensuring that the holder is not ripped off.

Coverage for Injured Passengers

United India provides this add-on, which, like any other personal accident insurance, offers a lump-sum payment to the passengers insured in the event of death or permanent total or partial disability due to an accident. The highest sum assured under this add-on plan is usually INR 1 lakh per insured, although this changes depending on the add-ons purchased.

Daily Allowance Cover

If the car is stolen or is under a repairing process, this add-on policy reimburses the car owner for the expense of renting a replacement vehicle. The permission to rent might be given out for a period ranging from 3, 5 or 7 days. This add-on coverage may, however, be subject to particular exclusions depending on the insurer's terms and conditions. For example, if the car is not fixed at an authorized garage or under repair for fewer than three days, the benefit of this policy may be unavailable. The insurance company offers the reimbursement of INR 1000 per day under this add-on facility. 

Key Replacement Coverage

Typically, this add-on will help the car owner when the keys are misplaced or stolen. If your vehicle is broken into, the insurer will also cover the cost of replacing the lock and key. However, in the latter situation, the holder will be required to present the police report for the break-in.

Consumables Cover

If a car encounters an accident, the car owner can use the consumable cover and seek reimbursement for money spent on nuts and bolts, screen washers, engine oil, bearings, and other items. The insurer will payout for the cost of replacing consumables that are generally excluded from claim amounts under ordinary auto insurance. Vehicles older than three years are typically ineligible for this add-on coverage.

United India Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. What benefit will I get through United India add-on covers?

    As the name says, car insurance add-ons provide you additional insurance benefits regarding the compensation besides the basic coverage. Add-on act like an extra layer of protection to your car and allow you to claim for such damages which are usually not covered in base policy. 

  • 2. Can I leverage multiple United India add-ons?

    Yes, you have the choice to opt for multiple additional add-ons.

  • 3. Can United India insurance add-ons be available on third-party insurance?

    No, only comprehensive and standalone car insurance holders can opt for insurance add-ons.

  • 4. Are United India car insurance add-ons free?

    No, you must pay some extra cost on your primary insurance policy to avail add-on benefits.

  • 5. Which United India car insurance add-ons are the best?

    The best add-ons rely on your requirements. However, zero depreciation, engine cover roadside assistance and return to invoice add-on covers are the most beneficial ones.

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