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Nil depreciation cover, often known as zero depreciation car insurance, provides complete coverage without taking into account depreciation. As a result, if your car is damaged in an accident, Cholamandalam car insurance policy will cover the entire cost during claim settlement.

Your car, like any other commodity, loses value as it ages. Depreciation is the process by which a commodity's value depreciates over time. Depreciation lowers the market worth of your car, but it also reduces the claim amount of your car insurance. This is because the depreciation cost is factored into the claim amount at the time of Cholamandalam car insurance claim.

As a result, even if your automobile is only 3-4 years old due to depreciation, it will be valued at 25% less than the invoice price, and you will receive a smaller claim amount. Cholamandalam car insurance zero depreciation cover online, on the other hand, relieves you of the burden of depreciation costs. This add-on is only available for cars less than five years old. 

Benefits of Cholamandalam Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover

  • Cholamandalam zero dep car insurance relieves the policyholder of depreciation costs. It makes the insurance company liable for the depreciation that applies. As a result, the policyholder can receive a higher claim amount.
  • The best part about Cholamandalam car insurance zero depreciation cover is that it can be renewed too.

Depreciation Rate Applicable on Car with and without Zero Depreciation Add-on

Car Age Rate of Depreciation without Zero Depreciation CoverRate of Depreciation with Zero Depreciation Cover
Under six monthsNil0%
Six months to 1 year5%0%
1 to 2 years10%0%
2 to 3 years15%0%
3 to 4 years25%0%
4 to 5 years35%0%
5 to 10 years40%0%
Above 10 years50%0%

What is Included Under a Cholamandalam Car Insurance Policy With Zero Depreciation Cover?

If you have Cholamandalam zero depreciation car insurance coverage, you can recover the total cost of replacing  the vehicle parts in the event of an accident. The claim amount will not be reduced by the depreciating value of the damaged parts. As a result, it assists you in saving a significant quantity of money. 

What is not Included Under a Cholamandalam Car Insurance Policy With Zero Depreciation Cover?

The following are some exclusions to Cholamandalam car zero dep insurance, popularly known as bumper-to-bumper insurance:

  • Cars older than five years are not eligible for this.
  • Vehicles with more than a certain number of kilometers driven do not qualify for zero depreciation coverage.
  • Nil depreciation insurance typically limits the number of claims that can be filed in a given year. Insurers use this to deter policyholders from filing claims for minor dents or damage. Because the restrictions differ between insurers, you should read your policy document to learn more about your policies's specifics.
  • A zero depreciation policy does not safeguard the car's engine from damage caused by oil leaks or water penetration.
  • Mechanical problems (which do not result in an accident) and consequential damages are also excluded from bumper-to-bumper insurance.
  • Gear oil, brake oil, clutch oil, coolant, engine oil, and other types of oil are not covered.
  • A zero depreciation policy does not cover mandatory deductibles. Therefore, the amount equivalent to mandatory deductions will have to be incurred by the policyholder at the time of a claim.
  • The policy does not cover a personal vehicle utilized for business purposes.
  • A driver who does not have a valid driver's licence is likewise not covered.
  • If the motorist is under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving, zero depreciation add-on cover of Cholamandalam will not apply.
  • If a claim isn't submitted within the specified term, it will be invalidated.
  • The driver who is utilizing the vehicle for nefarious purposes is not covered.

Factors Affecting Cholamandalam Zero Depreciation Cover

Three primary factors determine your Cholamandalam car zero dep insurance premium after a lot of statistical research and data crunching:

  • If your car is more than 5 years old, you cannot buy a zero depreciation cover.
  • If you own a luxury car, the premium for your Cholamandalam car insurance zero depreciation cover will be higher. This is because luxury cars have expensive parts, and protecting them will automatically demand a higher premium. 
  • The location where you're based: In case you reside in an accident-prone area, your zero depreciation cover will come at a higher premium.

Cholamandalam Zero Depreciation Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Is the Cholamandalam zero depreciation cover add-on applicable to engine parts?

    The Cholamandalam zero depreciation car insurance does not provide engine damage coverage. For that, you need to buy the ‘engine protect’ add-on cover of Cholamandalam.

  • 2. As per the Cholamandalam zero depreciation car insurance, what is the insured declared value?

    The sum insured value that the policyholder receives in the event of theft or complete loss of the insured vehicle is known as IDV. It's the vehicle's current market worth minus the registration fee and depreciation value. However, the zero depreciation cover of Cholamandalam car insurance covers depreciation costs.

  • 3. When will I be able to purchase Cholamandalam car insurance zero depreciation add-on cover?

    Cholamandalam car insurance zero depreciation coverage is available for cars aged less than five years.

  • 4. What factors influence my Cholamandalam car insurance zero depreciation premium?

    It is mainly determined by the age of the vehicle to be insured, its model and make, and its location.

  • 5. Will I need to pay extra for keeping Cholamandalam car zero depreciation add-on cover?

    Yes, you will need to pay the extra premium for having this add-on cover. The premium of the base car insurance policy will combine with that of the add-on cover. 

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