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  • 1. How many add-on covers does SBI General Private Car Offer?

    SBI Car insurance offers a big number of add-on covers, such as:

    1. Depreciation Reimbursement
    2. Roadside Assistance
    3. Protection of No Claim Bonus
    4. Passenger Cover
    5. EMI Protector
    6. Loss of Personal belongings
    7. Hospital Cash Cover
    8. Inconvenience Allowance
    9. Key Replacement Cover
    10. Tyre Protect Cover
    11. Return To Invoice
    12. Engine & Gearbox Protection
    13. Consumable Cover
    14. Bi-fuel-Kit
  • 2. What is the Incurred Claim Ratio of SBI?

    SBI had a motor ICR of 87% and a total ICR of 72% in the financial year 2018-19.

  • 3. How can I check my SBI General Private Car claim status online?

    You need to visit the official website and enter your policy details. You can click: To get in touch with customer care executives, you can call on -1800 102 1111.

  • 4. How can I Download My SBI General Private Car Policy Document Online?

    You can download all car insurance-related documents from here:

  • 5. How long does SBI take to process and settle a car insurance claim?

    Within a few days of completion of all documentation, the company settles the claim.

  • 6. Does SBI General Private Car insurance offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    As of now, the company does not offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance.


  • 1. What is the grace period for renewing your SBI four-wheeler insurance policy?

    After the expiry of the old policy, you get a grace period of 90 days. Within these 90 days, you must initiate your SBI four-wheeler insurance policy renewal procedure. If you fail to do so, then your previous policy will lapse, and you will also lose the benefits such as NCB. After the grace period is over, you cannot renew but have to buy a new insurance policy. 

  • 2. Does the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy renewal premium change based on the vehicle’s location?

    The premiums differ based on the place of vehicle registration.

  • 3. Can I check the status of my SBI four-wheeler insurance policy renewal online?

    You will get all the policy-related updates online. It will be intimated to you via your registered mobile number, or you can visit the website of SBI General for more information.  

  • 4. What is the toll-free number of the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy?

    1800 102 1111 or 1800 22 1111 are the toll-free numbers of the SBI General. The office hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.  However, the numbers can change. So, before dialing, do visit the website to validate the numbers. In case the numbers are changed, dial the new numbers and get your queries regarding SBI four-wheeler insurance policy renewal and others sorted out.

  • 5. What to do with my SBI four-wheeler policy if I sell the vehicle?

    If you sell your Four-Wheeler, you can transfer your policy to the new owner or can cancel it. 


  • 1. How many days does it take to settle an SBI four-wheeler insurance claim?

    As per the information available on the website of SBI General Insurance, the company settles the four-wheeler insurance claim within 30 days of receiving the final survey report and/or necessary document submission by the insured.

  • 2. Can I make the SBI four-wheeler insurance claim online?

    Yes, you can intimate the SBI four-wheeler insurance claim on the official website of the insurance company. Mention details such as your name, mobile number, policy number, etc. After doing these, click on the ‘submit’ button’ to round off your claim intimation to SBI.

  • 3. Can I dial the toll-free number to register the SBI four-wheeler insurance claim?

    1800 22 1111 is the toll-free number of SBI General which you can dial to register your claim.

  • 4. How many SBI network garages are there for cashless claim settlement?

    SBI General's huge garage network for cashless claim settlement is available all over India. The exact count of garages is not known yet. 

  • 5. Can I check the status of my SBI four-wheeler insurance claim online?

    The official website of the SBI General will provide you with all the claim-related and other updates regarding your insurance policy. 

Policy Download

  • 1. Where will I get my SBI General insurance policy number?

    The insurance policy number is mentioned on the first page of your insurance policy. This number acts as your identification number with the insurer.

  • 2. Do I get different SBI four-wheeler insurance policy numbers for different policies?

    Each policy number is unique and different from the one for each policy. It is the case with all the policies, even if one individual owns them.

  • 3. Can I get the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document in a hard copy format?

    After you download the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy, you can take as many printouts of it as you want. However, keep all that with you for future reference. 

  • 4. Can my SBI four-wheeler insurance claim get rejected despite having the policy document?

    Yes. SBI vehicle insurance policy document contains certain exclusions, which if you claim for, will see a rejection. Besides, the document clearly states the time frame for claim intimation. Not maintaining so will lead to a claim rejection even if you have a policy number and other relevant documents.  

  • 5. Can I check my SBI Four-Wheeler insurance policy status online?

    After buying the policy from SBI General, you get regular updates through various means from the insurer. If you are in need of any more information, you can get that information on the website of SBI General or by contacting the insurer. 

Add On Covers

  • 1. Are buying SBI four-wheeler insurance policy add-on covers mandatory?

    No, it’s not mandatory. But if you want, you can buy these covers to add an extra layer of financial protection.

  • 2. Can I cancel my SBI car insurance add-on covers?

    Yes, you can cancel your SBI four-wheeler insurance policy add-on covers on renewal. 

  • 3. Are SBI general add-on covers offered under its third-party insurance policy?

    No. Third-party insurance holders cannot avail of Add on Covers. 

  • 4. Can I continue with the same add-on covers after the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy renewal?

    Yes, you can continue with the same add-on covers after the policy renewal. 

  • 5. Is there any limit on the purchase of SBI four wheeler insurance add-on covers?

    No, there is no limit on the purchase of the add-on covers. 


  • 1. Can I check the status of my SBI General comprehensive car insurance policy online?

    Yes, you can check the status of your SBI General comprehensive car insurance by visiting the insurer’s website. 

  • 2. Is personal accident cover part of all SBI General comprehensive four-wheeler insurance base policies?

    No, you have to buy a PA cover separately as it is not included in your base policy. Buying a PA cover is mandatory for every vehicle owner. 

  • 3. Do I have to pay an additional amount to avail of SBI General comprehensive four-wheeler insurance add-ons?

    Yes, every add-on cover adds to your premium amount. 

  • 4. How many add-on covers do I get with my SBI General comprehensive car insurance?

    You can purchase around 14 add-on covers along with your SBI General comprehensive car insurance policy. 

  • 5. Can I cancel my SBI General comprehensive car insurance policy during the tenure of the policy?

    Yes, you can cancel your SBI General comprehensive car insurance policy during the tenure of your policy. You will get unused premiums after the verification minus the claim amount if you have made any. 


  • 1. Does the SBI third-party car insurance cover depreciation costs while claiming?

    It does not cover depreciation costs. Only third-party liabilities will get covered under this plan.

  • 2. Is the death of the third party covered under SBI third-party car insurance?

    Death and the partial or permanent disability of the third party are covered under  SBI third-party car insurance.

  • 3. Can I customize SBI's third-party insurance policy?

    SBI does not allow customers to purchase add-on covers. Therefore, the customization of the policy is not possible.  

  • 4. Can I cancel my SBI Third-Party Four-Wheeler Insurance?

    It is possible to cancel SBI third-party car insurance. However, given the regulation revolving around mandatory third-party insurance policy, you are advised against it. 

  • 5. Is it mandatory to produce FIR to claim SBI Third-Party Four-Wheeler Insurance?

    When you inform SBI General about the accident, the first thing that it asks you to file is the FIR, if not filed already. Because you need to provide a copy filed by either of the parties involved in the accident to get the claim amount.  

Zero Depreciation

  • 1. Can I get the SBI four-wheeler zero depreciation add-on cover for my second-hand car?

    All vehicles (aged not more than five years) are covered under SBI car insurance zero depreciation. In extreme cases, SBI can ask for the examination of the vehicle before allowing you to purchase this add-on cover. 

  • 2. Can I renew my SBI zero depreciation car insurance add-on cover?

    You can renew the same on the specified renewal date. Since the add-on premium and the one for the base car insurance policy will have to be paid together on the same date. The payment of the consolidated premium will renew both your base and zero depreciation car insurance policy you purchase from SBI General Insurance. 

  • 3. Do I get the full claim amount after purchasing the SBI car insurance zero depreciation add-on cover?

    After the purchase of the SBI four-wheeler insurance zero depreciation add-on cover, you will not have to pay the depreciation of the vehicle. But if you file a claim for something that you have not purchased in your policy or if something is excluded from your policy, you do not get the amount for that claim. 

  • 4. Can my SBI zero depreciation cover be renewed If I fail to do so on the expiry date?

    You can do so after it expires. SBI General Insurance will give you about 90 days from the policy expiry date to renew.  

  • 5. Does SBI car insurance zero depreciation add-on cover mechanical or electrical breakdowns of the vehicle?

    No, the add-on does not cover the same.

Own Damage

  • 1. Can I purchase SBI Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy online?

    The whole procedure to purchase the SBI standalone own damage car insurance is digital. You can also buy it by visiting the local branch office or by calling the 2x7 customer care representative. 

  • 2. Do I have to renew my SBI standalone own damage car insurance policy annually?

    The SBI standalone own damage car insurance is offered with a term duration of one year. However, customers can opt for the multi-year policy, which has a term limit of three years. So, they do not have to spend every year renewing the policy. SBI Policy renewal procedure is simple, so you do not have to spend hours renewing it. 

  • 3. Do I have to mention if I purchase the vehicle from the SBI Vehicle Loan?

    This will in no way affect your SBI standalone car insurance policy or premium. But at the time of the policy purchase, you must not hide any information from the insurer that can later become a liability. Therefore, it is advised for you to mention the financer at the time of policy purchase. 

  • 4. Who can purchase the SBI standalone own damage car insurance policy?

    This policy is ideal for those customers who do not want to purchase costly comprehensive policies, and they also want protection for themselves along with third-party protection. 

  • 5. Which are the add-on covers I get along with my SBI standalone own damage car insurance?

    Following are the add-on covers that customers can avail of to customize their SBI insurance policy: 

    • Depreciation reimbursement
    • NCB protection
    • Return to invoice
    • Key replacement
    • Inconvenience allowance
    • Loss of personal belongings
    • Enhanced personal accident cover
    • Roadside assistance cover
    • Hospital daily cash cover
    • Engine guard
    • Cover for consumables
    • EMI protector
    • Tire and rim guard

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