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Car insurance is not limited to just buying a policy and paying premiums. It is also essential to know that periodic renewals will make your policy stay valid and help you during claim settlements. Renewals are imperative as they ensure that the car insurance policy does not lapse and you receive compensation while raising a claim. Companies such as Universal Sompo ensure a simple renewal process for its car insurance policyholders. You can do your Universal Sompo car insurance renewal online or offline. 

The Universal Sompo car insurance plan will stay valid for new cars for the first three years of the policy term. If you have an old car, renewals need to be done every year. It also depends on the insurer as to what duration the renewal is valid. Let us get to know the online and offline processes of Universal Sompo car insurance renewal.

Universal Sompo Car Insurance Policy Renewal - Online Process

Follow these steps for renewing Universal Sompo car insurance policy online:-

  1. Visit the official website of Universal Sompo insurance.
  2. Collect the renewal form from the website.
  3. Enter your previous policy information.
  4. Enter the essential car information – make, model, etc.
  5. Get the quotes offered by the insurer.
  6. Select your preferred quote and buy the renewal.
  7. Make online payments.
  8. Your renewed policy documents will be sent to your email ID.
  9. You can either keep the soft or hard co.py of the renewed documents

Universal Sompo Car Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

You also have the option to visit the nearest Universal Sompo branch office. Universal Sompo has 113 branches and 17 zonal offices in India. The following steps would be required when visiting the branch office for Universal Sompo car insurance renewal:

  1. Visit the nearest branch of Universal Sompo insurance.
  2. Collect the Universal Sompo car insurance renewal form from the customer representative.
  3. Fill in the form with details regarding your vehicle and existing policy.
  4. Select the quote offered by the insurer.
  5. You can also select add-ons at this point.
  6.  Make the payments via cheque, cash or DD.
  7. Collect the policy documents in hard copy.

Universal Sompo Car Insurance Policy Renewal Benefits

The advantages of  Universal Sompo car insurance renewal are mentioned below:

  • Continuous coverage for expenses arising out of vehicular damages.
  • Roadside assistance cover is provided in cases where the policyholder is stuck on the road while facing an accident.
  • Extensive cashless garage network of Universal Sompo where you can get your claims settled without any upfront payment, up to the coverage amount.
  • Customer assistance is available 24*7.
  • Initiation of a claim is simple, quick as well as user-friendly.
  • Premiums will be lowered if you have installed anti-theft devices in your car.
  • Roadside help is available 24*7.
  • A variety of add-on coverages are also available.
  • Add-on privileges are available for policyholders who own added policies on top of their third-party plans. In addition, comprehensive and standalone insurance plans’ policyholders are eligible for add-ons and rider benefits offered by Universal Sompo.

Universal Sompo Car Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. In how much time should you renew your Universal Sompo car insurance policy?

    Policy renewals must be done before the expiration of the Universal Sompo car insurance plan. For example, if you have forgotten to renew your car insurance policy, Universal Sompo gives you as much as 90 days from the expiry date to renew your policy.

  • 2. Can Universal Sompo car insurance renewal be denied?

    Universal Sompo can reject policy renewals in certain scenarios. These may include frequent claims made by you in a particular policy year. Plus, if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not only will Universal Sompo reject your claim but could deny renewals too. Too many fines imposed on you for rash driving, if  remains the case, could lead to renewal rejections by Universal Sompo. All these give the insurance company a negative impression about your car driving skills, leading to renewal rejections. Universal Sompo could deny car insurance policy renewals in case of policies remaining expired for a long time. 

    Universal Sompo car insurance renewal will not happen if the policyholder dies right after purchasing the policy. The death of the insured person directly results in the policy lapse, negating the process of renewal.

  • 3. How can you get the soft copy of your Universal Sompo car insurance policy renewal?

    You can get a soft copy of the policy document by checking the same on your email ID. Because Universal Sompo emails you the policy document the moment you are done with car insurance renewal premium payments. Another way is to visit the official website of Universal Sompo and do these -

    • Click on ‘renew now’ placed under private car (comprehensive package and third-party liability policies).
    • You’ll then need to enter your policy number and then click on ‘renew now’
    • It will show the details of your renewed policy


  • 4. Can you use mobile payments apps like Paytm to renew your Universal Sompo car insurance policies?

    Yes, you can! Universal Sompo has announced that it has activated the Paytm platform facility for car and health insurance policy renewals. 

  • 5. Can you transfer the no claim bonus or NCB from the previous owner in the case of Universal Sompo car insurance?

    Universal Sompo car insurance allows its customers to transfer their NCB from the previous owner.

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