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A valid insurance policy is one of the  required documents you need to carry while driving a two-wheeler. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every two-wheeler owner must compulsorily purchase at least the third-party two-wheeler insurance. But, that most owners obtain a two-wheeler insurance policy for umbrella protection is another matter. In addition, you need the policy document for lodging claims. That leads you to invoke the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance download facility to comply with the stipulation. But, first, let us check what the policy document contains.

  • Two-wheeler policy type
  • Policy term with the start and expiry dates
  • IDV and the premium amount
  • Policy exclusions & inclusions
  • Policy benefits and other features
  • Personal information
  • Policy terms and conditions
  • Grievance redress and escalation procedure

How to Download Universal Sompo Bike Insurance Policy Online Using Policy Number?

It is convenient to download Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy. The following steps are essential for the process.

  1. Visit the Universal Sompo insurance portal.
  2. Invoke the login option available in the right-hand corner of the landing page. If you are already registered, log in with your credentials, or sign up using your email address.
  3. Then, select policy type details and tag the new policy option.
  4. Next,  feed the policy number and select search and tag  your policy.
  5. Finally, go to the dashboard where your selected Universal Sompo two-wheeler policy download is ready.

Universal Sompo Bike Insurance Policy Document - Do I Need a Hard Copy?

You need the hard copy of the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance copy download to comply with the law while driving on Indian roads and for claim documentation. While there is no change in the claim registration and settlement, you can face a fine penalty and imprisonment for a violation while driving without the insurance copy. 

In a recent development, the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has launched the e-Vahan Bima App for the digital display of the policy. In addition, the police can scan the QR code on the App for your policy information. 

Notwithstanding the facility, carrying a hard copy to overcome network issues while your documents are under inspection is sensible. Moreover, the policy document holds detailed information about the insurance plan. So, it is necessary to store a hard copy for your records. The following tips are handy for a bike owner to avoid untoward incidents involving documents.

  • While riding your two-wheeler, you must hold a third-party insurance policy and produce a hard or soft copy for inspection. Otherwise, you are liable to pay a fine. Therefore, use the download option and plug the loophole.
  • Mobile applications like the mParivahan and Digilocker help store the two-wheeler policy’s digital information alongside the registration certificate, road tax token, PUC certificate and driving licence. Thus, you can save yourself the hassle of a penalty.  

Universal Sompo Bike Insurance Policy - How to Get a Hard Copy?

Without a hard copy of the policy document, an immediate download saves you from legal hassles. The reasons can be many – you have lost the document or purchased the insurance policy online. Explore the methods to download an insurance copy to comply with the mandatory legal provision. 

The best option is using the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance download function on the insurer’s website. First, download the soft copy of the policy document in PDF format and save it in your system. Additionally, you can print it out for storing on your person while driving.

Alternatively, contact Universal Sompo’s toll-free customer care number and seek assistance. The insurer’s representative assists you in getting a duplicate copy of the insurance policy document. 

Universal Sompo Bike Insurance Policy Document - How Can I Make Changes?

The bike insurance policy is an agreement between the policyholder and the insurer. Therefore, you must be extra cautious to prevent any flawed information in the policy document to avoid future complications. Consequently, you must rectify the erroneous data. 

The policyholder must connect with the insurer using their toll-free number and lodge a request for correction. Then, the insurer executives make the necessary changes and allow a revised version of the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy to download.  

Alternatively, you can use Universal Sompo’s mobile application “Pulz,” where you can modify the errors to make the policy document flawless. Finally, you can download the revised policy documents for your records and future reference. 

Universal Sompo Bike Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. How can you access the Universal Sompo bike insurance policy document online?

    You can access the relevant bike insurance policy document at Universal Sompo’s official website. But first, you must register and feed the insurance policy details to access the policy document online.

  • 2. Are your two-wheeler details available in the Universal Sompo’s bike insurance policy document?

    Yes, the insurance policy document provides detailed information about the insured two-wheeler. The records include make, model, capacity, engine, and chassis number. 

  • 3. After renewal, do you need to use the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy download?

    It is mandatory to show the latest insurance policy document on demand to the police to scrutinize its validity. Accordingly, use the download function for the latest policy document for compliance.

  • 4. What kind of information is available on the mParivahan application?

    The information displayed on the mParivahan platform summarizes the mandatory documents stating their validity date.   The application displays information about all the required documents. 

  • 5. Is it compulsory to show a hard copy of the Universal Sompo bike insurance policy document when the police demand it?

    No, the soft copy is sufficient to comply with the request. However, you must show the hard copy for failure to display the soft copy of the policy document. 

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