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Buying insurance for one’s bike is not just a matter of choice now. It is both advantageous and mandatory by law. 

Generally, people know about the three essential bike insurances for two-wheelers

  1. Third-party insurance, which gives protection from third party losses.
  2. Standalone insurance, which gives damage or loss cover to the insured bike.
  3. Comprehensive cover, which combines the advantages of third-party insurance and standalone insurance.

But that is not all. One can also avail of the Kotak Mahindra bike insurance add-on covers. These add-on covers provide for the entire extra protection one needs while riding a bike. 

Some of the many advantages of having the add on covers of Kotak Mahindra bike insurance are listed below – 

  1. It provides for roadside assistance.
  2. It helps in claiming the no-claim bonus.
  3. It gives protection from depreciation costs, etc.

The add-on covers can be bought online. To buy the Kotak Mahindra two-wheeler insurance add-on covers online, one needs to visit the website of the insurer. One can purchase these add-on covers along with either standalone insurance or comprehensive cover insurance.

Kotak Mahindra – Important Add-on Covers For Your Bike Insurance Policy:

There are many add-on covers available under the Kotak Mahindra bike insurance add-on covers option on the website of the company. They are as follows – 

  • Zero Depreciation Cover:

Generally, when one raises a claim, the insurance company deducts the cost of depreciation while settling the claim. This can be avoided by availing of the zero depreciation cover. If the depreciation cost is not reduced from the claim settlement amount, the settlement amount tends to be relatively high, which covers the extra premium paid for this add-on cover.

  • Consumables Cover:

The consumables include stuff like fuel, nuts, bolts, etc., that run out as time passes. Such things are covered under the consumables cover. Having this cover guarantees one to compensate for the loss incurred on getting these consumables re-stocked.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover:

This is probably one of the most invited covers out of all the Kotak Mahindra bike insurance add-on covers. The rationale is straightforward: people enjoy lengthy bike rides. And if one’s bike was to break down in the middle of nowhere and a single phone call to the insurance company could send help flying on wheels, then what would one not give for this.

  • Key Loss Cover:

This cover comes in handy for all of us because, believe it or not; forgetfulness is both bliss and the cause of all sorts of drama. And a key is such a tiny object that it is pretty easy to misplace it and never find it again. Having a critical loss cover gets us a duplicate key sponsored by the insurance company in no time; however, the benefits of this cover can be utilized only a given number of times.

  • Passenger Assistance Cover:

In a comprehensive cover, one gets a personal accident cover; however, one cannot forget the co-passenger. The co-passenger life is also worth every penny of the premium. In the range of Kotak Mahindra two-wheeler insurance add-on covers, the passenger assistance cover has also been added to provide coverage for the co-passenger in case of mishaps.

  • Engine Safe Cover:

This cover comes in most handy in places such as flood-prone areas.  This cover protects one from the loss incurred on damages to the engine or the parts associated.

  • Loss of Personal Belongings Cover:

We often store our essential belongings in the storage area of our bikes. In case of a mishap, it is pretty probable to lose our items. The compensation for such a loss comes under the loss of personal belongings cover.

  • Return to Invoice Cover:

In case the bike suffers partial or complete damage whereby the bike is of no further use, the return to invoice cover brings back the rider all the money that is printed on the invoice generated while purchasing the bike. 

  • Daily Allowance Cover:

At times, when the bike is in repair at the garage, many people miss their daily work wage. The daily allowance cover compensates for such a loss by providing the rider some money as compensation for the time it takes to get the bike repaired at the garage.

  • Protection of NCB cover:

No claim bonus is quite hyped these days. The reason is that the bonus offered if one does not claim during the policy period is quite good. But sometimes, it is unavoidable to not make a claim. In such a case, the no claim bonus cover helps protect the rider from suffering from losing the offer provided had he/she no

Kotak Mahindra Bike/Two Wheeler Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. How many times can the no claim bonus be revived in case one takes the no claim bonus cover under Kotak Mahindra bike insurance add-on covers?

    The no-claim bonus can be revived up to twice in a policy period with the no claim bonus cover.

  • 2. What is the duration of Kotak Mahindra’s two-wheeler insurance add- on covers?

    The duration is one year for all add-on covers. These can be renewed with the standalone or comprehensive insurance.

  • 3. How can one claim the settlement on Kotak Mahindra bike insurance add on covers?

    The claim settlement follows the same process as a settlement on any other insurance. One just has to call the insurance company to initiate the settlement process.

  • 4. Can one purchase an add-on cover with the third-party liability cover?

    No, it is not possible to purchase add-on covers with third-party insurance cover.

  • 5. Is it important to buy all Kotak Mahindra add-on covers for one’s bike?

    It is advantageous to have as much coverage as possible; however, buying all add-on covers is not necessary.

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