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Add-ons are the exclusive additional facilities that come as optional choices to the insurance policy. Add-on covers substantiate the aim of the insurance coverages, that is, to protect the policyholder's assets. Over the years, insurance companies have been offering multiple associated helps that make the vehicle as protected as ever. These add-ons have been reported to be a part of a much-valued package. More importantly, these appendages serve as a client's safety net and take off further burden while riding the bike.

Reliance General Insurance is a hub for security and facilitates it to its customers with due diligence. The Reliance bike insurance add-on covers are recommended to Indian clients. With bustling streets and volatile economic struggles, the insurance company seeks to shelter their clients with greater bike insurance service than ever.

Reliance General Insurance- Four Important Add-on Covers For Your Bike Insurance Policy

The add-on covers of Reliance bike insurance consist of a multifaceted variety of facilities that cater to the rider's needs. Here are a few of the add-on policies talked of –

  • Zero or Nil Depreciation Cover

This service is an excellent help to the asset owners. The zero depreciation cover sets the owner free from any depreciation charges against its bike or its accessory parts. By paying a certain extra amount of the premium, the Reliance Insurance company handles the bike's depreciation charges. Without this add-on, the rider may need to toggle between various materials and their varying costs while claiming the insured declared value of the two-wheeler. This cover makes sure to maximize the IDV of the bike.

  • Daily Allowance Benefit

Assets ensure security; hence, when an accident takes place and your reliable asset needs repairing, your day-to-day activities get shaky. Therefore, to help its customers with their daily commute, the Reliance bike insurance add-on covers include the benefit of a daily allowance when the insured two-wheeler is under maintenance. The Reliance two-wheeler insurance looks forward to sharing your expenses while your vehicle is getting repaired for its damages. This amount secures your travel allowances. However, this benefit is only applicable if the insured two-wheeler is in the authorized Reliance network garage for more than 3 days.

  • EMI Protection

Insurance coverage absorbs every uncertain effect that befalls when an accident takes place. The options of Reliance bike insurance add-on lending is a helping hand to every middle-class family to smoothen the blows of a financial impact. The add-ons include the benefit of an EMI protection as and when the period of maintenance of the damaged two-wheeler exceeds 30 days. This Reliance two-wheeler insurance add-on covers as many as 3 EMIs for its customer's bike's EMI. This add-on service is only pertinent for partial claims.

  • Helmet Cover

The Reliance two-wheeler insurance policy not only aims to protect your vehicle from the damages incurred but also its accessories. The helmet of the rider is an important appendage to the asset. One of the Reliance two-wheeler insurance add-ons help to cover the charges of the insured's helmet. This add-on provides you with compensation for the helmet which has been damaged due to the accident. This particular add-on is available under the annual coverage of the Reliance bike insurance plan. The premium for this coverage starts only at INR 100/-. Please take note the compensation is pledged for the exact model of the customer's helmet.

Reliance Bike/Two Wheeler Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. How many claims are applicable under the Reliance bike insurance add-on cover for the daily allowance benefit?

    A maximum of two claims are applicable to the insured who has opted for the daily allowance add-on. Reliance bike insurance also lets its customers choose the days and the respective amount for attaining the allowance benefit.

  • 2. What is the insured limit per helmet under the Reliance two-wheeler add -on cover for helmet protection?

    The insured limit per helmet under the helmet protection coverage is INR 50,000. Annually, the add on pledges to cover more than one helmet for a maximum of one accident. The sum insured is only applicable for accidental damages – does not include any coverage for irregularities due to daily wear and tear or theft.

  • 3. What are the conditions for the add-on facility of Reliance bike insurance EMI protection?

    The EMI protection serves as assistance to offload the financial burdens of the policyholder. This triggers when the vehicle of the insured is still under repair in any of the Reliance authorized network garages across the county. The Reliance bike insurance add-on policy for EMI protection also seeks to make the payment directly made to the financial institution.

  • 4. What is the daily allowance benefit?

    The daily allowance benefit is a big help when the insured bike is at the garage for repairs and the insurance holder has to opt for another transportation medium. The insurance company compensates for the day-to-day commute with a limitation of INR 5,000 per day – available for only two claims.

  • 5. What are the conditions for daily allowance benefit?

    The daily allowance benefit only provides the insured sum given the damaged bike is in any network garage of the insurance company for more than 3 consecutive days. If the bike has not been freed from the authorized garage in less than 90 days, a lump sum of the theft benefit is provided to the insured. Further changes or additional conditions shall be available in the insurance policy document for the clients to go through. 

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