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The Star health insurance policy offers a straightforward renewal procedure that allows the customers to maintain its coverage without skipping a beat. This helps at the time of health-related issues or emergencies that might arise out of the blue, and provides peace of mind to the policyholder. Apart from the general importance of Star health insurance renewal, there are various other benefits attached to it. You can be eligible for these benefits as a part of renewing your existing policy within the provided time frame. 

The renewal of Star health insurance can be completed online, as well as through offline mode. If you are looking to learn more about the Star health insurance renewal process, its benefits, key aspects and all the other associated details, you can go through the entirety of this article.  

Star Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal Procedure

The steps you will need to follow to conveniently settle the Star health insurance renewal online procedure are listed down below: 

  1. Open up a browser of your choice, type in “Star health insurance” and click on the official website of the insurer from the search results.
  2. At the top section of the page, you will find the ‘renew’ option. Click on it to be redirected to the ‘instant renewal’ page, where you can have your Star health insurance renewal online payment settled.
  3. On the ‘instant renewal’ page, you will need to mention the policy number of your existing Star health insurance plan that you wish to renew, followed by the insured’s date of birth.
  4. After filling in the policy information, you can click on the “renew now” option and move ahead with the procedure.
  5. In the next step, first carefully check and verify your existing plan details and then go ahead with the online payment option
  6. After the Star health insurance renewal online payment successfully goes through, the details of the purchase and renewal will be sent to the policyholder’s registered email address.

This has been the step-by-step procedure for the online renewal Star health insurance policy. 

The Offline Procedure of Star Health Insurance Policy Renewal

The alternative method through which you can have your renewal of Star health insurance done is the offline mode. Star Health has numerous office branches covering both major and minor regions of India. This means you can easily locate and visit a nearby office branch to get your Star health insurance renewal completed. You can check out the official website for the Star health insurance office branches near you. You can also get further assistance by calling the toll-free number 044 43664666 for corporate customers or (044)- 2831 9100 / 2853 2060 / 2853 2030 for other users.

Benefits of Renewing Star Health Insurance Policy

The Star health insurance renewal benefits that you can earn by simply getting your existing policy renewed on time are listed below:

1. No Claim Bonus

The No Claim Bonus or NCB is a special type of reward that you can earn as a health insurance policyholder for every claim-free term year under the policy. With this benefit, you will earn a certain percentage of increment of your plan’s base sum insured value, meaning you will get more coverage with the same plan without needing to pay any additional amount for it. For example, let’s say Suresh has the Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy with the sum insured value of INR 5,00,000. In this case, Suresh will be eligible for a 50% increment on his plan’s base sum insured value after each following claim-free year, with an upper limit of up to 100%. The no claim bonus is different for all plans, and you should check with your policy details for more insight on this matter.

2. Make Plan Revisions

In case you are considering making changes to your existing plan, the time of Star health policy renewal presents you with the perfect opportunity to do so. You can make certain enhancements to your health care plan to fit your current needs accordingly, without the need to opt for a new one and face its initial waiting period. You can add in or remove members to your coverage plan, opt for a higher plan coverage value you consider necessary as per your present requirements, choose additional options for extended coverage, and much more. This adds up to the list of various other benefits available on timely Star health renewal.

3. Cost of Health Check-up

Another very noteworthy benefit that you can avail of by getting your Star health insurance renewal completed on time is the benefit of health check-up cost cover. For example, let’s say Suresh owns the Young Star Insurance Policy, he becomes eligible for this benefit where the cost of health check-up-related expenses are covered by the insurer up to a certain limit on successful completion of a term year under the policy. The health check-ups must be done at a network facility under Star Health, and it is only payable on policy renewal and at the time of the renewed policy being in force. You should check and verify with your specific coverage plan regarding this benefit’s availability. 

4. Skip Out on Waiting Period

Wherever you go on and purchase a new health insurance policy, you will have to go through the initial waiting course before you can start utilising the benefits included under the plan. However, if you get your existing Star health insurance renewal done on time without causing the policy to lapse, you can continue policy coverage without facing the initial waiting period every time. By renewing the Star health insurance plan, you will experience the usual unhindered coverage of the policy without worrying about purchasing a new plan every time your coverage term ends.

5. Tax Deduction

Star health insurance renewal will allow you to continue receiving tax benefits. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, individuals are eligible for a certain amount of annual tax deduction on premiums they pay towards their health insurance coverage policy. The maximum upper limit of tax break under this Act is up to INR 1,00,000 in a single year. If you do not want to lose out on this crucial benefit, make sure to get your Star health insurance renewal completed on time.

Things to Keep in Mind During Star Health Renewal

  1. The renewal of your existing Star health insurance policy is a vital responsibility that you have to fulfill in order to continue enjoying its coverage benefits. It is better to not miss out on this opportunity as it can draw out several setbacks, including losing out on cumulative bonuses. It is suggested that you get your Star health policy renewal completed prior to the policy expiry date, about a week or month in advance.
  2. In case you fail to get your existing Star health insurance policy renewed within the given time, you can still successfully renew it and save out on losing your continued benefits. Star Health offers a grace period within which you can have the Star health insurance renewal settled. The grace period authorised by the company is 15 or 30 days, within which you can renew the plan after its expiry and maintain the continuity benefits without a break.
  3. The perfect time to make enhancements and crucial changes to your plan is during its renewal period. You can verify all the details and select new additions as per your latest coverage needs. The procedure of Star health insurance renewal is very convenient, and you can do so via either the online or the offline mode. It just takes a few minutes for its completion, so you don’t have to worry about taking a whole day out of your busy schedule.

The Bottom Line

All pointers mentioned here summarize the essential aspects of the Star health insurance renewal procedure. Renewing your health care plan not only helps you stay protected financially but also makes you eligible for several benefits, including tax breaks, cumulative bonuses, plan portability and much more. So, it is highly advised that you get your existing Star health insurance plan renewed within the stipulated time before the policy expires.

Star Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Can I get my Star health insurance renewal through my desktop or laptop?

    Yes, you can easily get your existing Star health insurance policy renewed using your desktop, laptop or even mobile devices. In this mode, you will get various options regarding Star health insurance online payment, which makes the renewal procedure very accessible.

  • 2. When is the best time to renew my Star health insurance policy?

    Generally, it is suggested to renew your Star health insurance policy a week before its validity expires. However, you can also get it renewed earlier, but not before 30 days of the term period expiration. 

  • 3. Will my Star health insurance renewal be denied in case I had claimed in the preceding year?

    No, the renewal of your Star health insurance policy will not be denied in case you have filed a claim or multiple claims in the preceding year.

  • 4. On what account can my Star health insurance renewal get denied?

    The Star health insurance renewal can be denied in case there is a valid case of misrepresentation or fraud by the insured person. 

  • 5. Will I be getting coverage within the grace period of my existing Star health insurance plan?

    No, you will not get coverage during the grace period of your expired Star health insurance policy. 

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