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HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Highlights

HDFC ERGO (Car Insurance)
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., India’s premier Housing Finance Institution and ERGO International AG. Key highlights of its insurance offering are- • 8562+ network garages • Digital survey for vehicle claims • 96% within one day ""cashless claim settlement"" • Overnight vehicle Repairs (available for cars in 16 cities) • Paperless claim processing
Claim Settlement Ratio
Video Claim
-6800+ private car cashless garages across country -WhatApp and mobile enabled claim intimation -Same day settlement of Reimbursement claims -Overall 89% claims settled within 1 day of last document submission - Accidental repair warranty- Yes, 3 months or 3,000 kms whichever earlier* (* in Select workshops)
close -6800+ private car cashless garages across country -WhatApp and mobile enabled claim intimation -Same day settlement of Reimbursement claims -Overall 89% claims settled within 1 day of last document submission - Accidental repair warranty- Yes, 3 months or 3,000 kms whichever earlier* (* in Select workshops)
Spot Claims
Spot claims upto 20,000 via self survey and upto 50,000 via workshop survey
close Spot claims upto 20,000 via self survey and upto 50,000 via workshop survey
Advance Cash
Advance cash upto 50%

Earlier, insurance companies used to sell a standard car insurance policy, but they have also evolved a lot over time. Today, there are plenty of additional features and benefits you can choose from, along with your basic car insurance policy.

HDFC EEGO four-wheeler insurance add-ons are the extra covers that protect your car from several specific damages that a basic car insurance policy does not offer. It is to be noted that only an HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance policy or an HDFC ERGO standalone own-damage car insurance policy provides these HDFC ERGO four-wheelers add-on covers.

If you pay an extra premium for the HDFC ERGO car insurance add-ons, this can, in turn, benefit you in various ways. Buying the HDFC ERGO car insurance add-ons genuinely makes the best use of the car insurance.

In a nutshell, add-ons protect you from paying additional expenses that you would have suffered if you did not buy add-ons.

HDFC ERGO - 6 Important Add-on Covers For Your Car Insurance Policy

HDFC has made it easy to buy HDFC ERGO car insurance add-ons online with its hassle-free and speedy online process. There are six available HDFC ERGO car insurance add-on covers online.

  • Zero Depreciation Coverage: Depreciation is the reduction in the original value of your vehicle due to its normal usage over time. As a result of devaluation in your four-wheeler, you must pay additional premium charges. A zero depreciation coverage protects you from facing devaluation in your asset, and you will get total coverage of the car's repairs.
  • Return-to Invoice Coverage: In case when your vehicle is theft, you only get the IDV (Insured Declared Value) typically. However, there is a significant difference between the ex-showroom price and the IDV. This add-on cover helps you with the differential amount. As a result, you won't bear such a huge loss and will be able to buy a new car. However, it is to be noted here that this add-on cover will not help in the following two cases:
  1. If your car is recovered within 90 days of theft
  2. If the police authorities did not issue the FIR
  • Engine and Gearbox Protection Coverage: Rains and floods may damage your car's engine and gearbox, resulting in a hydrostatic lock. If you go for replacing the car's engine and gearbox, it may cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you should protect yourself from such heavy expenses by taking an engine and gearbox protection coverage. The coverage includes the following:
  1. Internal and child parts repairs and replacements
  2. Compressions tests
  3. Machining charges
  4. Cylinder Re-boring
  • Roadside Assistance Coverage: At times, you may face mechanical breakdowns in your car. Adding roadside assistance cover provides instant services like towing, refueling your car, flat tire replacement, arranging a mechanic for your vehicle, etc. Some insurance companies offer roadside assistance coverage with their standard car insurance policy, whereas others may offer it as an add-on. Following are the features of a roadside assistance cover:
  1. On-site repairs
  2. Car locked or keys lost
  3. Fuel tank emptying
  4. Refueling
  5. Start of battery jump
  6. It is to be noted that the policyholder must check the terms and conditions of the geographical limits for roadside assistance coverage.
  • No Claim Bonus Coverage: No Claim Bonus is a discount you get for the years you do not claim for settlement from the insurance company. For every claim-free year, you get the benefit that benefits you on an accumulated basis as a discount. For example, if you suffer from an accident involving your car, your NCB remains intact for your next car insurance policy renewal.
  • Downtime Protection Coverage: If your four-wheeler has gone for its servicing, you can take advantage of downtime protection from this add-on. Paying for commutation expenses might make a substantial financial impact on your pocket. Hence, the HDFC ERGO downtime protection cover pays you the daily reimbursement of travel expenses. In addition, it pays you for the duration under which the vehicle is repaired or replaced. As a result, you can easily commute to your daily office and other work without hurdles.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. What are the features of the HDFC ERGO downtime protection add-on cover?

    You will get the following features in HDFC ERGO downtime safety cover:

    • Reimbursement of up to INR 500 for private cars
    • Maximum 15 days of the overall loss or the theft claim
    • Maximum 5 days of protection for partial loss
      • Maximum 3 times coverage for partial loss
  • 2. How can I buy HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance add-ons online?

    When purchasing your car insurance policy, you will get the option to choose add-ons. You can visit the official website for more details.

  • 3. Is it possible to buy HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance add-on covers online at the time of renewal when I did not have any add-ons in my original car insurance policy?

    Even if you did not have any add-on covers in your existing car insurance policy, you still get the option to choose add-ons when you renew your car insurance policy online at HDFC ERGO.

  • 4. Is it mandatory to buy add-on covers in a car insurance policy?

    No, buying add-ons is an optional choice. However, it is advisable to purchase suitable add-ons along with your car insurance policy to protect yourself from unknown mishaps, which usually a basic policy does not offer.

  • 5. Is it allowed to add multiple add-ons to one car insurance policy?

    Yes, you can add as many additional covers as you wish to your car insurance policy. HDFC offers you six different add-ons to choose from.

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