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A responsible car owner always wants to buy an insurance policy that can save him/her from legal actions and provide financial protection to the concerned individual in case of sudden mishaps like car accidents and damages to the four-wheeler. Among the car insurance policies available, National car insurance is one of the most sought after. The coverage only widens for you with National car insurance add-on covers. These covers do come with an extra premium but make sense given how much you would end up paying without the same. Let’s talk about these add-on covers that provide you with an extra layer of financial security.

National Insurance - 10 Important Add-on Covers for Your Car Insurance Policy 

  • Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover

When settling the claim for the repair bill, no depreciation is deducted under this add-on protection. National Insurance will pay the entire repair bill without charging any depreciation of replaced or repaired car parts. That's all due to the zero depreciation add-on cover of National Insurance.

  • Engine Protection Add-on Cover

Under this National car insurance add-on cover, you will get paid for the cost of replacing or repairing engine parts such as the differential assembly and gearbox. The damage caused due to water intrusion, coolant oil leaks, or a hydrostatic lock in your insured car's engine is also covered.

  • Road Assistance Add-on Cover

When there's an emergency while driving, the roadside assistance add-on cover of National Insurance will lend you a helping hand. The insurance company offers services such as flat tire repair, battery jump-start, on-the-spot repair, and spare key recovery. Other services include gasoline assistance, emergency towing, taxi assistance, vehicle pick-up, fuel tank-related issues.

  • Key Protection Add-on Cover

Car keys that are high-end or technologically advanced are costly to replace. However, this National car insurance key protect add-on cover compensates for the expenses incurred on replacing car keys when they are lost, stolen, or destroyed. The cover can also apply to the cost of lock replacement.

  • Consumable Add-on Cover

The standard comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover consumables such as engine oil, lubricants, gearbox oil, screw, nut, bolt, grease, distilled water, bearings, oil filter, etc. You can limit your expenses outflow while paying for the repair price by adding the consumables add-on protection cover of National Insurance.

  • Outstation Energy Add-on

Suppose your insured car breaks down or is involved in an accident outside of a 100-kilometer distance of your home and becomes immobilized. In that case, National Insurance will pay the sum specified in the policy document to repair the vehicle. In addition, if the repair takes longer than 12 hours, you will be reimbursed a specified extra compensation.

  • Personal Add-on Cover

Personal accident insurance is quite essential in India when driving an automobile. National Insurance will compensate the owner-driver of the car in the event of injury or death. For death, the loss of two limbs, the loss of sight for two eyes, or the loss of one limb and one sight, 100 percent compensation is provided.

  • Passenger Add-on

Passengers' accident cover helps you cover the loss associated with your loved ones in the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances while driving. With this add-on policy, you can acquire coverage up to Rs. 1 lakh per passenger.

  • NCB Protect Add-on

If you don't file any claims throughout the insurance period, National Insurance will give you a great discount on your renewal premium. This discount might be up to 50% if you go five years without filing a claim. Your no claim bonus (NCB) discount will be preserved even if you claim, courtesy this National car insurance add-on cover.

  • Return to Invoice Add-on

Return to invoice cover add-ons help you collect the full amount listed on the car's invoice value in the event of theft or damage beyond repair. In this instance, the National Insurance will reimburse you the invoice amount, including the cost of car registration and road tax.

National Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. What do National car insurance add-on covers mean?

    National car insurance add-on covers provide additional protection on your vehicle insurance policy, which can help you supplement the coverage provided by your regular car insurance policy. You need to pay the premium for the add-ons as well as the one you do for the standard National car insurance policy. These add-ons can be attached to both standalone own damage and comprehensive plans offered by National car insurance.

  • 2. Can I get multiple add-ons on a single policy of National Insurance?

    Yes, you can choose from a variety of add-ons when purchasing National car insurance.

  • 3. Is it necessary to purchase National car insurance add-on covers?

    While purchasing National car insurance add-on covers is not mandatory, doing so only helps widen your financial coverage against unforeseen events related to your vehicle. Since these add-ons come at an extra premium, select the one that you would need mostly.

  • 4. Can I claim daily cash benefits if my car is damaged in a flood?

    The claim procedure does not change from one add-on to another. You will need to intimate National Insurance, which will be followed by a surveyor visit, relevant document submission, claim approval (if all goes well) and the subsequent disbursal of the claim amount.

  • 5. Which National car insurance add-on is the best?

    Choosing from a range of National car insurance add-on covers depends on your actual needs. But add-ons such as zero depreciation, engine protection and roadside assistance cover are must to have. Vehicles will depreciate sharply over time, resulting in far less claim disbursal amount in case of damage to the car. Other add-ons mentioned also add value by protecting you against unforeseen expenses. 

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