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10 Best Maternity Insurance Policies in India

By Vikas Chandra Das
17 November 2022, 5:00 PM

A woman's most priceless event is giving birth to a child, during which she navigates a sea of unfamiliar feelings and experiences. The joy of carrying a child cannot be diminished by anything in the world, but occasionally, the costs incurred before and after the birth might interfere with this wonderful journey. The average cost of giving birth is between INR 45,000 and INR 75,000, and in most Indian metropolises, the cost of caesarean deliveries has increased beyond INR 2 lakhs. Therefore, getting maternity insurance is a terrific way to ensure the magical nine months go off without a hitch.

Maternity Insurance Plans

You can protect yourself against maternity and other supplemental costs with the help of maternity health insurance. Your maternity insurance will protect you from all costs associated with the baby's normal and caesarean delivery. Maternity coverage usually comes as an add-on offered by health insurance policies in India. These plans reduce your financial obligations by protecting you against various medical costs. The pre-and post-hospitalisation prices, the surgeon's charge, the nursing and boarding fees, the room rental, and the doctor's consultation are among them.

Requirement of Maternity Insurance Policy in India

One of the most unforgettable stages in a couple's life is becoming parents, so it's critical to plan by purchasing the best maternity insurance. A maternity insurance plan will not only take care of your financial needs during pregnancy but also let you enjoy the time without worrying about things like delivery costs, hospital stays, test prices, and so on.

Let's examine the many maternity plans discussed in this article and comprehend the significance of having one.

Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum 

According to the maternity benefits of this health plan, you are covered for the medical costs associated with a new baby, including any postpartum care, vaccinations, or pregnancy difficulties that result in an abortion, among other things. This plan's insured total ranges from INR 2 lakh to INR 2 crore, with a specific amount set aside for expenses associated with pregnancy and newly born children.

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan with Maternity Cover from Bajaj Allianz

The Gold Health-Guard Plan includes benefits for newly born children and maternity coverage under this family floater plan. You can get a sum assured for this plan in the range of INR 3-50 lakhs. The sum insured for maternity ranges from INR 3-7.5 lakhs, out of which you could get INR 15,000 for normal delivery and INR 25,000 for caesarean. The age range for enrolling in this plan is between 18 and 65 for seniors, while it is from three months to 30 years for children.

Care Health Joy Health Insurance Plan with Maternity Coverage

Another health insurance option that covers pregnancies, this one is best suited for soon-to-be parents. Maternity benefits are offered with the "Joy Today" plan, and the policy's waiting period is nine months. The waiting period for another scheme called "Joy Tomorrow" is two years.

Family Healthline Insurance Plan with Maternity Coverage from Chola MS

This plan from Chola MS comes with four variants - Value, Freedom, Enrich and Privilege - of which the last one covers maternity expenses. You can get covered for up to INR 1 lakh for maternity expenses. Newborn baby coverage is up to the sum insured limit.

Maternity Coverage with Digit Health Insurance

Maternity coverage is an added benefit offered by this plan. Delivery fees, newborn child coverage, infertility coverage, missed abortion coverage, and other costs are included under the maternity add-on. 

Gold and Platinum Plans from Edelweiss Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage

There are two options for this plan's maternity coverage - Platinum Plan and Gold Plan 

The waiting period for the plan is four years. Therefore, this approach works well for couples not planning to have children immediately. With the gold and platinum plans, you can acquire protection up to INR 50,000 and 2 lakh, respectively.

Maternity Coverage With Future Generali Health Total Mediclaim Insurance

This comprehensive health insurance plan includes maternity coverage, available after a 2-year waiting period. The requirement is that this plan must cover both the expectant mother and the expectant father. The programme provides two choices: 1) Superior and 2) Premier. This plan provides coverage for up to 15 family members. The sum assured ranges from INR 50 lakhs to 1 crore for the premier plan, and from INR 15 lakhs to 25 lakhs for the superior option.

Kotak Mahindra Premier Plan Covering Maternity 

Another comprehensive plan, this one pays for the delivery of the insured's first two children who are born during the insurance period as well as missed abortion costs. In addition, it includes payments for the newborn child's prenatal and postpartum care and vaccine costs for the youngster up to age 2.

Heartbeat Family Floater with Maternity Cover by Niva Bupa (Formerly Known as Max Bupa)

This floater plan, which comes in three types, covers costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth, including vaccinations. The three variations are as follows:

Platinum, Gold, and Silver - If a couple is insured for two years, all three types of prenatal health insurance versions provide maternity benefits for the couple's first two children.


One can select any maternity insurance policies mentioned above to have a stress-free pregnancy. These maternity insurance policies not only look after the insured and the new-born, but also ensure that the addition of the new member does not compromise the family's financial stability.

Most insurance providers won't consider your insurance application if you are already pregnant. Additionally, there are various waiting periods included with maternity insurance policies. Therefore, it is crucial to consider all these potential factors when buying a maternity plan. Additionally, it's also critical to evaluate plans to see which ones best meet your needs.


1. If I am already pregnant, can I purchase maternity insurance?

Most insurers do not offer maternity insurance if you are already pregnant. This is because they view pregnancy as a pre-existing situation outside the scope of your insurance policy.

4. Does health insurance cover childbirth throughout pregnancy?

Maternity cover in health insurance guarantees coverage for costs up to 30 days before delivery and 60 days following delivery, hospitalisation costs and delivery costs, including pre and post-natal costs. It also provides 90 days of coverage for a newborn infant.

3. What does a nine-month waiting period for maternity waived off mean?

The following justifies the nine-month waiting period: Insurance is purchased or provided to cover unforeseeable or uncertain future events. However, unforeseen and unknown concepts fail if a woman is already pregnant when maternity coverage is provided. Consequently, a claim is rejected.

4. Is purchasing maternity insurance a wise idea?

Yes. Women who want to have children soon should choose maternity insurance because it will pay for any medical expenses associated with the pregnancy and the new baby. Your insurance company will cover all associated charges under your maternity insurance plan, including delivery fees and pre- and post-natal care expenditures. 

5. Are maternity insurance plans applicable to third pregnancies?

Most maternity insurance policies only cover up to two children who are still living. However, some insurance plans may include maternity coverage for the insured's third child.

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