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10 Supreme Family Health Insurance Plans In India

By Vikas Chandra Das
17 November 2022, 5:06 PM

Getting sick is unavoidable, and the subsequent medical bill for the associated care is also inevitable. However, you can always secure your health and acquire health insurance coverage to protect yourself. A health insurance plan can help you out whenever you are sick by providing coverage for related medical costs.

An average person’s lifetime savings can be depleted in just a few treatments due to the rising expense of high-quality healthcare. A health insurance policy kicks in at this point. Health insurance aids the policyholder in paying for medical and surgical charges. Insurance companies also offer cashless care in-network hospitals to lessen the inconvenience for policyholders.

People frequently look for the best family health insurance coverage. However, the “best health insurance policy” does not exist. Instead, it would help to look for a policy that satisfies your insurance requirements. If you have trouble understanding insurance, you should seek a professional second opinion. However, purchasing insurance online is much preferable to going door to door.

Nevertheless, we have developed a list of the top health insurance policies while keeping in mind the requirements of the typical Indian.

Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Plan

Aditya Birla Insurance’s Activ Health Platinum plan offers coverage for in-patient, pre and post-hospitalisation costs for 60 and 180 days, respectively. Additionally, it pays for daycare treatment costs, in-home hospitalisation costs, hospitalisation for ambulance patients, costs associated with organ donation, and a second opinion for serious conditions. Additionally, it provides services for the wellness program, cumulative bonus, and reload of sum assured.

  • Minimum and highest sums assured: INR 2 lakhs to 2 crores
  • Pre-existing condition waiting period: 48 months

Family Floater Health Guard Plan from Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz Family Floater Health Guard offers maximum coverage of INR 10 lakh. For each year without a claim, the policy gives a cumulative bonus of 5%, up to 50%. Additionally, the plan offers tax advantages under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  • Minimum and highest amounts assured: INR 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs
  • Pre-existing condition waiting period of 48 months

Health Care Plan By Care Health Insurance

  • Sum assured of minimum INR 5 lakhs and maximum INR 6 crore.
  • Pre-existing condition waiting period of 48 months
  • Initial waiting period of 30 days, except for accidental injuries

This policy gives a daily cash benefit and covers room rent in the event of hospitalisation. It covers pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation costs in the event of surgery, and ambulance costs. Additionally, it provides coverage for pre-hospitalisation expenses for up to 30 days and post-hospitalisation costs for up to 60 days. The cost of an ICU stay is also not restricted. In the event of hospitalisation, this policy provides a private room and one complimentary annual medical check-up. You can also buy add-ons like air ambulance coverage and personal accident insurance.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance

  • Children must be three months old to enter, while adults must be 18.
  • The maximum entry age is 65 for adults and 26 for children.
  • Sum Insured ranges from 2 lakhs to 15 lakhs.
  • Pre-existing condition waiting period of 48 months.

Cholamandalam offers three variations of this medical insurance plan: Standard, Superior, and Advance. It pays for 141 daycare operations, emergency ambulance costs, pregnancy costs, lodging and nursing costs, OPD dentistry cover in advance plans, and hospitalisation costs.

Digit Health Insurance

  • Entry age - minimum 1 year
  • The maximum age to enter is 60.
  • Coverage - Suitable for newlyweds and nuclear families

Families and individuals can both be covered by the Digit health insurance plan. This health insurance plan includes annual medical checkups, maternity costs with new-born baby coverage, and accidental hospitalisation coverage. Additionally, there are no restrictions on room rent or co-payments. Additionally, it benefits critical illness, mental health, daily hospital cash coverage, etc. You might consider additional benefits like maternity benefits with infertility insurance, zone upgrades, and Ayush treatment coverage on treatments like Unani, Siddha, Ayurveda and homeopathy.

Edelweiss Family Floater Health Insurance

  • The sum insured ranges from INR 5 lakh to INR 1 crore.
  • Entry age - 3 months
  • The maximum age to enter is 21.
  • Coverage - self, spouse, and children

Three different versions of this family health plan are Silver, Gold and Platinum. Pre and post-hospitalisation costs for Silver plan are 30 and 60 days, for Gold 60 and 90 days, and Platinum 90 days and 120 days. Members under the age of 60 are also exempt from co-payment requirements. Additionally, it asks for only a 20% co-pay for individuals over 60.

Future Generali Health Suraksha Family Plan

  • The minimum entry age is 5 months for children and 18 years for adults.
  • The maximum entry age is 25 for children and 70 for adults.
  • The minimum sum insured is INR 5 lakh, and the maximum sum insured is INR 10 lakhs. 
  • Pre-existing condition waiting period of 48 months

Future Generali’s Health Suraksha plan offers individual and family floater choices. This plan has three different versions—basic, silver, and platinum. It covers 60 days of pre-hospitalisation costs and 90 days of post-hospitalisation expenses. Additionally, it gives insured members the option of lifelong renewal.

IFFCO-Tokio Family Health Protector Plan

  • Children must be 3 months old to enter; adults must be 18.
  • The maximum entry age for both adults and children is 65 years old.
  • The minimum sum assured is INR 1.5 lakhs, and the maximum sum assured is INR 30 lakhs.
  • Pre-existing condition waiting period of 48 months

The IFFCO-Tokio family health protector plan covers expenses like doctor visits, hospital registration, and other medical costs in addition to room rentals. Throughout the term, the policy covers 121-day care operations. In addition, it covers domiciliary hospitalisation, as well as ayurvedic, unani, and homoeopathic care. It also covers 11 serious diseases, such as motor neurone disease, paralysis from birth, major organ transplants, etc.

Niva Bupa Health Companion Plan

  • 3 years old is the minimum entry age, and 18 for adults.
  • This plan doesn’t keep an age limit for entry. Plus, it offers lifetime renewability.
  • The sum assured ranges from INR 3 lakhs to 1 crore
  • Pre-existing condition waiting period of 48 months
  • Policy-specified diseases have a 24- to a 36-month waiting period.

If the initial sum assured is exhausted, auto-refill is an option. This coverage provides a higher daily cash benefit at a price that won’t empty your pocket. Additionally, as NCB, the base sum assured will be raised by 100% for five consecutive years with no claims.


A family health insurance plan is a safety net that secures your savings in a medical emergency, allowing you to recover in peace. All the family health insurance plans described above are available at Paytm for reasonable premiums. With the assistance of our customer service professionals, you can purchase them in a matter of minutes. Using the health insurance premium calculator, you may compare and analyse the various options according to your needs and financial situation. However, in addition to comparing health insurance costs, examine the different coverage characteristics.


1. How can I select family medical insurance?

  • Find adequate policy coverage.
  • Look for the capacity to accommodate new family members.
  • Verify the waiting period provision.
  • Verify the co-payment provision.
  • Select a plan with a lifetime renewal option.

2. What is a family floater policy?

A family floater health insurance plan is one that is specially created for families, as the name suggests. In theory, it is comparable to individual health plans; the only distinction is that it extends to cover your entire family. As a result, the name serves as a cover for the whole family.

3. Floater and individual policies - which one is preferable?

An individual health insurance plan will have a separate sum insured for each individual. This benefits elderly parents in particular. However, the overall premium outgo remains higher compared to a family floater plan where the sum insured is split among all insured members. So, check your requirements before choosing between the two.

4. Can a Arogya Sanjeevani plan be obtained for the family?

Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is a typical indemnity health insurance plan you can avail for yourself or your family.

5. What distinguishes Arogya Sanjeevani from other types of health insurance?

It is a cost-effective policy. Arogya Sanjeevani costs much lesser than other health insurance plans. It comes in two variants - as a family floater and an individual plan as well.

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