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7 Changes You Must Do in Health Insurance Plans after Marriage

20 May 2022, 10:49 AM

Life is full of unpredictable events; by being proactive and by purchasing health insurance plans you are preparing yourself to deal with these unpredictable life events. With health insurance plans, your financial stability would remain balanced and moreover, a budget can be maintained. Health insurance plans would turn out to be your most important support system during times of medical emergencies. 

However, there are several phases in life and the financial needs are different during different phases of life. One of the most important phases of life is marriage and it would lead to certain changes in the budget management for the fulfilment of your requirements. After marriage, there would be drastic changes in your lifestyle, and responsibilities would also increase. This increase in responsibilities would need an increase in financial needs. So, proper budget management would help lead a stress-free life.  

7 Key Changes You Should Consider in Health Insurance Plan after Marriage

So, if you are married and have stepped into a new phase of your life then you should consider making these changes in your health insurance plans.

Analysis of Health Requirements

Your requirements related to health insurance coverage would change depending upon your and your spouse’s health after marriage. This occurs primarily because of your and your spouse’s age and also the health conditions. 

It is advisable to have casual health check-ups after marriage to have an idea about the health conditions.  Moreover, marriage leads to lifestyle change and this would also influence your health condition. It is advisable to have a detailed analysis of the state of your health and make an investment into a proper health insurance plan that would cater to the changing health requirements.

Change in Plan Type or Cover Type

The health insurance coverage you have varies with your current health requirements. You should first analyse the current health insurance coverage you have and if it would be sufficient post-marriage or not. Once, your understanding is clear about your health insurance plans and the coverage it provides, you can increase or decrease your coverage according to your requirements.

Your decision to either increase or decrease the health insurance coverage you have is mainly based on your previous health insurance policy and the coverage it provides. So, you must consider upgrading your health insurance plan after marriage and must advise your spouse to do so too.

Upgrading to Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

When you are getting married means you are going to have a family of your own. This implies that you can now upgrade your health insurance to a family floater health insurance plan. Moreover, along with your spouse, you can include your immediate relatives into the family floater health insurance plan. In case the senior citizens in your family do not have a dedicated health insurance plan, it would be easier for you to include them into your family floater health insurance plan.

By upgrading to a family floater health insurance plan, you can obtain coverage for all the family members at a single premium. A single premium amount paid can help in providing cover for your entire family. Moreover, if you have a family floater health insurance plan, you will not have to buy or renew individual health insurance policies for each member of the family. Also, you can avail of tax benefits according to the provisions of Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

Choice of the Right Health Insurance Provider

Along with upgrading your health insurance coverage, another step that can be done at the time of your marriage is the change of your health insurance provider. If your current health insurance provider is not providing the services according to your level of expectations then you must change your insurance provider. You must do proper research and find an insurance provider which provides you with maximum coverage and additional benefits as well.  

Acquiring Maternity Cover

If you are married then it is advisable to opt for maternity health insurance cover at the earliest. Health insurance plans which offer maternity benefits usually have a waiting period which is between the ranges of 0 years to 4 years. Your cover would only be activated after the completion of your waiting period. Any claim which is made during the waiting period would be rejected. So, the acquisition of maternity cover should be done immediately after marriage.


Comparison of health insurance plans is an important aspect while purchasing health insurance plans. Some of the factors which can be considered and even compared are types of health insurance plans which are based on the coverage, types of health insurance plans which are based on waiting periods and the additional benefits, etc. You can take help from Insurance experts or follow the rank of the health insurance plans according to their coverage for having an idea on the best ones. 


Riderswould help in providing complete coverage to you and your family if there is any medical contingency. After marriage, you must avail of the riders which are available along with your health insurance policy. By this, you would be able to avail all the additional benefits associated along with your chosen health insurance plan. Some of the most common riders available along with the health insurance plans are top-up covers, personal accident cover, critical illness cover, etc. 


So, marriage is considered to bring huge changes in a person's life and would bring several other changes too. You must be well-prepared to meet the changes that would come up in your way by having the right health insurance policy. You can discuss the new health insurance plans available in the market which can be ideal for you after marriage. Hence, it is advisable to read the reviews, compare policies online, and then make an informed choice. 

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