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8 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Health Insurance Coverage

20 May 2022, 10:47 PM

Health insurance is one of those financial decisions which you should never forget if you are concerned about the well-being of yourself and your family members. When you have a health insurance policy, you would not have to worry about the medical bills and expenses in case of any medical emergencies.

However, it is quite difficult to confine yourself to a particular health insurance policy that would provide coverage throughout your life. There is an ongoing process of the rise in the cost of medical facilities and many other changes provide a chance to look for other new covers. 

When you shift your health insurance coverage, you would be able to obtain some benefits such as:-

  1. Increased and Improved Protection against Diseases – A wide variety of diseases are affecting the human race at present. The medical treatment and health care facilities for these health ailments are highly expensive. By changing from one health insurance coverage to another, you would be able to obtain increased protection against the ever-increasing medical expenses.
  2. Additional Benefits on the Expenses related to Hospitalisation – If you are changing your health insurance coverage, you can easily obtain some additional benefits on the expenses which are associated with hospitalisation.
  3. Ever-changing Lifestyle – With our lifestyle changing very instantly, new demands are also arising. So, with a change in health insurance coverage, those new demands according to your new lifestyle can be easily met.

Let us check out the 8 major signs which would indicate that your health insurance coverage needs a change.

8 Major Signs for the Change in Your Health Insurance Coverage

Having the right health insurance coverage is necessary to ensure financial security during any medical contingencies. You can avail the right and perfect health insurance cover only when you are aware of the right time to change your cover.

Dissatisfactory Customer Services

One of the major causes of dissatisfaction among the customers in the Insurance sector is the poor customer services provided by the health insurance companies. Health insurance companies usually make big promises initially but fail to live up to the commitments in the future. This can lead to a bad experience among the customers thus, indicating them to change their coverage immediately. So, you can switch over to another health insurance company that has a quicker turnaround time.

Rising Medical Expenses

Over the last few decades, the cost of healthcare facilities has been soaring high in our country. If you are not completely prepared to meet an uncertain situation causing financial liabilities then it can turn your life upside down. With a proper medical insurance plan that provides all-around coverage, your future would be completely secure. 

Changing Needs

It is quite a common thing for us to understand that a single health insurance policy would not meet our requirements. With an increase in age, there will be an introduction to various new health issues and your coverage needs to be updated. So, it is advisable that you must keep on changing your health insurance coverage for meeting your increased health care needs.

No Transparency

Lack of transparency in the insurance policy clauses, terms, and conditions can be another reason for disappointing the customers. There are many health insurance companies which have various hidden clauses in their policy document. These hidden clauses can help the health insurance companies in getting monetary gains by creating hassles at the time of insurance claims. In such circumstances, a change in the health insurance provider is the best advisable option.

Additional Coverage

There are a lot of health insurance companies that would refuse coverage over certain specific health conditions. So, you must have a health insurance policy which would provide cover for a wide range of illnesses thus helping you in obtaining all-round coverage.

Increase in Family Members

In case, there is a life event such as marriage or childbirth and you would have additional responsibilities. With a good family floater health insurance policy which provides cover for the entire family your burden of responsibilities would reduce up to a certain extent. So, if you are thinking of a switch then this would be the right time to do so. 

Monetary Benefits

The insurance market in India is quite competitive today. Many health insurance companies are nowadays providing various health insurance plans which are cost-effective and would provide you with monetary benefits. It would be better if you review your health insurance plans, compare the health insurance plans through insurance aggregators, and make a switch for other cost-effective health insurance plans.

Good Offers

The insurance sector is booming currently and would offer you new plans and features every day. Many new benefits of various health insurance plans are available in the market such as the limit of age cap, co-payments, and various other advantages over premium, etc. These good offers must be availed by you and an insurance switch for this is absolutely reasonable.


So, for having the right health insurance policy you must be well-informed and should take your decisions wisely. You must take advice from your insurance advisor, compare policies online, and be updated about various health insurance policies cost-effectively offering additional benefits. A timely change in your health insurance policy can be helpful in obtaining the best benefits at an effective cost.

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