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Health Insurance for Smokers - Category, Premium for Smokers Vs Non Smokers

01 June 2022, 3:05 AM

A smoker can too buy a health insurance policy!! There is a big myth associated with the health insurance policy that usually smokers would face a lot of obstacles while purchasing health insurance plans and also while making insurance claims. However, if you are a smoker then your premium amount would be higher than that of the premium amount of a non-smoker. But, this should not be a reason to demotivate smokers from the purchase of health insurance policy.

Smoker Category in Health Insurance  

There are certain parameters that would bring you under the smoker category.

  1. If nicotine has been used in any form, then it would bring you under the category of a smoker.
  2. Health insurance companies would conduct tests to determine the regular smokers. The insurance premium for these smokers would be determined as per the risks associated with your health.
  3. Your urine, hair, or saliva can be used to find out the traces of nicotine.
  4. Your age, metabolism, and smoking frequency can help in determining the duration for which nicotine would stay in your body.

Higher Premium for Smokers

The habit of smoking and the premium of health insurance plans are co-related with each other. Generally, health insurance companies would offer the same type of health insurance plans for both smokers and non-smokers but the premium is higher for those who smoke.  However, the health insurance premium for smokers is not that high. If your health condition seems to be deteriorating due to your habits related to smoking, the probabilities of your premium going high is expected.

In case, you are a regular smoker then your health insurance provider would insist you on having a medical test for determining the premium of your health insurance policy. The premium would be higher for those who are regular smokers and have crossed a particular age limit. So, in general, there is no such ground rule for determining the health insurance premium for smokers and every case is treated differently. 

Health Insurance Premium for Smokers Versus Non-smokers

The cost of the health insurance premium for smokers is higher than that of the non-smokers due to the risks involved. Smokers are highly prone to diseases like hypertension, cancer, lung infections, brain stroke, etc. The pricing of the health insurance policy for smokers would be based on various terms and conditions. The premium for smokers would be different based on insurance providers. You should review the performance of the health insurance company and their service before you purchase a health insurance policy.

Should You Purchase a Health Insurance Policy If You Smoke?

If you are a smoker, you must consider purchasing a health insurance policy for financial protection against any critical illnesses arising due to long-term smoking. Smoking can lead to several other critical illnesses such as heart ailments, hypertension, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, etc. A comprehensive health insurance policy would help provide financial coverage against these illnesses and any other medical emergencies.

Generally, smokers avoid approaching the health insurance companies with the apprehension of their plea getting rejected. But, in general, health insurance companies would only reject the insurance plea  in cases that involve serious health issues due to the habit of heavy smoking. While considering your insurance application, factors like the quantity of your nicotine usage and the frequency of your smoking would be mainly taken into account. 

Moreover, if you have strong will power and you can quit smoking after some years, you would be treated as a non-smoker.  Hence, even if you are a smoker, you should not be apprehensive about approaching health insurance companies for health insurance coverage. If you remain uninsured and ignore the importance of health insurance, it might cost you a huge price in the future. 

How can Health Insurance Companies Know that You Smoke?

While you are initiating your health insurance purchase procedure, you would be asked certain basic questions.  The insurance provider might ask if you smoke or not? Or you might be asked if you have consumed tobacco in the last six months?  The health insurance companies might not penalise you heavily for hiding the smoking-related information but it would be considered insurance fraud.

Non-disclosure of the fact about smoking can cause rejection of your health insurance claims especially if the treatment is associated with any illness caused due to smoking or due to the consumption of nicotine. Nowadays, health insurance companies have become quite stringent about their investigation procedures that are related to such insurance frauds. So, it is advisable that you must declare everything about your health condition which can include facts related to smoking as well to purchase the right health insurance policy.

If You Smoke and Have Existing Health Problems

Ignoring your health is definitely not a good idea. You must take care of your health to avoid any unnecessary medical expenses. If you are a smoker and also have existing health issues, you must cover yourself and your family with a comprehensive health insurance policy. It is quite obvious that you would have to pay a higher premium but then you and your family would be financially secured in case of any hospitalisation. With a good health insurance policy, you can easily avoid huge medical expenses arising due to hospitalisation in case of any illnesses caused due to frequent smoking.

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So, health insurance companies are offering health insurance policies for people of different age groups and different lifestyles. If you are a smoker, then you must keep the above-mentioned factors in your mind while considering the purchase of your health insurance policy. You should be truthful to the insurance company and must make all true disclosures to your health insurance provider. If you have not purchased your health insurance policy yet, then you should try to get the policy soon to avoid emergencies and rejections.

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