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Air Ambulance Cover – an attractive feature of the Activ Assure Diamond Plan

By Vikas Chandra Das
16 November 2022, 5:41 PM

What if you are traveling on work or vacation and are suddenly taken critically ill or involved in an accident? What if this is in a remote place, where the standard of medical care is not a standard at all? Or, while there may be good doctors, surgeons and facilities, the specialist care your condition needs is just not available locally. Traveling to the nearest available facility by train, while in a critical state of health is never a good idea. While you may consider flying, airlines are sometimes reluctant to take a critically ill passenger. It may also be that your condition requires medical attention – oxygen or IV fluids. What then? The best way forward would be to hire an air ambulance, but again, when most of us do not have the contact number for a regular ambulance in our hometown, how many of us are likely to have the contact details of an air ambulance? Here is where Aditya Birla’s Activ Assure — Diamond Plan comes especially useful. The plan offers both domestic and international emergency assistance services. These emergency assistance services also include the air ambulance cover!

So, if your work or hobbies often take you to distant and remote locations, where medical facilities are basic or scarce, here is a cover worth considering. The air ambulance cover is available domestically if you are 150 km or more away from your home. It is available internationally if you are traveling for less than 90 days and are more than 150 km away from your residential address as mentioned in the policy schedule.

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Conditions Applicable to Domestic and International Evacuation or Repatriation

- The decision on whether the insured’s condition requires emergency medical evacuation due to the non-availability of adequate medical facilities in immediate proximity shall be taken by the Aditya Birla Health Insurance’s service provider (for providing emergency evacuation services), their consulting medical practitioner, as well as the attending medical practitioner.

- In case medical repatriation is required, due to medical necessity, the same shall be decided by Aditya Birla Health Insurance along with the consulting medical practitioner. However, the insured person needs to be declared medically fit for travel via commercial transport, and the consulting team also needs to be confident that the travel will in no way compromise the condition of the insured.

- Claims for reimbursement of medical evacuation charges or repatriation charges shall only be honoured if agreed by Aditya Birla Health Insurance or its authorised representatives

- One must call the toll-free number in order to avail this benefit


Aditya Birla Health Insurance will not honour any claims or provide emergency ambulance services in the following circumstances

-If one travels for the sole purpose of availing medical attention

- If the evacuation is necessitated due to injury arising out of participation in terrorist acts or war

- If medical attention required is due to an attempted suicide

-If the incident requiring medical attention is the result of consumption of illegal drugs

-If the evacuation is for a transfer from one medical facility to another of similar capacity

-If the insured person is traveling beyond the 28th week of pregnancy

In the case of international evacuation or repatriation, similar terms and conditions apply with one added criterion. No claims will be honoured if the insured is on a trip of more than 90 days without intimation to the company.

Other features of Aditya Birla’s Activ Assure – Diamond Plan

Apart from the air ambulance support feature of the Activ Assure – Diamond Plan, there are several other attractive features:

Health Returns: The policy offers up to a 30% discount on the following year’s premium for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health Returns can also be used to purchase medicines or pay for diagnostic tests as well. Four active days per month could earn up to a 6% discount on premium. Health returns can be used for co-payment, payment of hospitalisation or day care expenses not admissible as per the policy and AYUSH treatment in exceeding the policy sub-limit.

Alternative Medicine Hospitalization Treatment: This policy also offers coverage of treatment availed in Unani, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Naturopathy, Yoga and Siddha (AYUSH) streams of medicine facilities.

Other features include sessions with a health coach, domiciliary treatment, organ donor expenses up to 100% of the SI, vaccination cover up to INR 10,000/-, if the sum insured is INR 1 crore or more, discounts for purchasing multi-year policies and family floater policies.

Optional covers Available: Activ Assure Diamond Plan has three optional covers – reload of Sum Insured (SI) up to 150% subject to a maximum limit of INR 50 lakhs, no-claim bonus (NCB) of 50% up to a maximum of 100% of SI; and any room upgrade if the SI is INR 500,000/- or more.


1. Is the plan's health coach facility available to every policyholder?

This is available for persons with asthma, hypertension, hyperlipidemia or diabetes above 18 years of age.

2. How many consultation sessions with a health coach can the policyholder avail of in a year?

Two sessions may be availed every policy year.

3. What if a policyholder has to be evacuated on an emergency basis for treatment and is unable to get in touch with Aditya Birla’s authorised representative beforehand for the approval of air ambulance coverage? Will the expenses be reimbursed?

The policy is very clear about this. Prior approval is needed from Aditya Birla. A joint evaluation will be conducted by the consulting medical practitioner appointed by the policy, the air-ambulance service provider and the policy holder’s consulting medical practitioner. Only if this consulting team recommends air ambulance cover, the coverage of the same will be taken care of by the plan as per the sub-limits specified.

4. Does the policy cover air ambulance costs for mental and nervous disorders?

Air ambulance costs will only be covered, in the case of repatriation due to mental or nervous disorders, only if hospitalisation is required. In addition, all other factors as mentioned in the exclusions of the policy will also be taken into consideration.

5. Are the dependent children in a family floater plan also covered by the air ambulance facility?

The facility is available to all persons covered under the plan, subject to the exclusions as mentioned in the policy

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