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Alzheimer's Disease and How It’s Covered Under Health Insurance

By Juhi Walia
30 August 2022, 1:13 PM

According to the Alzheimer's Organization of India, Alzheimer’s disease is frequently diagnosed in people under 65, proving that it is not just an issue of aging. In India, there are four million people who have Dementia of some kind. Additionally, the number is rising annually across the board. This increase's primary cause is not known. However, it is a worrying sign that makes Dementia and Alzheimer's a major global health concern. As per the WHO data released in 2020, the total death due to Alzheimer’s or Dementia touched around 1.26 lakh, accounting for nearly 1.5% of the total death recorded by this disease globally. While you may not be able to protect yourself against Alzheimer’s disease, you can certainly get protected against treatment expenses with health insurance.

Let’s understand what Alzheimer's disease is, why it occurs and how you can get protected against it by a health insurance policy.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a common type of Dementia that leads to memory. This condition impacts the patient's thinking, memory, and behavior. In a short period, symptoms can quickly progress from mild to severe, impacting the daily lives of the patients and those around them. One loses the capacity to perform basic tasks in addition to their memory. Alzheimer's disease can worsen over time if the patient is not properly cared for. Even though early medical intervention can slow the disorder's progression, 90% of dementia patients, according to experts, never receive a diagnosis or treatment. The disease can be diagnosed in its early stages. Usually, the following are the symptoms seen in patients-

  1. Gradual loss of memory
  2. Difficulties performing daily tasks
  3. Having trouble solving problems
  4. Difficulty understanding visual materials such as pictures
  5. Communication difficulties, whether written or verbal
  6. Frequently losing their possessions and being unable to find them again
  7. Difficulty in decision-making and judgement
  8. Separation from family members and unwillingness to social gatherings
  9. Mood swings and personality changes

Diagnosis Procedure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Sharing the behavioral changes and symptoms with the physician is one of the best ways to determine the severity of Alzheimer's disease. A family member can be a great help during this procedure. In addition to this, your doctor might request that you participate in a few diagnostic tests including lab tests, neuropsychological testing, and brain imaging that help reveal the patient's memory and thinking abilities.

Care After Diagnosis

The condition requires not only proper medicinal treatment but also needs appropriate care from those around the patient. Family members can ensure comfort of their loved ones by following these simple yet useful tips-

  1. Control agitation and erratic behavior. Encourage regular physical activity, sports, and other games.
  2. Reduce noise and confusion around the patient by turning off the TV, closing the curtains, and maintaining a calm environment, especially when the patient is agitated.
  3. Make sure your loved one is wearing an ID bracelet with a GPS chip if they have a propensity to wander.
  4. Limit your waking-hour intake of caffeine, sugar, and junk food.
  5. Use brief sentences and basic language. Speak in a soothing, gentle and calm voice.
  6. Verify the individual's emotions. The patient is likely to become more agitated the more you try to reason with him. Because he may start thinking you're not paying attention to him. Let your loved one know that you are sympathetic and eager to assist.
  7. Accept. Avoid contradictions. Avoid correcting or arguing. Watch for chances to distract and agree. Never lose your sense of humour.
  8. Add enjoyable and pleasant stimuli to a potentially risky situation. Bring something you know he will enjoy, such as a favourite song, dish, beverage, image, texture, scent, collectible, or other item. All these will inspire good feelings.

Where Does Health Insurance Come Into Picture?

Alzheimer's is a slowly worsening, chronic, and debilitating disease that has a significant financial and emotional impact on the patient as well as their family. It is challenging to battle a brain disease. Furthermore, you'll want your family to support you during this difficult time rather than become preoccupied with money management. Therefore, it is wise to choose health insurance that includes coverage for Alzheimer's disease-related medical costs. 

How Does Health Insurance Help?

Health insurance can drastically reduce your financial stress, which otherwise remains the case. The reduction of financial stress further results in peace of mind. Let’s check the health insurance benefits when covering Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Financial Assistance

Many general or Alzheimer's-specific health insurance plans include coverage for the serious form of the disease. You may receive a one-time payment from these health insurance companies to cover Alzheimer's care. Thus, you won't need to be concerned about unexpected financial loss. You can settle your debts with this one-time sum as well.

2. Protect Your Savings

An unexpected disease diagnosis can lead to financial disaster. especially when it comes to a condition like Alzheimer's that demands urgent medical attention. The course of treatment could be very expensive. It is best to plan ahead financially and be well-prepared. You can be guaranteed that with health insurance. A health insurance plan helps keep your years of savings intact.

3. Coverage Under Regular and Critical Illness Plans

You can get covered for Alzheimer’s disease under both regular and critical illness plans having different sum insured. While a regular health insurance policy will be an indemnity policy, a critical illness plan will be a fixed benefit policy. An indemnity policy will reimburse the hospitalisation expenses up to the sum insured limit. Whereas a fixed benefit policy will offer you a fixed lump sum amount upon the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or any other critical illness. There’s a survival period clause of one or two months you need to contend with. Waiting periods for Alzheimer’s disease could apply in either an indemnity or a fixed benefit plan.


Your financial situation may be severely impacted by the cost of treating Alzheimer's disease. For this reason, getting health insurance is a good idea. It serves as a financial safety net for you and your loved ones in times of illness. It has many advantages, including paying for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, safeguarding your savings, and receiving tax advantages.



1. How can I claim health insurance for Alzheimer’s disease?

You can contact the insurance department at the network hospital to submit a cashless claim request, or you can notify your insurer following discharge of the hospitalization and submit invoices to receive reimbursement benefits of health insurance.

2. Is Alzheimer’s already covered in health insurance policies in India?

Yes, most health insurance plans consider Alzheimer's disease a critical illness and, thus, include it in the health insurance cover.

3. What benefits can you claim under health insurance for Alzheimer’s?

Under health insurance, you can claim hospitalization costs, administrative costs, day care charges (if any), diagnostics charges, doctor’s fees, and medication and ambulance expenses.

4. Is there a waiting period if I increase my sum insured on renewal?

Yes. Your waiting periods won't be affected if you switch to another insurer for your medical insurance.

5. Do I require a different health insurance policy for Alzheimer’s since I am covered by my employer's mediclaim policy?

Yes. You need a personal health insurance plan because your employer-provided health insurance only pays for medical costs as long as you are employed with the company; the moment your employment ends, that policy expires.

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