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Availing Free Health Check-ups Under Health Insurance

By Juhi Walia
15 September 2022, 10:41 AM

The COVID pandemic has forced businesses in all industries to alter how they conduct business, and the health insurance market is no exception. The prolonged shutdown following COVID-19 has forced insurance businesses to reinvent their methods of operation, from providing customers with sound policies to resolving claims quickly. Yet, despite all the work being done, clients frequently forget to include a crucial element when paying their insurance premiums - the advantage of free health check-ups. According to industry reports, only 20-25% of insured consumers use their insurance companies' free medical check-up advantages. There are several causes for this. Many people don't know how to use the benefit, and others worry that their premiums will go up if they do.

Let’s put all the fears to rest and figure out the steps by which the policyholder can avail of a free health check-up under his/her health cover. Firstly, the policyholder is not charged extra premium if the parameters in test reports are altered. These findings are considered for underwriting only if the client wants to increase the sum insured during policy renewal. Secondly, these tests have no bearing on premiums, even when health insurance policies come up for renewal. The benefits are offered to motivate customers to find out about their health.

Many health insurers now provide free health checks every year, or every three to five years, intending to promote the value of wellness and preventative care, depending on the terms and conditions of their respective health insurance policy.

 Here's How to Apply for a Free Check-up

  • Contact the insurer's toll-free number to book a health check-up or go to its closest branch.
  • The health insurance company will get back to you with a definite time, date, and location, according to your preferences.
  • The insurance company issues a letter of authorization, which the policyholder must bring to the diagnostic facility with their health insurance card.
  • It is recommended to get the tests performed in an accredited diagnostic facility or hospital.
  • The consumer is typically not requested to pay if the test is performed at an empanelled centre.
  • The insurance reimburses the centre at the agreed-upon rates. 
  • Alternatively, the policyholder can have the tests performed in a lab of their choice and receive payment reimbursement from the insurer.

Benefits of Regular Check-ups

Most people typically wait until something is wrong before going to the doctor. Consider how often you have put off visiting the doctor because specific aches and pains weren't a huge concern, or rather, they were manageable and could wait a little longer. However, many times – until there's a proper health check-up done, a lot of health issues can often be undiagnosed until it gets worse.

Here is a list of factors supporting the necessity of yearly physicals:

Early Diagnosis 

It can aid in detecting underlying illnesses or medical issues early. This reduces the danger of problems and raises the likelihood that the treatment will succeed.

Enhances General Health 

Being informed puts you in a better position to look after your health. For example, a health examination may inform you of your unhealthy BMI (which you were unaware of), or it may help you better understand your cholesterol levels, allowing you to adjust your diet accordingly. Such modest efforts to improve your health can have a significant impact.

Better Savings

 If you discover a specific illness early, you can begin treatment sooner, which may be less expensive than treating an ailment found later and at a severe level.

Correct Treatment Guidance 

Those with comorbidities, such as diabetes or hypertension, can learn about their present state of health and medication progress through routine check-ups. Additionally, it would provide insight into potential drug adjustments or the proper course of treatment.

What is Included in a Thorough Health Examination?

The following are some typical tests that you can have in your yearly health examination, even if the specifics may vary depending on your healthcare provider:

  • Test of blood pressure
  • Test for blood sugar
  • Profile of lipids
  • ECG exam (mostly recommended after 35, though)
  • Test for liver function
  • Tests for vitamin deficiencies based on urine analysis (In India, vitamin D insufficiency is widespread.)
  • Pap test (recommended for women, once a year)
  • Test of kidney function
  • Test of lung function

How Often is a Free Medical Check-up Available with Health Insurance?

Both for individual and family floater health insurance plans, the amount of free medical check-ups you can receive differs from one insurance provider. In addition, several health insurers offer free annual medical check-up services even if you have claimed during the policy period.

With an amount insured ranging from INR 2-4 lakh, Royal Sundaram's Lifeline Classic Plan provides free yearly check-ups every two years. Conversely, ICICI Lombard offers free annual check-ups through its accredited centres. In addition, the policyholder may use two coupons each year under its floater insurance. Finally, regardless of their chosen plan, Care Health Insurance gives a free health check-up to all its policyholders.


A free medical examination could seem like a bonus, but the procedure serves an important function. Health check-ups are necessary to keep you informed about your health status and to regularly ensure that any emerging illnesses, infections, or issues are treated as soon as they arise. In addition, individual or family health insurance policies require a medical health check-up, which you may take advantage of for free to maintain your health. 

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1. Do we need to obtain a health check-up before purchasing family health insurance?

It will mainly depend on your age when buying health insurance. For example, if you are under 45 years old, most Indian insurers do not demand a health check-up.

2. How frequently are health exams provided as part of Indian health insurance?

Depending on the terms and circumstances of your health insurance policy, several health insurers now offer free health check-ups annually or every three to five years.

3. What are the methods for requesting a free health check-up?

You can schedule an appointment by calling the insurer's toll-free number, filling out a form online, or going in person to the closest location.

4. What happens if I have my check-up at a facility that is not one of the empanelled facilities?

You may be eligible for reimbursement from the insurance in such a situation. 

5. Why do many policyholders not take advantage of free health check-ups?

Many policyholders are unsure how to use the benefit, and others fear that their premiums will increase if they do.

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