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Buying Health Insurance Without Medical Check Ups

01 June 2022, 11:29 PM

When you buy health insurance policy, you often are asked to undergo a health check-up. This is done to determine your overall health condition and the premium is fixed accordingly. At times, the insurer also refuses to issue the plan if the health of the proposer is too fragile. On certain occasions, you find insurers offering health plans without medical check-ups. What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying such plans? Let us find out in the article below.

Advantages of Buying Health Insurance Without Medical Check-ups

Let us begin by looking at some of the advantages of buying health insurance without undergoing a pre-policy medical check-up:

  1. Quick Purchase 
    The biggest advantage of buying health insurance without medical check-ups is that you can get the plan instantly. These days, health insurance is readily available online. If the plan doesn't require a pre-policy health screening, you can get the cover instantly without any hassles whatsoever. 
  2. Easy to Get Cover 
    The next advantage is that everyone can get health insurance cover easily. After you undergo a pre-policy medical screening, your policy application may get rejected, owing to your ill health or pre-existing conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. This problem does not happen in the case of the test-less plans. You can get health insurance cover, irrespective of your age or medical conditions.
  3. Fixed Premium 
    The premium is usually fixed for such plans. You will not have to negotiate with your insurance provider about reducing or adjusting the health insurance premium for the coverage you opt for.

These are the major benefits of buying health insurance without medical check-ups. As you can see, these are some very handy merits, so you should consider getting such a plan.

Disadvantages of Buying Health Insurance Without Medical Check-ups

Now that we know about the benefits, let us find out about the disadvantages of these plans:

  1. Can Cause Dispute Later 
    A huge problem that can happen is that your claim can get rejected. If you have serious health problems, including pre-existing health conditions, and you need to make a claim on those ailments, your insurer may refuse the claim. There are many hidden clauses that can trick you into believing that everything is covered, but the list of exclusions is usually very large. So you can get limited coverage on such a plan and that may not be sufficient for your health care needs.
  2. May End up Paying More 
    Since the premium on such a health insurance plan is fixed, you may end up paying a higher premium than you need to pay. Even if you are fit and young, you will be charged the same generalised premium that a 55-year-old diabetes patient may have to pay. If you opt for a plan that checks your health before issuing the plan, your premium may be lower and more suited to your profile.  

These are two of the most common problems people face after they buy health plans that do not ask for pre-policy medical check-ups. You should be wary of these disadvantages before you opt for such a cover.

Pre Policy Medical Check-up is Quite Good Actually

Each health insurance plan usually has a medical grid wherein certain people stay till less than 45 years of age opting for certain health coverage like INR 10 lakhs might not have to undergo any pre-policy health check-up. Only a declaration of good health would be enough in this case. However, if you wish to enhance your coverage, then pre-policy medical check-ups are not that bad. In fact, there is no harm getting a complete health check-up done without any expenses. And after the pre-policy medical check-up is done, the insurer would have to admit all your claims, since they have verified your health conditions before accepting the risk!

The Final Word

When buying health insurance for your family, you should make sure the cover you have is wholesome and complete in every manner. If your insurer offers the plan without pre-policy health checks, be very careful to ensure there are no disputes later on at the time of filing a health insurance claim. Also, make sure the premium charged is fair. If however, you are young and fit, go for the plans without medical tests as they would be suitable for you. Apply your discretion and find the best health insurance coverage for yourself.

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