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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus Health Insurance

By Sumit Asrani
17 May 2022, 1:05 PM

When it comes to the pandemic and the health costs associated with it, everyone seems to be anxious. Apart from the health component, many people are also very stressed about expenses. Media reports have continuously reported about the ways in which the medical facilities have exploited the COVID patients and overcharged them. These matters naturally make everyone worried including those who have health insurance. 

If you too are worried and want some answers related to the Coronavirus health insurance plans, take a look at the FAQs given here:

Coronavirus Health Insurance FAQs

1. Are the coronavirus-related-ailments covered under a regular health insurance plan? 

Yes, a majority of the health insurance plans are currently covering COVID-related ailments. There are some specific health insurance plans that have been launched only to protect against this illness.  

However, if you wish to opt for a COVID-specific health insurance plan, you can opt for a Corona Rakshak or a Corona Kavach health insurance plan which has been specifically designed for COVID-related ailments.

2. Am I covered for COVID under my group health plan? 

Yes, most group health insurance plans have the Coronavirus cover. If you have an employer-provided health insurance plan, you and your family members can make a COVID-related claim under it.

However, to be completely sure, you can write an email to your group/employer and have the same clarified.

3. What form of diagnosis is accepted by the insurance provider? 

To confirm you actually have the COVID illness and require health care, you need to get a diagnosis done from an authorised, government-registered lab. You need to submit the test results along with the other documents when making a claim. This is an additional requirement for COVID-related ailment other than the usual requirement.

4. How long is the waiting period in a COVID health cover? 

The IRDA has altered the rules to ensure everyone gets the best possible COVID care health insurance. As a result, the insurance providers are not permitted to attach long waiting period clauses for the COVID claims. A standard waiting period of about 15 days is applicable in all covid health covers for all claims, except for accidental claims, where a claim can be filed immediately. 

5. Is there any coverage available for post or pre-hospital care? 

Yes, the health insurance plans that offer covers for pre and post-hospital care, usually extend this facility in the case of the COVID treatments as well. However, you need to check your policy document to know about the exact duration of pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation coverage.

6. Can I get a cashless claim on my COVID health cover? 

If your basic health insurance plan has the cashless facility, you can use it for your COVID treatment too. If not, then you have to get the bills reimbursed after you get discharged from the hospital.

7. Is there a chance to get my testing costs reimbursed? 

If you require secondary COVID testing to be done while admitted in the hospital, your insurance provider may reimburse the costs. However, if there is no hospitalisation required, then the testing costs might not be reimbursed unless there is an OPD coverage in your health insurance plan.

For all hospitalisation cases, you do have a period during which all pre-hospitalisation expenses, including the COVID testing costs, would be reimbursed.

8. Is there coverage available for the quarantine period? 

No, you cannot make any health insurance claim for the time you spent in quarantine. This is because quarantine is more of a precautionary period and no medical care as such is needed for the person in quarantine. This is why you cannot get a claim here.

Insurance claim is for treatment only. If there is any treatment for which hospitalisation is needed, it is when you can claim for the same and not otherwise.

9. Can I get coverage if I have to get treated in isolation? 

Yes, you can make a claim if you had been admitted in an isolation ward of a hospital, in a government registered isolation facility or if you were receiving the treatment while staying isolated at your own house. You need the documents to prove that you were in isolation due to COVID and its treatment. The same can be processed on a cashless basis as well.

10. Can I get treated for COVID in a foreign hospital and get a cover? 

None of the Indian health insurance companies at present offer coverage for COVID treatments happening abroad. You can only make the claim if you were treated in a hospital in India. However, if you get COVID and need hospitalisation abroad, you can either use your Indian health insurance plan or travel insurance plan, provided it covers all hospitalisation expenses in the foreign land. 


After reading the FAQs and their answers, hopefully, you have a clearer understanding of health insurance in relation to Coronavirus. So go ahead and use your health insurance plan effectively and get the best possible treatment if you do get infected by the coronavirus.

Sumit Asrani is a Mumbai-based writer, content creator, and content strategist. Weaving words on insurance, digital marketing, and creativity.
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