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Experts Suggest These 10 Health Insurance Policies for Coronary Artery Bypass

By Juhi Walia
26 August 2022, 3:37 PM

A World Health Organization (WHO) report states that more than 45 million Indians have cardiac ailments. Hospitalisation, surgery and medical expenses, in general, are steep to treat this disease. Cardiac care insurance plans can come to your rescue if you need to opt for this procedure. There are many significant benefits you can avail of through these health insurance plans.

In-patient hospitalisation Expenses: This category includes all costs associated with receiving medical treatment for a period longer than 24 hours.

Pre-hospitalisation and Post-hospitalisation Expenses: Healthcare expenditures do not just include hospitalisation fees; they also cover pre-hospitalisation (often for 30-60 days) and post-hospitalisation (typically for 60-180 days) costs of the insured.

Annual Health Check-ups: Some insurance plans additionally provide yearly health examinations for all insured people or a particular wellness program to change lifestyle choices.

Domiciliary Hospitalisation: Home hospitalisation is available if the insured person cannot visit a hospital for treatment or if there are no beds available at a facility, or if there are treatments that one can undergo through outpatient procedures.

Ambulance Expenses: The insurer covers the transportation of patients from home to the hospital via ambulance.

A procedure called a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) increases blood flow to the coronary arteries and, in turn, indirectly to the heart muscles. Doctors advise CABG for men with significant coronary blockages. It is challenging to deal with a medical emergency without health insurance policies that provide the necessary financial support.

Best Health Insurance Plans for Coronary Artery Ailments

1. HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Policy

The joint venture of HDFC and ERGO International AG is one of the leading names in health insurance. Their policy guarantees benefits such as:

  • No screening for anyone under 45
  • Lifetime renewal option 
  • Provision for lump-sum payments
  • Waiting time of no more than 30 days.

2. CritiCare Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Niva Bupa’s critical illness health insurance covers as many as 20 serious conditions, including cancer, kidney failure, and open chest CABG. Some of its features include:

  • Whole amount of insurance.
  • Lifetime renewal option.
  • Customised premiums according to age and city of residence and not previous claims.
  • Direct health insurance claim settlement option so you do not have to go through a third party.

3. Future Generali Heart & Health Insurance Plan

This comprehensive health protection plan covers 59 Critical Illnesses and surgical procedures, including heart and cancer ailments. It has the following benefits:

Provides coverage on minor, moderate or major stages of the ailment diagnosed.

  • Covers the cost of second opinions, post-treatment nursing and loss of income during the affected period.
  • Lump-sum benefit following a 90-day waiting period from the policy purchase date.
  • Floater benefits for two children until 25 years of age.
  • 30-day grace period.
  • Four flexible options — heart cover, critical illness cover, heart cover with the return of premium and critical illness cover with the return of premium.
  • Death benefit available from Day 1 of the policy.

 4. New India Global Mediclaim Policy

New India Assurance has been in general insurance for over 100 years. The company’s Global Mediclaim Policy offers the following advantages to anyone with an insured amount of at least INR 8 lakhs.

  • Payment in full after 90 days of treatment
  • Additional medical advice
  • Coverage of international medical treatment, travel expenses, etc.

 5. ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Critical Care

The collaborative initiative offers financial protection against 30 main ailments, with benefits like:

  • The plan pays out all at once after the initial diagnosis after a waiting period of 90 days.
  • Annual premium for a two or three-year coverage.
  • 10% discount if you choose staggered claim payment — that is, monthly payouts instead of a lump sum.
  • 30 days of the survival period

6. Aditya Birla Active Secure Critical Illness

Aditya Birla provides a wide range of critical illness insurance products throughout a consumer’s life cycle and financially covers any critical illness during the term. Apart from up to 21% health returns, it offers lump sum payments for the entire covered amount upon diagnosis. It allows a second e-opinion, cashless home care, and lifestyle assistance, among others along with 15 days of the survival period.

 7. Bajaj Allianz Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Bajaj Allianz assists you with the portability feature, the payment of donor costs, insurance for international medical care, and a guarantee of a total payout.

8. Bharti AXA Smart Health Critical Illness Insurance Plan  

The merger between Bharti Enterprises and AXA groups has perks such as those mentioned below. The policy offers a thorough strategy to combat serious illnesses:

  • Annual health examinations
  • Reimbursement of pre and post-hospitalisation costs
  • Facility to pay for medical care without currency and suchlike

9. Care Critical Illness Insurance Plan

This insurer is a specialised health insurance company providing customers with features like lifelong renewability, in-patient, pre and post-hospitalisation coverage, ICU, ambulance, and organ donation insurance.

10. Cholamandalam MS Critical Healthline Plan

Pre-medical screening is waived off under this policy for those aged below 55 with perks like ambulance service costs supported, the Flexi-payout option and a 30-day grace period.


Insurance for cardiac care has especially become essential to protect against escalating healthcare expenditures. The primary goal of these health insurance policies is to cover hospitalisation and treatment costs associated with the insured person's heart disease. These insurance plans offer the best care for your cardiac issues with full coverage for heart-related treatment and other perks.

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1. What are different kinds of coronary artery bypass grafting?

Procedures for CABG range from conventional techniques to less invasive operations to a robot-assisted method that enables the operator to carry out the procedure with remotely operated surgical tools. The surgeon considers variables such as the patient's age, physique, weight, location, and degree of plaque formation while determining which cardiac bypass treatment is ideal. 

2. What kind of continuous care should I expect after coronary artery bypass grafting?

The treatment will continue with periodic medical checks, with the patient undergoing tests (such as echocardiography, stress testing, and EKG) to determine how well the heart works. You and your doctor may discuss alternative methods for maintaining good health.

3. What is myocardial infarction Cover?

If a heart muscle dies due to inadequate blood supply, most plans will pay for the initial heart attack treatment. Clinical symptoms including chest discomfort, acute myocardial infarction, electrocardiogram, or other biochemical markers may be used to support the diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

4. What costs do cardiac health insurance plans exclude?

Health insurance does not cover the following costs for people with heart conditions:

  • Costs associated with self-inflicted harm and suicide attempts.
  • Treatment for problems such as abortion, miscarriage, and pregnancy-related issues.
  • Congenital internal illnesses are not covered.
  • Sickness related to drugs or alcohol consumption, which requires hospitalisation. 
  • IVF procedures and treatments are not covered.
  • Hospitalisation caused by riots, strikes, or war is not covered.

5. How much sum insured can I expect for coronary artery problems from my health insurance?

It will depend on the type of health insurance you buy. A comprehensive health insurance policy will require a critical illness add-on cover added to it for coronary artery coverage. The dedicated sum insured for this illness may not be high. A dedicated critical illness policy will have more coverage for coronary artery problems.

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