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Filing a Claim with Star Health Insurance

By Juhi Walia
15 September 2022, 10:21 AM

The characteristics of a successful health insurance company are a quick response to claims, hassle-free claim resolution, minimal documentation requirements, etc. One of the critical elements of health insurance that determines how well an insurer can satisfy its clients is the typical claim settlement ratio. There are a few insurance companies that stand out for being prompt in resolving claims and who also take pride in having a strong CSR. Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. is one such insurer. 

Star Health Insurance is a top health insurance company and knows how to satisfy its customers while providing comprehensive health insurance benefits. It has the potential to provide quality services, particularly in terms of claim settlement. This post will explain the health insurance claim procedure.

Health Insurance Claim: The Value It Brings!

A health insurance claim is the system through which the insured can ask for reimbursement of the incurred medical costs. There are two types to lodge a claim with Star health insurance: cashless and reimbursement. A reimbursement claim can be used at any hospital in one's area, unlike a cashless claim, which can only be made at Star health network facilities. By completing a claim form and the necessary supporting documentation, one can get claim rewards.

Options for Making a Claim with Star Health Insurance

Star Health & Allied Insurance Company accepts claims in a few different ways.

  • The TPA can present the claim to the insurance carrier immediately in the first scenario. However, because a TPA is not involved in Star Health, the insured must start the claim procedure.
  • The second method involves finishing the claim procedures on your own, starting with filling out the claim form and presenting it with the necessary paperwork. For a cashless claim, a pre-authorization letter or claim form must be completed and filed; however, for a reimbursement claim, the claim form can be downloaded from the insurer's website or requested by calling customer service.

Data Needed to Submit a Star Health Insurance Claim

It's crucial to understand the data needed to submit a health insurance claim. The claim may be rejected due to a lack of information. Therefore, the following items are helpful to have on hand when presenting a health insurance claim form.

Notify Star Health Insurance

Informing Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. of the medical condition that has prompted the claim is the first step. By sending a letter or calling the customer service line on a toll-free number, you can alert the insurer.

Get Medical Receipts & Bills

The claim has to be supported by an itemised bill detailing the costs associated with the recommended medications or medical treatments. When you file your claim with Star health insurance, it will want you to submit the original invoices.

Get the Claim Form

You have two options for getting the claim form: you can call Star Health Insurance, or you can download it from its website. The directions for what additional information you might need to provide to register a claim are included in the claim form.

Create More Copies

Don't forget to create copies of all the documentation once the claim has been submitted. It will limit the number of errors that may occur during the claim procedure. Review the documents you intend to send as well.

Online Claim Form Submission

Before submitting the online claim form, always visit Star Health's website. Health insurance companies now offer the option to log into the health insurance plan online. If your insurer is offering the same, you can ask them for confirmation as well. The final step is to submit the claim form online after everything has been resolved. You can visit Star Health's claim page and submit the claim by following the simple guidelines. Once the claim is requested, you will be notified when it has been received. Additionally, the claim process will begin following that.

Advantages of Applying for a Claim Online with Star Health Insurance 

The fastest possible settlement of your claim amount is the main advantage of making Star health insurance claims online. In times of need, all you want is for your claim to be settled as soon as possible. In this instance, Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Ltd. has a history of processing claims in just two hours.

Second, if you submit a claim online, you can know what percentage of the claim is covered by the insurance company, what deductibles you'll need to pay, when the claim might be settled, etc. You can also better understand the refunds available under your Star health insurance plan and the associated out-of-pocket costs that the insurer does not reimburse.

Obtaining Speedier Claim Approval

  • The list of network hospitals, including agreed network hospitals, is available on the Star Health website.
  • Locate the closest network hospital by using the network list on our website.
  • Approach the hospital before the day of admission for planned surgery, and it will provide the completed pre-authorisation paperwork.
  • You must include your contact number on the Pre-authorisation form.
  • The authorisation request may not be approved if all the necessary details are not provided.

Documents Required to Submit

  • Completed claim form with current address, contact information, and email address. Before filling out the form, you must notify Star Health through the toll-free number.
  • Original invoices, receipts, and the hospital's card or certificate of discharge.
  • Original pharmacy invoices accompanied by valid original prescriptions.
  • A note from the attending doctor or surgeon who recommended the test, supported by the receipt and investigation test reports.
  • The type of surgery done, the surgeon's invoice, and the receipt.
  • In cases of accidents, self-declaration/MLC/FIR is required.
  • Doctor's certificate for treatment.
  • NEFT and KYC information


No claim process is simple, regardless of how well-known the insurer is. It always involves some worry that keeps the insured in suspense until it is resolved. The general rule is to obey the directions and wait for your turn.

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1. How can Star health insurance help you?

You and your family will be safeguarded by Star health insurance from any covered financial dangers brought on by an unexpected medical expense. Investing in a quality health plan will help you protect your hard-earned money and other assets.

2. How can I file an insurance claim with Star Health?

Claim notification should be made via the toll-free helpline number (1800 425 2255 / 1800 102 4477) (or) via email/letter/documents (hospitalisation claims / death claims).

3. What does a non-cashless claim mean under Star health insurance?

The insured may receive care in a hospital that is not on the list. But in this instance, he or she must first pay the fees before requesting reimbursement from the insurance provider. This indicates that the medical facility will not be using a cashless system.

4. What is a Star health insurance reimbursement claim?

A reimbursement claim entails paying the hospital bill out of pocket and requesting reimbursement from Star health insurance, which will undertake document verification before approving a claim.

5. Does Star health insurance have an in-house claim settlement team?

Yes, it has an in-house claim settlement team to ensure you a hassle-free experience at such trying medical times.

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