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Top Health Insurance Plans for Asthma Patients

27 June 2022, 11:29 PM

Asthma is very common in India. Primarily, because of the high air pollution levels and the prevalent habit of many Indians using unfiltered tobacco products such as bidis and indigenous cigarettes. Another contributing reason for it is that asthma is also hereditary in some cases. And, this is why an alarming number of children get affected by this disorder. 

A recent study showed that a 10th of the total number of asthma patients across the world are found in this country. Unfortunately, India ranks first in COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) and second in asthma globally. According to the Global Burden Disease Study report of 2016, there are 9.35 crore patients with COPD as well as Asthma in India.

To ensure you and your family are always financially protected from the dangers that asthma brings along, get a good health insurance plan that covers asthma patients. Thankfully, there are some excellent health covers that help to stay protected against this deadly disorder. 

Take a look at this article to know more about these health plans for asthma treatment and how they can be beneficial to you and your family.

What is Asthma and Its Types? 

Asthma is a disease where the airways become swollen. This makes it very difficult for the person to breathe. As a result, the lungs do not receive enough oxygen and the bodily functions get impacted. The heart, brain and other organs are also affected as the blood flow is restricted due to low oxygen and the person becomes severely breathless at the same time. Asthma is considered to be a chronic ailment and hence managing the same is of utmost importance.

Asthma attacks are very uncomfortable, dangerous and at times, even fatal. Asthma is managed by medication and exercise, but regular medical intervention is very important to ensure an asthma patient stays safe and healthy.

Types of Asthma

There are many types of asthma-like Childhood Asthma, Occupation related Asthma, Adult-onset Asthma, Seasonal or Allergic Asthma, COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, Bronchial Asthma, etc. 

How does Health Insurance Help When It Comes to Asthma? 

Health insurance is needed by everyone, but people who have serious ailments like asthma, require health insurance more. This is because asthma can make you very ill and extensive treatment may be required. At such a time, the backing of a good health plan proves to be very helpful. 

The ways in which a health insurance policy can help for asthma treatment include:

  1. Paying for the Asthma Treatment  
    The treatment of asthma primary includes medication. Pumps and puffs are commonly prescribed by the doctors. Many prescription drugs like inhalers and nebulisers are also administered to patients who are severely asthmatic. Then, physical therapy including breathing exercises, cardiovascular exercises, etc. are common inclusions in the treatment of asthma. As you can guess, the treatment steps are quite expensive and the medicines are not cheap either. This is why you need a health plan that would pay for health insurance claim expenses and help you to get the proper treatment you need.
    Asthma patients are prone to chronic hospitalisation due to shortness of breath. Hence preparing for the same with the help of a health insurance plan is essential.
  2. Paying for Tests 
    The tests needed to diagnose asthma include spirometry, chest x-rays, peak flow, allergy profiling, etc. All these tests are very expensive and need to be carried out at good diagnostic labs. To ensure you can get them done at the best medical facilities, you need a health plan as an asthma cover will pay for the diagnostic tests.
  3. Paying for Doctors’ Fees 
    As stated, asthma requires regular medical follow-ups. You have to visit your doctor from time to time to get an evaluation and understand the extent of the asthma disorder. As we all know, a doctor’s fee is very high these days so you need a health plan to pay for the same. Most health insurance policies offer OPD covers, so you can easily get the consultation charges reimbursed.

If you or anyone else in your family has asthma, ensure you buy a good mediclaim policy at the earliest. Even if you have a family history of the disorder, then also you should get the cover without any further delay.

Health insurance Plans for Asthma Patients

When buying health insurance, you should keep an eye out for the covers available and for the exclusions as well. Not every disorder is covered under every policy. In fact, many health plans list asthma as an exclusion. This is why you should choose your plan wisely to ensure you and your family members get the required protection against this specific ailment. Some of your options here include:

  1. Comprehensive Health Plans 
    Some comprehensive family floater health insurance plans offer an asthma cover. However, these plans usually have a waiting period clause of three or four years. Explore the options and see if you can find a good family floater plan that offers an asthma cover too.
  2. Standalone Asthma Covers  
    These days, you get exclusive health policies that cover asthma. These plans prove to be very helpful to those who need specific coverage for this ailment. Some of the plans in this category are:
    • Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Plan provides Chronic Management Program which is specially designed for people with Asthma, Diabetes, High BP and High Cholesterol.
    • Aditya Birla Health Insurance Diamond Health Plan provides coverage from day 1 for medicines, diagnostic tests and doctor consultation, etc. for diabetic, high BP, high cholesterol and asthma patients along with indemnity and hospitalisation benefits.
  3. Group Health Plans - If you have a group health insurance policy provided by your employer, you may get some asthma covers too. Make use of this facility and get your bills reimbursed as and when possible.

Choose your health cover with a lot of care and do not buy the first plan you come across. Do your research, compare your options, read the policy wordings and then buy a suitable health insurance policy to make sure you have the exact covers you need.

How to Take Care of Asthma Patients? 

Taking care of patients with existing asthma is equally important as ensuring you keep yourself and your family, especially your child protected. With the rising pollution in India, asthma is a serious concern for tomorrow. Ensure you keep your house dust-free, as best as you can and keep your child away from pets. Use an air purifier when air pollution is high. Ensure you keep your child healthy and active with regular exercises to keep obesity at bay. Stress can lead to asthma and that is a proven fact, so please keep your child and yourself stress-free. 

The bottom Line 

There are many health issues that affect people these days. Thankfully, there are some very good health insurance plans available that help you to stay protected against these ailments. If you have asthma or there is a family history of it, get a good health insurance policy to cover the issues and keep each member of your family safe. It is easy to find health insurance so go for it. 

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