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Best Health Insurance Plan For Heart Patients

19 June 2022, 8:09 PM

Health ailments are on a rise. You can blame this on lifestyle issues such as obesity and smoking. You can also blame it on the heightened levels of stress or you can simply blame it on the hereditary conditions. But either way, many people these days face serious cardiac problems which, at times, even turn fatal. This is highly unfortunate. The fortunate thing, however, is that there are some excellent health insurance covers available that help to keep your health healthy. Even if you face a heart ailment, with the help of these plans, you get on a faster road to recovery. Take a look at this article to know more about the health insurance plans for heart patients and how you can benefit from them.

Why do You Need a Health Insurance Plan for Heart Patients? 

As stated, cardiac problems are very common these days. When you have a health insurance plan for heart patients or a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers cardiac problems, you get the following benefits:

  1. Cover for Consultations 
    If you feel there is a problem with your heart or you experience any form of discomfort in your chest area, you should see a doctor without delay. The heart health plans usually offer OPD covers, so you can afford to meet the best of doctors at the best hospitals to understand what the problem is.
  2. Cover for Diagnostics 
    If the doctor finds an abnormality, he or she will instantly prescribe diagnostic tests such as an ECG or some blood tests. The health insurance plans for heart patients offer covers for diagnostic tests as well and this makes it easy for you to get the testing done without having to worry about the bills.
  3. Cover for Hospitalisation  
    All in-patient expenses such as room rent, ICU costs, nursing and physician fees, pharmacy bills, etc are covered under the health insurance plans for heart patients. This allows you to get treated for your heart ailments in a very comprehensive way.
  4. Cover for Daycare Procedures 
    At times, you do not have to stay in the hospital overnight for procedures. Getting admitted for a few hours does the job. These are known as daycare procedures. Many cardiac procedures, such as an angiogram, are conducted as daycare health insurance claims. All of the leading health insurance plans for heart patients cover the daycare procedures under their list of benefits.
  5. Cover for Surgeries 
    If you require surgery to get the heart condition fixed, your heart health insurance plan will pay for it.
  6. Cover for Domiciliary Care 
    At times, a heart patient needs home health care to recuperate from a condition. This is known as domiciliary care and most of the leading cardiac health covers pay for the domiciliary expenses incurred while getting treated for heart problems.

These are important covers that every heart patient needs. Fortunately, most of the health insurance plans for cardiac patients provide these covers.

Best Health Insurance Plan for Heart Patients

Here is a list of the best heart health insurance plans for you to choose from:

  1. Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy from Star Health - Star Health insurance is a leading provider of medical insurance in India. All their plans, including the Cardiac Care plan, are highly effective. You get comprehensive coverage for all your cardiac ailments when you get this plan.
  2. Care Heart from Care Health Insurance - The Care Heart plan from Care Health Insurance offers features such as special cardiac check-up covers, daycare procedures, alternative treatment, etc. When you buy this health insurance plan, you get a well-rounded cover which allows you to stay heart healthy.
  3. ICICI Prudential Cancer and Heart Protect - This plan offers dual protection against cancer and heart ailments. You get a high coverage amount of up to INR 20 lakhs at a very affordable cost. The plan has many benefits such as hospital covers, domiciliary care and family health insurance plan discounts (for married couples).
  4. HDFC Life Cardiac Care - This is another excellent option for those looking for a good heart health insurance plan. It offers covers against cardiac surgeries, transplants, etc. It also offers diagnostic and OPD covers, allowing you to stay heart healthy in a wholesome manner. 
  5. PNB Metlife Mera Heart Cover - This is a very effective health plan that offers many benefits such as lump sum payout and waiver of premium. It also offers all the benefits of a health insurance plan such as in patient care, daycare procedures, etc.

All the plans mentioned above are excellent health insurance plans. Run a comparison and find the plan that suits you the best.

In Conclusion

Keeping your heart healthy is your responsibility. Lead a balanced lifestyle, eat properly and get enough sleep and you will surely see an improvement in your overall cardiac health. To stay doubly secured, get a good health insurance plan for heart patients and stay protected in a comprehensive manner.

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