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Best Health Insurance Policies for Women In India

29 May 2022, 2:14 PM

Most of the women are prone to certain typical health ailments once they attain 40 years of age. Therefore, it is best to possess a health insurance plan to manage any sort of unpleasant and sudden medical emergencies. Most of the insurance companies currently operating in the market have started to make well-researched health insurance plans especially articulated to meet the needs of women’s health. 

Not only providing support with efficient financial planning, these sorts of insurance policies even secure the future of their ‘dependents’. While designing women-centric insurance plans a host of factors need to be considered—general health, pregnancy, fulfilling children’s need for education, investment, savings and last but not the least, retirement.

The health insurance companies design the women-special plans broadly based on 3 sorts of financial statuses:

  • Women with fixed jobs and regular income source
  • Women who earn from various sources including rent, dividend, shares
  • Housewives, without any fixed and regular source of income

As a woman, financial needs generally differ from a man, especially in the health sector. Therefore, while searching for health insurance policies as a woman, it is advisable to select certain women-centric plans. 

Most Popular Health Insurance Policies for Women

HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan

A policy crafted for a careerist woman, enabling her to continue with her career plans while providing financial support to her family at the same time. Some of the basic milestones of a woman’s life which are financially burdensome like marriage, career, etc. are covered by this policy.

Depending on the desire for taking risks, she can opt from 4 types of funds including Balanced Fund, Opportunities Fund, Blue Chip Fund and Income Fund. There are 3 types of coverage options available here namely Classic, Elite and Premier. Under the Elite coverage, one can avail benefits during treatments of gynaecological cancer, complicated pregnancy or during the death of the spouse. One of the most attractive features of this policy is the flexibility to choose the assurance value and even the policy period of either 10 or 15 years.

Bajaj Allianz Women-Specific Critical Illness Insurance

This is considered to be one of the best health insurance policies of its genre designed for women. It offers protection during the treatment of critical ailments like cancer and paralysis. If the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the mentioned ailments, the scheme guarantees a specific sum for the benefit of the insured. If there is any sort of congenital disability, the insured will be awarded 50% of the value of the total insured amount. If a diagnosis of any critical ailment leads to loss of job for any salaried woman after 3 months of the diagnosis, then this scheme awards a special benefit.

Star Wedding Gift Insurance Policy

One of the most highlighting features of this particular plan is that there is no requirement for pre-acceptance medical screening. It offers maternity health insurance cover and the delivery costs for up to 2 children, which includes certain pre-natal expenses like tests for diagnosing congenital abnormality.

The other associated costs include inpatient care expenses, pre and post hospitalisation costs, ambulance charges, day-care expenses, pre-existing illness treatment costs (after the completion of the waiting term). It also covers treatment costs of non-allopathic courses.

The entry age for this plan is between 18 and 40 years. The policy can be renewed after 45 years of age with a migration option ranging beyond 45 years of age.

Care Joy 

With a policy term of 3 years, the age range of this particular plan ranges from 18-65 years of age. There is no specific renewal age and can be continued till lifetime.

This plan provides maternity coverage along with the neo-natal cover. It also covers pre and post hospitalisation costs, day-care costs, ambulance charges, inpatient care along with certain pre-existing or specified illnesses with waiting periods. With this policy comes a no-claim bonus along with certain add-ons.

New India Asha Kiran Policy

This is a specific plan crafted for couples who only have daughters. With a policy term of 1 year, the entry age of the adult ranges from 18-45 years while the age of the daughter should be over 3 months. There is no particular renewal age limit and can be continued for a lifetime. One of the principal features of this plan is that there is the option for sum insured enhancement.

The features of this plan include critical illness care coverage for 11 types of ailments. The hospitalisation for the family can be covered through this single plan. The other coverages include specific day-care treatment expenses, pre-and-post hospitalisation, organ transplantation costs, ambulance charges as well as alternative medical course therapy costs. There is the option for personal accident cover applicable for the proposer along with the spouse. If a daughter is included within the domain of the plan, then a special discount benefit is awarded to the proposer.

Reliance Health Gain Policy

With a policy term of 1/2 years, the entry age ranges to a wide group starting from 5 years to 65 years, while for children, it starts from 91 days to 4 years. There is no specific age for renewal and can be continued for a lifetime.

This plan offers a special discount for a single girl child or a single woman. The financial needs for the health sector of the immediate as well as the extended family members could also be covered. The other covered expenses include inpatient care costs, domiciliary hospitalisation, pre-and-post hospitalisation charges, accidental injury treatment costs, organ donor charges and critical illnesses. Certain specific pre-existing ailments with waiting periods, emergency ambulance charges are also covered under this policy.

One of the highlights of this plan is that it offers deals and discounts on a host of lifestyle and health services and products. It even ensures easy access to health experts including other online services like standard health risk assessment, online medical appointment booking, customised diet plan through online mode. There is accidental health coverage with a no-claim renewal strategy. There is the provision for a cumulative bonus for claim-free years with a restoration of the insured amount and extension of the plan without any extra cost.

Tata AIG’s Wellsurance Woman Policy

A policy term of 1 year, the entry age ranges between 18 and 65 years of age for this particular plan. There is no renewal age restriction and can be continued for a lifetime.

The plan covers 11 critical care illnesses with a special highlight for cancer. The other covered expenses include hospitalisation charges along with ICU/ICCU costs, cosmetic surgery costs only in case of accidental injuries, convalescence, ambulance costs. 

One of the perks of this plan includes access to a host of diagnostic clinics, gyms, health care centres.


With a careful and planned financial approach from an early age, one can combat lots of financial inconsistencies with confidence. Therefore, we have handpicked some of the choicest cashless health insurance policies, specially crafted for women. With confident financial security, you can move forward with better determination and smoothness. 

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