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Best Heart Care Health Insurance Plans In India

25 May 2022, 1:33 PM

Heart health is a very important aspect of your overall well being. Unless you take good care of your heart, you will not be able to live a fit and happy life. Sadly, heart diseases are very common in India. While in many places across the world the heart-ailment related problems reduce over time, in India, the problem keeps getting worse and worse. A recent study showed that between 1990 and 2016, the number of heart patients doubled in India, while in countries like the US, the numbers decreased by almost 41%. These are very alarming figures and go on to show just how important it is for everyone to take care of their cardiac health. Fortunately, there are some very good health insurance plans available that help you to keep your heart health in check. Read on to know more.

Why is Heart Care Health Insurance Needed? 

Let us begin by understanding why a health insurance plan is needed. A health insurance plan offers coverage for ailments that require medical attention including hospitalisation, surgeries, diagnosis, etc. Since heart diseases can make you very sick and you can end up needing all of these, having a good health plan to protect your heart health proves to be very beneficial. Here are some ways in which the heart health insurance policy can help:

  1. Diagnostic Tests 
    There are many symptoms of a faulty heart. At times, it is something very simple like breathlessness and at times, it is more complex like a headache. It may not be possible for a layman to detect a heart problem and that is why diagnostic examinations are so important. You need to see a good doctor, discuss the symptoms and then he will tell you about the tests needed. These diagnostic tests are expensive and so you need a health insurance cover to ensure you can afford them.
  2. Hospital Care  
    It is very common for people to get hospitalised for heart ailments. Heart attacks of various degrees happen to lakhs of people every day, and at such times, hospital stays are the only answer. If you have a good heart health care insurance plan, you will be able to get admitted to the best of hospitals and ensure you recover properly. All expenses incurred, including cardiac surgeries, are included under the best health care health insurance plans.
  3. Daycare Procedure 
    Many times, cardiac problems require procedures such as an angiogram. Most hospitals conduct these tests as daycare procedures. You just get admitted for a few hours. The heart health insurance plans cover all daycare treatments as well.
  4. Medicines and Followup 
    The treatment of cardiac diseases include a lot of medication as well as follow up visits with the physicians. These require a lot of money and when you have a heart health plan with you, all the costs are reimbursed easily.

As you can see, these are important and expensive treatments that you may have to undergo if you have cardiac problems. It is therefore highly advisable for you to get a good health insurance plan and stay covered.

Best Heart Care Health Insurance Plans in India

  1. Care Heart Plan by Care Health Insurance - This is one of the best and most popular heart care health insurance plans available in the country presently. The plan has many interesting covers such as:
    • Coverage for pre-existing cardiac ailments
    • It is a comprehensive health plan that offers both the reimbursement as well as the cashless health insurance claim facilities
    • Covers are available for post and pre-hospital care
    • You can get covers for alternate treatments such as Unani and Ayush
    • Daycare procedures are also covered under the Care Heart Plan
    • Domiciliary health care, or home health care, is available under this policy
    • All diagnostic tests including blood tests, ECG, etc are covered
  2. PNB Metlife Mera Heart And Cancer Care - One of the very best health insurance plans available in India, the PNB Metlife Mera Heart And Cancer Care doesn't just provide coverage against the heart ailments, but also covers all symptoms and diseases associated with various forms of cancer. The cardiac health covers available under this plan include:
    • It offers a very high sum insured of up to INR 40 lakhs
    • It offers a long coverage tenure of up to 20 years
    • It does not have any waiting period for the heart ailments and their symptoms and the survival period clause is also not present here
    • The PNB Metlife Mera Heart And Cancer Care has many attractive features such as the waiver of premium and lump sum payout
  3. HDFC Life Cardiac Care - The Cardiac Care Plan from HDFC Life is another very good heart health care policy that you can invest in. It offers comprehensive heart covers that include:
    • Coverage available for more than 18 cardio-vascular disorders
    • In-patient covers available for treatments, ICU and surgery costs
    • The sum insured goes up by 2% every year a claim is not made
    • Diagnostic tests done to examine the cardiac symptoms are covered under this policy
  4. Star Cardiac Care Insurance - The Star Cardiac Care Insurance is one of the best-selling heart health insurance plans in India. The plan is comprehensive, economical and offers a vast range of covers such as:
    • Heart health protection for people aged between 10 years and 65 years
    • A maximum sum insured of INR 4 lakhs
    • OPD expenses are covered
    • Ambulance expenses are covered
    • There is a short waiting period of only 3 months in this heart health care plan
    • There is a wide range of cardiac ailment covers available under the Star Cardiac Care Insurance policy
  5. ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect - The ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect plan is another excellent option when it comes to buying a heart care health insurance plan. The plan offers some very handy covers such as:
    • You stand to receive a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a serious cardiac condition
    • The maximum sum insured is INR 20 lakhs which is among the highest in this category
    • Apart from the cardiac covers, the policyholder also receives many cancer covers, personal accident covers, etc, making this a truly wholesome health insurance policy

Choose from any of these heart health insurance plans and stay protected in a comprehensive and wholesome manner.

The Bottom Line

If you already have a health issue, you should not delay in buying a good health insurance cover. Even if you have a family history of cardiac ailments, you should definitely invest in a good family health insurance cover. If you have poor lifestyle habits, then to invest in such a plan makes sense. All in all, you need to make a correct assessment of your heart health and then get the best and the most effective heart care health insurance policy to keep yourself safe and secure.

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