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How to Make Health Insurance a Perfect Deal for Entire Family

By Juhi Walia
26 September 2022, 12:17 PM

In India, numerous health insurance policies are available, each with benefits. However, while purchasing a health insurance plan for your family, you need to exercise extreme caution. Before finalizing the plan, you must evaluate several factors.

This ensures that the policy is comprehensive and that your family is adequately covered. As a family floater health insurance plan, health insurance is available for every family member insured under the same. You can get insurance for:

  • Yourself
  • Your partner
  • Children who are reliant
  • Parents who are reliant
  • Furthermore, some plans include coverage for parents-in-law, siblings, and other extended family members. If you want to cover your entire family, you can choose family floater health insurance plans.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Policy for the Health of Your Family 

We all wish to purchase a health insurance policy that provides optimum coverage to our loved ones in times of need. However, with so many different health insurance plans, it can be difficult to find the correct one. It may appear a hard undertaking to go through so many policy types, features, inclusions, and limits.

And, to escape the trouble or time restrictions, many purchase a health plan without knowing whether or not it is suitable for them. Here are some helpful hints to assist you in selecting the finest health insurance plan for family.

Consider the Plan That Offers You Maximum Protection

It is important to ensure the maximum coverage is offered by the plan you choose. Typically a plan should cover most of the health-related issues, including hospitalization expenses before and after, critical health issues, maternity advantages, without cash treatment, etc. Also, see that the plan comforts everyone when it is taken for the whole family.

Firstly, identify your personal needs and then see the different available options and choose the best plan for you. All the terms and conditions must be read and understood carefully before finalizing the plan.

Sum Insured and Premium 

It's critical to recognize that your premium can affect your medical coverage. When deciding on the best health insurance plan for your family, calculating health insurance premium can help you make an informed selection.

Determine an appropriate sum insured and examine it regularly. If necessary, you can also purchase top-up plans.

Examine the Restrictions and Sub-Restrictions (Limits and Sub-limits)

Some health insurance plans contain room rent sub-limits, particularly for lesser sums insured. If there is a sub-limit, the entire cover is reduced. Choose a room with a higher rent than the permissible sub-limit, and your inpatient claim will be lowered accordingly.

On the other hand, plans with no sub-limits are frequently more expensive. Similarly, some coverage benefits may be subject to limitations. The following are some examples of popular coverage advantages that may be subject to sub-limits:

  • Ayurvedic remedies
  • Treatments at home
  • Maternity insurance
  • Expenses for organ donors

Check the applicable sub-limits and restrictions when purchasing your family's health insurance plan. Choose plans that do not have sub-limits on room rent and other expenses.

Choose a Plan That May Be Renewed Indefinitely

Lifetime renewability is also an important consideration. Many of us forget about it. Check the number of years your insurance is good for, as well as if it offers restricted lifetime renewability or not.

Because you will need a health plan the most in your older years, choose a family health plan that may be renewed indefinitely. This way, you can continue with the same plan in the future without having to purchase a new policy after reaching the age limit.

For example, your health insurance policy may be renewed for another 45 years. Once you reach the age limit, you must get a new one, which will be much more expensive. And if you purchase a plan with lifetime renewability, you can keep it indefinitely.

Hospital Network

When choosing a family health insurance policy, look into the network of hospitals affiliated with the insurance provider to assist you in getting cashless care. Getting a health insurance plan from an insurance provider with a large network of network hospitals is preferable.

How Much is the Waiting Time for Certain Illnesses?

Pre-existing conditions, maternity expenditures, and procedures like hernia and varicose veins, etc., are usually covered after a stipulated waiting period of up to 2-4 years. The waiting period clause can, however, varies from plan to plan. Maternity expenses, for example, are often reimbursed after 2 to 4 years from the date of policy acquisition.

Check the period after which pre-existing conditions will be covered in your family health plan, and select a plan with a short waiting period.

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Examine the Exclusion List of the Policy

Regardless of how extensive a health insurance plan is, there are still situations when coverage is not permitted. Every health insurance plan contains a list of exclusions. So, check the policy's exclusion list when purchasing health insurance for your family. Knowing the exclusions can help you understand what is not covered by the plan. So, you can prevent claiming for them and save yourself from unnecessary frustration that results from a health insurance claim rejection.

Locate the Premium Discounts

Health insurance programs provide enticing premium discounts to minimize your monthly outlay. Discounts are frequently provided for the following items:

  • Discount for adding two or more people to your policy.
  • Discount when purchasing a long-term policy.
  • Discount for buying the coverage online
  • Look for the discounts provided by the plan you are considering purchasing.

Look for Value-added Advantages

When evaluating health insurance policies, check for each plan's value-added advantages. Value-added benefits are perks provided in addition to the covered characteristics. The following are some common advantages:

  • Restoration of the insured sum
  • A second medical opinion
  • Telemedicine services
  • Free medical consultations
  • Loyalty programs at affiliated wellness centres
  • Free health check-ups

These features supplement the coverage and improve your health insurance experience. Wellness is a vital factor to consider, especially in the aftermath of a pandemic.

After considering all of the above-mentioned factors, select a health insurance policy. This will assist you in locating the most appropriate and best health insurance plan for your family. Go online to find the best policy.

Look to Accommodate New Family Members

It is necessary to make sure that while taking a health plan for the whole family, there is an option to add new persons to the plan. Also, make sure that in case of the death of a senior person in the family or ineligibility, it does not affect the other persons, and they can continue using the same plan.


Family health insurance policies are an excellent approach to safeguard your family's financial stability during medical emergencies. There are numerous family health insurance plans available on the market. It is best to conduct some research before purchasing the best family health insurance plan.

We hope that the elements listed above will assist you in choosing the best family insurance for your family.

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1. How much family health insurance do I require?

You can get coverage equal to approximately half of your annual salary. So, if you earn INR 20 lakhs, health insurance coverage worth INR 10 lakhs may be your best option. You can purchase even higher coverage if the premium seems affordable to you. 

2. Is purchasing health insurance worthwhile?

A health insurance plan can provide significant financial protection, covering treatment costs in India and overseas. It also covers hospitalization, diagnosis, ambulance, and prescription costs and provides the convenience of fast reimbursements for increased financial flexibility.

3. What exactly is a family floater health insurance plan?

A family floater is a type of health insurance policy that covers the entire family. Every family member that a floater covers receives benefits from a larger common pool.

4. Which insurance covers the complete family?

Family health insurance policies cover all major and small medical expenses for the entire family. All family members receive comprehensive coverage. A family health insurance plan can protect your loved ones against any illness or accident for a single annual fee.

5. Is purchasing health insurance online safe?

Purchasing health insurance online is safe if you do it from a reputable insurance company. Reputable insurance firms rely on secure communications and encryptions to protect their consumers from cyber fraud.

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