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Is Buying Health Insurance Really Worth It

30 June 2022, 9:26 AM

As a young and healthy individual, you may feel you don't need health insurance. However, health insurance is a complete necessity these days and staying uncovered is quite foolhardy. A simple fracture in your leg can lead to complications and leave you poorer by a lakh of rupees! A hospital stay of three days can cost more than INR 90,000. So, you need health insurance at every cost and every medical insurance plan is worth it. Read on to know more. 

Reasons Why Health Insurance is Worth It

Here are some reasons that tell you why you need a health insurance plan on priority:

  1. Health Insurance Protects Your Health 
    This is the most obvious benefit of health insurance. It protects your health in every possible way. If you ever require medical attention, either because of an illness or because of an accident, you will not hesitate to get admitted to the best hospital in the city. In the absence of a health insurance plan, you may not be able to afford that hospital and in turn, lose your opportunity to avail the best medical facilities. But when you have health insurance, you can get assured of receiving the highest quality of health care at all times.
  2. Health Insurance Protects Your Finances 
    Health insurance is also very important, if you want to keep your money safe. As mentioned above, even a simple medical procedure can cost a lot of money. So if you require a prolonged period of medical care and you don't have health insurance, you will end up in a financial mess. Health inflation is a very serious problem these days that can make medicine one of the costliest expenditures we have to endure. Buy a good health insurance policy and secure your savings. If you need to spend money on healthcare, let the insurer pay the bill. You just pay the premium for the policy and ensure that’s all you will ever have to pay!
  3. Health Insurance can be Customized 
    Another wonderful reason for choosing health insurance is that you can customise your cover. You can select a sum insured based on your requirements. You can choose riders that you feel would be of value to you. You can adjust the deductibles. These factors make health insurance flexible and you end up paying for a mediclaim policy that’s tailor made for you.
  4. Health Insurance is Cheap When You are Young
    As a healthy 27-year-old person, you can get a health insurance cover of INR 1 Cr for a monthly premium of just INR 800. This is cheaper than eating out at a fast-food joint! Health insurance is cheap to buy but offers benefits that are much more valuable. Do not make the mistake of skipping health insurance as you can stay protected by paying a very small amount.
    Premium rises with age, but it is still worth the same because of the coverage it provides.
  5. Health Insurance is Easily Available  
    Last but not the least, health insurance is easily and widely available. If you are generally healthy and have a simple family structure, you will find many options to choose from. It is very easy to compare health insurance online and when you compare, you get to find the best plans at the best rate. Locate your ideal cover and buy it online in just a few minutes.

Keeping all the points stated above in mind, you can understand just how valuable health insurance is to our modern-day lives.


Do not make the mistake of ignoring health insurance. You may have enough money in your bank and may feel that you can afford every health care requirement with your bank balance. But would you want your bank balance to get wiped away just after one hospital stay when you can protect it by paying only a few thousand rupees a month? Perhaps not, and this is why, you need to get the best health insurance policy at the very earliest.

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