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Learn These Tips Before Buying Global Health Insurance

By Vikas Chandra Das
16 November 2022, 1:26 PM

With a rise in the number of international or overseas visits among corporate groups and vacationers, the popularity of global health insurance coverage is increasing. Not only do some people fly overseas for entertainment, but some also fly to receive medical treatment and care for serious conditions. Furthermore, business owners who send their office personnel on international business travel invest in global health insurance plans to ensure their employees' safety.

Then, is your current health insurance plan a waste of money? No. Multiple health insurance policies on the market provide global coverage as an added benefit for seeking healthcare treatment overseas. In addition, policyholders with such health insurance policies can take advantage of the benefits of global coverage on a cashless basis throughout the insurer's network of hospitals.

Defining Global Health Insurance

Global health insurance, often known as global medical insurance cover, is a sort of health insurance that you purchase in your home nation but receive coverage throughout the world. 

Global health insurance policies are ideal for:

  • People who live outside of their nations
  • Those with a considerable net worth who travel regularly
  • Medical tourists who wish to use the medical services of another country
  • Anyone seeking treatment at a private healthcare facility.
  • From a global perspective, countless health insurance firms provide a choice of plans that meet the diverse needs of today's citizens. 

Some health insurance firms that provide worldwide health insurance coverage as part of their health insurance policies are as follows:

  • Care Health Insurance
  • ManipalCigna
  • Aditya Birla
  • Niva Bupa

Reasons Why Should You Get Global Health Insurance

One of the key considerations to evaluate before purchasing global health insurance is whether you really require global health insurance. If you believe the answer is yes, the following worldwide health insurance features may encourage you more.

Global Coverage

As indicated by the insurers in their brochures, health insurance policies with international coverage provide treatment in many countries worldwide.

Add-on Advantages

Many health insurance policies with worldwide coverage provide add-on advantages that policyholders can add to their standard health insurance plan for a small additional charge.

High Sum Insured

In rare circumstances, health insurance plans with high sum insured limitations are offered that provide care around the world.

Tips for Buying Global Health Insurance

Major insurers that provide global health insurance policies have an extensive network of hospitals for high-quality care abroad. In addition, health insurance brokers like Paytm provide substantial assistance, allowing you to focus solely on receiving quality care.

But before you choose health insurance coverage to purchase, there are a few things you should know.

  • Global health insurance only covers in-patient hospitalisation costs. Other pre- and post-hospitalisation costs, like OPD treatments, are not covered by the policy's coverage provisions.
  • Global health insurance does not cover medical services in Canada or the United States. You will have to pay an additional cost if you want to include these two states.
  • These plans include a co-payment of 10-20%. This implies that the insured has to pay the entire amount up front. When the insured returns to his or her native country, the insurer will refund him or her for 80-90% of the cost.
  • Global health insurance policies are significantly more expensive than local health insurance policies.
  • There is a 2 to 4-year waiting time for pre-existing disorders.
  • In the event of planned hospitalisation, the policyholder must notify the insurer before boarding an aircraft for treatment in another country. The insured must submit a document detailing the nature of treatment received from a verified medical practitioner in their native country.
  • In the event of an unforeseen or urgent medical treatment, the policyholder must get a certificate from a verified doctor at the location of therapy explaining the nature of the emergency.
  • Health insurance companies typically compensate subscribers for treatment received outside of the country. Health insurance firms favour this because they usually do not have an extensive network of hospitals to give care to in other countries.
  • As a policyholder travelling overseas for medical care, you must be prepared for a currency change in the new state.
  • In most cases, the insurance company settles claims by repayment or reimbursement. This is due to the insurance company's inability to maintain a global network of hospitals for medical care and treatment. However, it indicates that the policyholder must initially face the costs of medical treatment, which would be reimbursed by the insurance company later.
  • In addition, because the insurance firm uses various currencies, the policyholder may experience additional disadvantages from the exchange rate system.
  • Finally, as previously said, the features and benefits of such policies are skillfully created. As a result, the insured may not be able to take full advantage of the policy.


We hope this post has responded to most of your worldwide health insurance coverage questions. However, suppose you are still unsure about its benefits or want to find the best global health insurance plans. Go online to find out everything about global health insurance and pick the suitable alternative for you. 


1. What is the distinction between travel and global health insurance?

Travel insurance is intended to cover cancellations, personal possessions, and emergency medical treatment for vacationers. In contrast, global health insurance is intended to cover in-patient treatment check-ups and ongoing treatment of chronic disorders abroad.

2. What is global health insurance coverage?

A global or worldwide plan in your health insurance policy provides coverage for overseas medical care. Hence, if you are diagnosed with an illness, disease, or condition in India but require treatment and healthcare facilities in another nation, worldwide coverage will help meet these expenses.

3. What is global private health insurance?

International medical insurance covers emergency and basic healthcare while living, learning, or working abroad for an extended time, which has to be more than a year. In addition, it allows you access to private healthcare in the country you reside in.

4. Is it possible to have health insurance in two countries?

Yes. An international health insurance plan can give coverage practically anywhere globally if purchased. However, to cut costs, some plans allow you to exclude specific regions or countries where medical treatment is costly, like in the United States.

5. Is it essential to use my health insurance in another nation?

If your insurer reimburses medical treatment received in another nation, the therapy is usually compensated at an out-of-network rate, resulting in more significant out-of-pocket expenses.

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