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Recharge Features in Care Health Insurance

By Vikas Chandra Das
15 November 2022, 11:35 AM

You raised a claim with Care health insurance, a noted health insurer with a host of plans and attractive features, and got covered. But what if it’s the second time you raise a claim during the tenure and don’t have enough money to withdraw from the policy? This is where the automatic recharge feature of Care health insurance comes into play. An automatic recharge feature is a handy tool that comes with health insurance. It's a simple add-on that one should have with their insurance. But just like every simple thing, it is easy to misunderstand the automatic recharge feature, so let's start by asking a simple question. 

What Does the Automatic Recharge Feature of Care Health Insurance Entail?

Before diving into documented mumbo jumbo, let's understand it using a simple analogy. Let's say you have signed up for a monthly data pack with your cellular service provider, where you get 10 GB of usable data per month. But this month, your favourite artist has dropped their new album, and you watch the videos on loop, exhausting all your data on the 10th day or recharging. Now, what would you do? Your friends need to be updated on your day-to-day details. You'll simply just get an add-on data plan. Health insurance is quite similar. If you use your insurance, you can simply recharge it to have full benefits.

In official terms, if a claim is payable, the sum insured under Care health insurance is automatically recharged during the policy year. It can be a saviour during a medical emergency. You do not need to borrow money from friends or apply for medical loans. You can easily obtain automatic recharge of the sum insured without paying additional fees. You must select this benefit when purchasing a Care health insurance policy. An example will help you understand the concept:

Assume you purchase an INR 5 lakh policy with an automatic recharge option for a one-year policy term. Please, God! If you are hospitalised due to a critical illness, and your hospital bill exceeds INR 5 lakh, you get an additional 5 lakh coverage with automatic recharge. This way, you get the INR 5 lakh cushion for another medical emergency.

But before you run to get an automatic recharge add-on to your policies, here are some things you need to know.

  • You can use the automatic recharge option only if your sum is insured and no claim bonus has run out during the policy year.
  • The automatic recharge is for all future claims, not for claims that have already been paid.
  • The automatic recharge amount cannot exceed that year's insured sum.
  • You cannot use the recharge amount if you have only one claim in a given policy year.
  • You can use the remaining recharge amount during the policy year until it is completely depleted.
  • Unused automatic recharge credits cannot be carried over to the following policy year.

Benefits of Automatic Recharge Feature

  • It ensures you adequate coverage in a medical emergency.
  • If you have a floater mediclaim policy, automatic recharge works best.
  • Your family members can benefit from the coverage.
  • It is immediately available for subsequent hospitalisation.
  • There are no financial or social consequences.
  • It is beneficial to receive treatment quickly.

Unlimited Automatic Recharge

Unlimited automatic recharge is a supplement to and extension of automatic recharge. Almost all the terms and conditions that apply to automatic recharge also apply to unlimited automatic recharge. The only difference is that the recharge can be used unlimited times during the policy year. In case of a single claim, Care Health Insurance Company's maximum liability will not exceed the insured sum. Furthermore, when calculating unlimited automatic recharge, the company will disregard no-claim bonus and no-claim bonus super.

Decide Whether you Want the Recharge Feature 

This is entirely subjective as all the policy providers have their own rules, which come with their own sets of pros and cons. As a consumer, it's our responsibility to read all the conditions and select what suits us the best and decide if we need an automatic recharge feature. One must read through all the possible plans and pull out the best one according to their requirements. 


Care health insurance is something every individual should opt for emergencies due to its automatic recharge feature and other exciting benefits. But compare health insurance plans to find the best policy for yourself. To select the best health insurance for yourself, consider what is important to you, such as a cashless mediclaim policy, automatic recharge, low health insurance premiums, a family floater or individual health insurance plans, and then make your decision. With such a wide range of products on the market, it's easy to become overwhelmed and make a hasty decision. Before getting a quote, look through marketplaces for policies and compare them. This clarifies the features available and what is best suited to your requirements.


1. Do young people need to get an automatic recharge add-on?

Yes, although young people do not fall sick that often and require less medical attention, there is still a chance of falling ill or even meeting with an accident and requiring medical attention more than once a year.

2. What does the Care health insurance recharge option entail?

Recharge or restore health insurance policies are common health insurance plans that cover your hospital stay, including the days before and after. The plan restores the initial sum covered maximum for subsequent hospitalizations within the same year as you reach it, which is an added benefit.

3. What is Care unlimited recharge?

When a claim is eligible for payment in a policy year under the terms of the policy, Care health insurance will automatically reinstate up to the sum insured for that specific year, only if the sum insured has totally depleted in the policy year.

4. What distinguishes recharge from restore?

The key difference between these two features is - the Restore option can only be used once your basic sum insured has been used up in full. On the other hand, the Recharge option is still accessible if the insured person's claim exceeds the basic sum assured.

5. What is meant by recharge benefit?

With a recharge benefit, even after being fully utilised, the amount protected under your health insurance policy is instantly restored.

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