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Things You Should Know About Maternity Insurance in India

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM
things you should know about maternity insurance in India

Maternity insurance is a crucial form of health insurance, but sadly, it isn't the most popular type of health insurance in the country. While maternity insurance is easily and widely available, very few people opt for it. 

And since maternity is a requirement that practically every single family has, it makes a lot of sense to buy a good maternity plan. To know all about maternity insurance, read this article.

Understanding Maternity Insurance

Maternity insurance is a health plan you can get to cover all the expenses incurred during childbirth. Many maternity insurance plans also cover newborn care for the first few months. A maternity health insurance plan pays for normal as well as cesarean deliveries.

Features of a maternity plan

  1. Has a waiting period - 
    Every maternity cover, whether standalone or add-on, has a waiting period even if it is 9 months. This means you cannot make a claim on the plan as soon as you buy the policy. 
    Most insurance providers attach waiting periods of three or four years to maternity covers. Ideally, a couple should get the maternity cover as soon as they get married so they can make the insurance claim when they have a child a few years later. Maternity insurance plans also work as excellent wedding gifts.
  2. In-built feature- 
    There is no standalone maternity insurance policy in India. It is usually an in-built benefit in the existing plan. However, there are some plans which are specifically for the maternity benefit, along with other benefits in the plan.
    Thus, many family floater mediclaim policies have a maternity cover included, but they all have a long waiting period. So be sure to choose the plan properly so that you can get the insurance cover you need.
  3. Offers extensive cover - 
    When you buy maternity insurance, you get comprehensive coverage. You get coverage for all the expenses incurred during childbirth. The coverage continues for a specified period of time, post-delivery. Some plans offer covers for one month while others for six months. You need to read the policy wordings carefully to understand this. Some plans offer newborn care, including NICU charges, while others just cover the expenses of delivery. You need to understand the terms and conditions and then choose the plan with care.

These are the important points you need to be aware of when buying a maternity health insurance plan.

The Best Maternity Insurance Covers in India

Here’s a list of the best maternity covers to choose from:

  1. Religare Joy Care Plan – now known as Joy Care Plan -
    This is a dedicated maternity insurance plan that offers complete pre and post-maternity care. It also has the shortest waiting period among all the other maternity covers. You need to wait for just 9 months before making a claim. The plan offers covers such as pre and post-hospital care, inpatient care, newborn care for the first 90 days, cover for birth defects, and NICU expenses.
  2. Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover - This is another standalone maternity health plan. It has a waiting period of 27 months. It covers all expenses related to childbirth and newborn care for a period of six weeks post-delivery.
  3. Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater – now known as HDFC ERGO Easy Health Family Floater Plan -
    This is a family floater health insurance plan that also covers maternity, along with other health conditions. There is a waiting period of four years, which is quite long, but once that is done, the coverage provided is extensive and wholesome. You get cover for the first 90 days after childbirth, along with coverage for delivery as well.
  4. Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater Plan - 
    This is another family floater health plan that covers maternity expenses. You can get the maternity cover after a waiting period of two years.

The final word

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, maternity insurance is a very handy form of insurance that everyone benefits from. When choosing your family floater health insurance plan, look for a policy that offers maternity insurance as well. Or, opt for a standalone plan. Either way, you can stay protected. Plan ahead to enjoy the benefits offered by maternity insurance. 

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