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You Cannot Avoid Hospitalization But You Can Save With Health Insurance

27 June 2022, 5:20 PM

There has been a rise in the number of critical illnesses among people in the last decade. The sedentary lifestyle and even the deteriorating environmental conditions are the major cause of this. Due to the deteriorating environmental conditions, breathing problems, respiratory diseases, and other forms of illnesses is a common scenario. Also, the younger generations in society are suffering from various critical ailments and illnesses due to the lifestyle we have these days. 

These illnesses are taking a toll on the health of the current generations and it has become quite difficult to stay away from hospitalisation. Since the standard of healthcare facilities are improving in our country, the cost of healthcare facilities are also on a rise. The standard of treatment available in the Government hospitals is quite dissatisfactory and consequently, people are diverging more towards private hospitalisation. However, the standard of facilities provided by private nursing homes and hospitals are quite high and so is the cost of the facilities as well.

One of the best methods by which you can avoid spending much on hospitalisation or rather spending from your pocket is by purchasing a health insurance policy.

Savings with Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Plans are a necessity these days as they would be able to save you from the huge pocket medical expenditure. Health Insurance Plans would be providing extensive cover and also numerous additional benefits.

Some of the major benefits you can obtain by purchasing health insurance policies are:-

Coverage for Hospitalisation Expenses

Most of the health insurance companies offer coverage for the expenses that are involved in hospitalisation. In addition to the expenses which are incurred during the treatment, there are other costs incurred such as the cost of anaesthesia, surgeon fees, nurse fees, ambulance services, OT charges, room rent charges, etc. These expenses are covered under the health insurance plans thus, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. 

Cashless Treatment Services

Most health insurance companies have a strong network of hospitals that would offer the facility of cashless treatment. You would be able to avail good quality medical services without the need of paying anything from your pocket. This is feasible if you choose a hospital that would come under the network of your cashless health insurance provider.

Coverage for OPD Expenses

A lot of medical treatments will not require hospitalisation for 24 hours. Health insurance plans would be providing cover for the expenses that are incurred in OPD i.e. Outpatient Department. If you purchase a comprehensive health insurance policy then those expenses would also be covered under the health insurance policy. 

Selecting Coverage According to Your Requirements

Health Insurance plans are meant for individuals, families, and also the senior citizens in the country. You will have the opportunity by which you can select the health insurance policy of your choice based upon your requirements. If the responsibility of looking after your family is on you, then you can opt for the Family Floater Health Insurance Plan. By this, you can easily obtain the coverage for all the members at a reasonable premium.  In the case of elderly parents, you must opt for the Senior Citizens health insurance plan. Individual health insurance policies are available in plenty and you can choose the sum insured of your policy as per your requirements. In case, you are selecting the Family Floater Health Insurance Plan then you must choose a high sum insured as the entire family would be covered under the policy.

Coverage for Maternity Expenses and Critical Illnesses

The coverage for maternity expenses is a benefit that must be chosen by married couples. Many health insurance companies provide cover for the vaccination expenses of the newborn baby. Similarly, the expenses incurred in the treatment of critical illnesses are very high. With a proper health insurance policy, you can obtain cover for the expenses that are involved in the treatment of critical illnesses. 

Additional Benefits and Value-added Services

In addition to the comprehensive coverage offered by the health insurance plans, there are a large number of benefits that are offered. These additional benefits can be free health check-ups, doctor's consultation which is free of cost, discount coupons offered on different healthcare and wellness programs, etc.  These various benefits or value-added services can be availed by you on the payment of a single premium for your health insurance policy.


Hence, if you are interested in being financially secure and avoid any kind of financial emergencies during medical emergencies then you must purchase a family floater health insurance policy. Health insurance plans have various beneficial features such as lifelong renewability, auto-restoration of the Sum insured, discounts such as NCB, etc. which can be helpful for you in the long run. You must do proper research, compare policies online, and then opt for the one which fulfils your requirements.

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