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Care Health Insurance: Brief Overview

Care Health Insurance Company has been renamed Care Health Insurance. Care Health Insurance Company is a stand-alone health insurance company rendering upstanding quality of insurance services to individuals, families and to the corporate sectors as well. This company has a wide presence across 1700 locations in India. It is a joint venture between Care Enterprises Limited, Corporation Bank and Union Bank. Care Health Insurance Company has been a very trusted name in health insurance since the year 2012. Care health Insurance Company has been felicitated with several awards such as the ’Best Medical Insurance Product Award’ at the FICCI HealthCare Awards, the ‘Best Health Insurance Company’ at the ABP News-BFSI Awards and the ‘Editor’s Choice Award for Best Product Innovation’ at Finnoviti.

Most Popular Care Health Plans

When it comes to offerings, Care Health Insurance Company offers a large variety of health insurance products. Some of the most popular health plans offered by the company are as follows –

Name of the planBrief description 
Care Care Health Insurance Plan This is a comprehensive health plan which comes in different variants. You can choose sum insured levels up to INR 6 crores with a range of inclusive coverage benefits. There is no limit on the entry age and the plan allows annual health check-ups for insured members. There are a range of coverage add-ons too which  help in making the policy exhaustive in the coverage provided

Care Joy Health Insurance PlanThis is a maternity oriented health insurance policy which comes in two variants – Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow. The plan is perfect for couples planning to start their families soon. Coverage for maternity is allowed after a short waiting period of 9 months and the plan also covers the newborn baby from the first day of birth

Care Care Freedom Health Insurance PlanThis is a health insurance plan which covers diabetes, high BP and even high BMI. No pre-entrance health check-ups are needed to buy this policy and you can avail free health check-ups every year

Care Enhance Health Insurance Plan This is a super top-up health insurance policy which allows you to supplement existing health insurance coverage at affordable premiums. The policy considers aggregate claims against the deductible which increases the probability of claim settlements. You can choose from a wide range of sum insured and deductible options based on your coverage needs

Care Assure Health Insurance PlanThis is a fixed benefit critical illness policy which covers 20 critical illnesses. Besides covering critical illnesses, the policy also covers personal accident, second opinion and pays a lump sum benefit for the education of your child if you suffer from a covered critical illness or accidental death and disablement

Care Care HeartThis is a health plan for heart patients who suffer from heart related ailments. The plan allows a comprehensive scope of coverage by covering domiciliary hospitalization, knee replacement surgeries and alternative treatments among others. Automatic restoration of the sum insured is allowed and the plan also has free annual cardiac health check-ups for the insured members


Benefits of Care Health Insurance Plans

The key benefits of buying Care Health Insurance plans are as follows - 

  1. Most health plans offered by the company allow free annual health check-ups which help you monitor and track your health regularly
  2. The maximum sum insured of INR 6 crores offered under Care Care is the highest in the industry 
  3. Care has an in-house claim settlement team which helps you get your health insurance claims settled at the earliest
  4. A no claim bonus is also offered under Care health insurance plans. This bonus is allowed if you don’t make claims in a policy year. You can earn a premium discount or get the sum insured enhanced free of cost through this bonus.
  5. Health plans offered by the company allow not only a comprehensive list of inbuilt coverage benefits but also a range of optional add-ons which help in making the policy all-inclusive
  6. You can buy Care health insurance plans easily online without any hassles
  7. The company has a claim settlement ratio of 93% which indicates that it settles most of its claims
  8. The company has a vast network of more than 7800 hospitals across the world to allow easy cashless claim settlements

What is covered?

Coverage under Care health insurance plans depends on the plan that you choose. Each plan comes with its own set of coverage benefits. However, some of the most common coverage features, which are available in almost all Care health plans, are as follows –

  1. Inpatient hospitalisation expenses

Coverage for inpatient hospitalisation costs is provided under this benefit which includes ICU charges, boarding charges, cost of blood, oxygen, doctor’s fee, nurse’s fee, cost of treatments, etc.


  1. Pre-hospitalisation expenses

Pre-hospitalisation expenses are those which are incurred before you are hospitalized. Such expenses are covered for a specified number of days which is mentioned in the policy.


  1. Post-hospitalisation expenses

Post hospitalisation expenses include expenses incurred on medicines, diagnostic tests, doctor’s consultations, etc. which incur after you are discharged from the hospital. These expenses are covered for a specific number of days as stipulated in the plan that you buy.


  1. Ambulance charges

Costs incurred on hiring an ambulance to take you to the hospital are covered under health plans up to a specific limit.


  1. Daycare treatments

Treatments which do not require hospitalisation for 24 hours because of advanced procedures are called daycare treatments. Care health plans cover specified day care treatments up to the sum insured.


  1. AYUSH treatments

AYUSH treatments include treatments taken through non-allopathic means like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. These treatments are also covered under many Care health plans.


  1. Domiciliary treatments

Treatments taken at your home are called domiciliary treatments. Such treatments are covered under many plans provided there are no vacant hospital beds or because you are in no position to be moved to the hospital.


  1. Organ donor treatments

Cost of harvesting an organ from a donor for transplant surgeries is covered under many Care health insurance plans.


  1. Sum insured restoration

Many health plans allow the sum insured to be reinstated for subsequent claims within the policy year if it is exhausted on a previous claim. 100% of the sum insured is allowed to be reinstated under most plans.

What is not covered?

Care health insurance plans have exclusions where the plan’s coverage does not apply. The actual list of exclusions depends on the plan that you choose. However, some of the most common exclusions, which are found in almost all health plans, include the following -  

  1. Medical expenses incurred within the first 30-60 days of buying the policy due to illnesses
  2. Pre-existing illnesses are not covered within the waiting period of the plan
  3. Medical expenses incurred due to HIV, AIDS or any other sexually transmitted illnesses
  4. Self-inflicted injuries, suicides and deliberate harm
  5. Medical expenses incurred when you engage in acts of criminal nature or adventure and hazardous sports
  6. Congenital diseases
  7. Illnesses or injuries suffered due to war or nuclear perils
  8. Dental treatments
  9. Cosmetic treatments
  10. Unproven or experimental treatments, etc.

How to apply for Care Health Insurance Plans? 

You can buy Care health insurance plans online or offline. The various means of buying Care health insurance plans are as follows –


  1. Through an agent or broker

You can contact a health insurance agent of Care or a health insurance broker and buy a suitable plan from him/her. The agent or broker would explain to you the plan benefits and provide you with the proposal form which you should fill and submit to apply for the policy.


  1. Through the branch of the company

Care has branches in all leading cities of India. You can visit the nearest branch of the company and apply for a health plan. Fill up the proposal form for the policy that you want to buy and submit the form with your documents and the premium amount to apply for the plan.


  1. Through the company’s website

You can visit the company’s website at , select the plan that you want to buy and then buy the policy online. Care Health Insurance Company allows you to buy all its health insurance policies online through its website.


  1. Through an insurance aggregator website

There are many insurance aggregator websites and you can buy Care health insurance plans online through these websites.

Care Health Insurance Renewal

Care health insurance policies allow lifelong coverage provided you renew the policies on time, every time. To renew your Care health insurance plan, you can visit the online website of the company and renew the policy online. Use the link, provide your policy number, date of birth and contact number and renew the policy online by paying the renewal premium.

Other Popular Care Health Plans

Besides the popular Care health insurance plans mentioned earlier, there are other plans too which the company offers. The list of these plans and their brief description is as follows –

Name of the planBrief Description  
Care Care SeniorAs the name suggests, this is a senior citizen health insurance plan offered by Care. The policy covers individuals aged 61 years and above. No pre-entrance health check-ups are needed to buy the policy and you can avail free annual health check-ups. Moreover, the plan’s no claim bonus increases the sum insured by 10% every claim-free year up to a maximum of 50%
Care Super Mediclaim

This is an indemnity health plan which provides specialized covers for different medical contingencies. The plan allows four different coverage variants which are –

  1. Critical mediclaim covering 32 critical illnesses
  2. Cancer mediclaim which covers cancer
  3. Heart mediclaim which covers 16 types of heart ailments
  4. Operation mediclaim which covers specified surgeries

You can choose any coverage variant as per your need and avail coverage up to INR 2 crores with comprehensive features

Care Critical MediclaimThis is a critical illness health insurance plan which covers 32 major illnesses. Sum insured of up to INR 2 crores is available under the plan along with OPD coverage. You can also avail air ambulance coverage at an additional premium 
Care SecureThis is a personal accident policy which covers a wide range of contingencies suffered due to an accident like death, disablement, burns, fractures, reconstructive surgery, etc. The plan can also be enhanced with optional add-ons for wider coverage. There are four plan variants and the sum insured is allowed up to INR 25 crores
Arogya Sanjeevani Policy This is a standard health insurance plan offered by Care as directed by the IRDA. The plan allows basic coverage benefits and comes with a sum insured of INR 5 lakhs
Corona Kavach Policy This is a COVID specific, indemnity oriented health plan which covers COVID related hospitalization expenses. COVID is covered after a waiting period of only 15 days and the plan does not have any deductibles. Premiums are low and the sum insured is allowed up to INR 5 lakhs
Care AdvantageThis is a health plan which offers a sum insured of INR 1 crore. Automatic restoration of the sum insured is allowed once in a policy year and you can customize your plan’s coverage with optional add-ons
COVID CareThis is a COVID specific policy which covers hospitalization expenses as well as OPD expenses incurred due to COVID. The policy can be taken on an individual or family floater basis and the sum insured is allowed up to INR 10 lakhs
Care Group CareThis is a group health insurance policy which can be bought by employers for their employees. Pre-existing illnesses are covered without a waiting period and the policy coverage can be customized as per the needs of the group
Care Group SecureThis is a group personal accident policy which covers accidental death, disablements, fractures, repatriation of mortal remains as well as accidental hospitalization expenses. The plan’s coverage can be tailor-made as per the requirements of the group

Care Health Insurance Claim Process

In case of a claim under your Care health insurance policy, you should follow a claim process to get the claim settled. The process is as follows –

  1. When a claim occurs, inform the company immediately. In case of planned hospitalization, you should inform Care at least 48 hours before hospitalization and in case of emergency hospitalization, intimation should be given within 24 hours of hospitalization. To inform, you can call the company at 1800 102 4488
  2. For cashless claims, get admitted to a networked hospital for treatments. Avail the pre-authorization form from the hospital or download it from the company’s website. Fill up the form and submit it at the hospital and the hospital would forward the form to Care
  3.  Based on the pre-authorization form, Care would approve your claim and you can avail cashless treatments
  4. If, however, you seek treatments in a non-networked hospital, the claim would be settled on a reimbursement basis
  5. For reimbursement claims, get treated and pay the medical expenses yourself. After you are discharged, download the claim form from the company’s website, fill it up and submit it. You should also submit the medical documents along with the claim form. Care would assess and verify your claim and reimburse you for the medical costs incurred

The documents needed for health insurance claims are as follows –

  • The claim form, filled and signed
  • Photo identity proof of the insured
  • Doctor’s referral letter which advices on hospitalisation
  • All doctor’s prescriptions in original which prescribe medicines and/or diagnostic tests
  • All original medical bills of medicines and diagnostic tests
  • Original diagnostic reports
  • Discharge summary
  • FIR or Medico-Legal Certificate in case of accidental injuries
  • Post-mortem report, if applicable
  • Any other document needed by Care

You can also make Care health insurance claims online through the company’s website. Care offers Claim Genie which helps in making health claims online. Simply visit and log into your account. Intimate the company about your claim online and upload your documents to start the claim process. You can also track your claims online in your account. 

Care Health Insurance Customer Care Number

You can contact Care Health Insurance Company through different modes and channels. These are as follows –

Through phoneCall 1800 102 4488 (Toll-free) or 1800 102 6655 to get in touch with a company’s executive
Email Send in an email to
MailYou can write to Care Health Insurance Limited, Unit no 604-607, 6th Floor, Tower C, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon – 122001
Branch locatorYou can visit and locate the nearest branch of the company 

Care Health Insurance Review

Care offers a range of health insurance plans which meet the varied needs of customers. The plans have comprehensive coverage benefits and affordable premiums. Moreover, the level of coverage offered by Care health insurance plans is the best in the industry. You can, therefore, choose one or more health insurance plans offered by Care and get complete protection against medical contingencies.

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