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A claim's settlement ratio is the proportion of claims that a company has resolved. In other words, it is the percentage of claims that an insurer has settled during the course of the relevant financial year. You may compare the claims that were filed and the claims that were resolved using the ratio. Zuno health insurance provides you with an easy to access claim process, and is connected to more than 3,281 network hospitals dispersed around the nation. To facilitate a seamless transaction, the insurer provides policyholders with enough details and a high Zuno health insurance settlement ratio. Zuno health insurance provides both cashless and reimbursement claims. In the event of a cashless claim, the company makes the payment directly to the hospital and in the event of reimbursement claim it delivers the required amount to the insured's account after the claim.

The Claim Process for Cashless Treatment for  Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement

You may benefit from cashless care at nearly 2,500 network hospitals nationwide that have a high Zuno health claim ratio when you have Zuno health insurance. This widens access to extremely high-quality medical procedures and care. Only network hospitals should be used by this kind of organisation.

Throughout this operation, you are not required to make any expenditures for the price of the medical services. The payments for the medical expenditures covered by the health insurance policy are immediately payable to the health insurer.

The steps involved in a cashless claim are as follows:

The finest aspect of cashless insurance claims is that, in the event of an emergency, policyholders may be transported to any affiliated hospital or healthcare institution and seek medical attention without constantly worrying about paying for it.

The steps for submitting a cashless Zuno health insurance claim settlement are as follows:

Cashless claims can be issued either proactively or hastily.

Planned Cashless Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement Process

At least three to four days prior to the anticipated hospitalisation, you must submit the hospital's pre-authorization form and make contact with the facility with the doctor's advice for hospitalisation. After receiving the same, the hospital will contact the TPA desk to have the documentation sent to the insurance company for initial approval. Once permission has been granted, you can access cashless medical treatment at the network hospital.

Emergency Cashless Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement Process

Since the preceding notice is not practical for emergency hospitalisation, you must take the patient right away to the hospital's emergency wing. As quickly as the attending physician accepts the need for hospitalisation, you must report to the admittance desk and produce the necessary papers. The pre-authorization form must now be completed and submitted together with the other relevant paperwork. Within 48 hours after admission, the cashless claim should be notified in order to be processed.

The cashless claim procedure after admission:

  1. The hospital TPA will send your pre-authorization request and any pertinent medical information to the insurance provider.
  2. Your hospital procedures may start after you have received the initial permission following the examination of your claim request.
  3. The required documentation must be given to the facility's TPA, who will review it and request permission from your insurance provider if an adjustment in the allowed cashless amount while the patient is in the facility is required.
  4. The hospital TPA will mail your proper billing and discharge statement to the company on the day of discharge.
  5. Following a final review of your claim submission, the insurance company or its TPA (third-party administrator) gives an expanded authorisation for the entire bill amount.
  6. There are some non-payable charges that, by legislation, are not covered by the insurance plan once a final clearance has been granted. These will be charged to you by the hospital.

List of Documents Required for  Zuno Health Insurance Cashless Claim

The following paperwork must be supplied at the date of admission in order to finish a cashless claim:

  1. For cashless hospitalisation, Zuno offers a health card.
  2. The verification of age and identification is required if the insured and policyholder are different.
  3. A prescription from a doctor for hospitalisation.
  4. Prior to being hospitalised, all diagnostic procedures and reports should be finished.

After that, the facility would take care of submitting the last pieces of documentation for your cashless claim.

How to Check  Zuno Health Insurance Policy Claim Status?

The status of their insurance claims may be followed by Zuno health insurance company clients. The Zuno health insurance claim ratio is high. However, there are other things to consider when determining a claim's status.

The following are the online and offline processes for checking the progress of an Zuno health insurance claim settlement:

The Online Process for  Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement Status

  1. You must go to the Zuno health insurance company's website. Log in with your customer id and phone number to check  Zuno health insurance claim status.
  2. You can call to check the progress of your  Zuno health insurance claim  status on a toll-free -1800 12000 / paid landline - 022 423 12000.
  3. You can also email at - support@edelweissinsurance.com to inquire about the details of your claim.

The Offline Process for  Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement Status

If an online portal does not allow you to track the progress of your claim request, you can ask a customer service representative in the Zuno health insurance company location that is most convenient for you for the same information. They could ask you for details like your insurance intimation number, Insurance ID card number, etc. to provide you with further updates on your policy.

The Claim Process for Reimbursement Treatment for  Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement

The treatment must be paid for before filing an insurance claim for reimbursement. All pertinent paperwork, such as hospitalisation records, medical expenditure receipts, and other associated papers, must be included with the claim. After reviewing the bills, the health insurer will transfer the funds to the specified bank account.

You will receive your funds refunded regardless of where you had medical care, which is the finest part about reimbursement insurance claims. No matter in which the insured was hospitalised, this is accurate. Therefore, the best approach is to make a reimbursement claim if there's not a network hospital nearby.

Here is how to submit a claim for reimbursement:

  1. Immediately notify Zuno General Insurance of any hospitalisation, whether it be anticipated or unexpected. Typically, emergency hospitalisation lasts 48 hours, whereas planned hospitalisation lasts 72 hours.
  2. Obtain from the hospital the discharge summary, medical bill, invoicing, medical reports, etc. Make sure the paperwork is sealed by the hospital.
  3. From the insurer's website, download the Zuno health insurance claim settlement form, fill it out completely, and sign it.
  4. Add the cashless card as well as a legitimate photo ID.
  5. Send all necessary paperwork to Zuno General Insurance's address.
  6. The insurer authorises the claim after evaluating the declaration form and supporting paperwork. However, the acceptance is governed by the terms and circumstances of the policy.

List of Documents Required for Zuno Health Reimbursement Claim

The following details must be provided at the time a claim is made for the Zuno health claim settlement ratio:

  1. Name of the patient/policyholder
  2. Information that can be used to identify the insured party to whom the insurance claim is being filed, policy number
  3. Kind of disease or Injury
  4. The hospital's name, location, and the attending physician
  5. Commencement date

To swiftly and efficiently resolve claims, Zuno must receive the following paperwork:

  1. Reports of investigations (original)
  2. The hospital's discharge summary
  3. FIR or, if applicable, a post-mortem report
  4. Authentic invoices, receipts, and a discharge report
  5. Along with the prescription, pharmacy bills
  6. Authentic medical bills and a legitimate picture ID
  7. Properly completed claim form and internal case materials
  8. Surgeon's bill and kind of surgery done
  9. The original consultation notes and the doctor's report
  10. Test results and a report from the treating physician
  11. A cancelled check bearing your name or your bank's information

Please be advised that the firm may need further paperwork to verify your claim throughout the registration or processing procedure.

Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR) of  Zuno Health Insurance

The incurred claims ratio is a crucial method for choosing the best insurance provider. You can use it to determine if the business can afford to settle the claims or not. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) releases the ICR statistics in its annual report each year. Zuno General Insurance, a fairly young firm, has topped the table with 111.57 per cent for the fiscal year 2020–21, according to the incurred claims ratio.

Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR)

Your insurance claims' likelihood of being settled is shown by the Zuno health claim settlement ratio. It is computed by dividing the total number of claims submitted by the overall number of claims that have been settled. The claim settlement ratio for Zuno health insurance for the 2020–21 fiscal year was 99.72% of claims in less than 3 months and 0.24% of claims in more than 3 months.

Zuno Health Insurance Claim Settlement FAQs

  • 1. How much time do you get to make a claim settlement?

    Seven working days after obtaining the last "required" document, the corporation normally responds to claims. However, the deadlines are sometimes extended. These shouldn't last more than 30 days.

  • 2. What factors led to the claim amount being reduced?

    The amount of a claim may be lowered for any of the following reasons:

    1. Not having the proper paperwork or prescriptions.
    2. The cost of meals, phone calls, and other non-medical costs are not covered by reimbursement.
    3. There are price restrictions for each unique service or benefit, and there are no longer any real records or invoices.
    4. Any research or therapy that is unrelated to the condition wherein the patient is being treated comes at a cost.
    5. Beyond the bounds of sub-limits.
    6. When to make a co-payment.
    7. The insurance sum has been spent.

    This information is merely being given as an example and could change depending on your insurance coverage.

  • 3. Is my claim still going to be approved if I don't submit it by the due date?

    Yes. Generally speaking, the firm must receive the completed claim form together with any necessary supporting documents within the allowed period. Provided the deadline is missed, the claim will still be approved if the insurer can provide evidence that the delay was justified and unavoidable.

  • 4. What alternative requirements are there if the claimant misplaces the original policy document?

    The indemnity bond for loss of policy document, which needs to be prepared on 200-rupee stamp paper and properly notarized, is what the claimant must provide if they've lost the original policy bond.

  • 5. How can I find out if my Zuno claim has been approved or not?

    Call Toll Free -1800 12000 / Paid Landline - 022 423 12000, send an email to support@edelweissinsurance.com and visit the Zuno General Insurance branch that is most convenient for you or use any other available method to get the information you need about the Zuno health insurance claim settlement ratio.

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