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Both healthcare expenses and the likelihood of contracting diseases and illnesses are continually rising in India. Because of this, having health insurance is becoming essential. A health insurance plan is made to protect you against the costs of receiving medical care. In times of medical emergency, it offers a much-needed financial safety net. However, you must pay close attention to such coverage levels when you get health insurance. The insurance should be adequate to cover expensive medical costs. However, you could have to spend a high related premium for a significant sum covered. Therefore, it is essential to determine rates before selecting any health insurance coverage. However, if you want to get free quotes for your health insurance premium upfront, use Zuno health insurance calculator.

A premium calculator is available from Zuno to assist clients in selecting the best insurance plans.

Key Features of the Zuno Health Insurance Calculator

The key features of the Zuno health insurance calculator are as follows:

1. Flexibility

Medical insurance calculators provide a lot of versatility. They provide you the freedom to change a variety of factors to obtain the ideal balance between premium and total amount insured for your need.

2. Choosing Add-on is Easy

The health coverage premium calculator shows the best insurance prices when you insert your personal information. The cost of the relevant add-on coverage alternatives that the policyholder may select to enhance their primary health care plan is also disclosed along with the quotations.

3. Easy Planning

It could be difficult to estimate the cost of health insurance. Many of the elements that determine this pricing may not be apparent to you until it's essential to pay the monthly payment in full. You may use the Zuno health calculator to get an approximate idea of what it costs for the health insurance plan you want to buy. This allows you to efficiently plan your financial future

4. Reduces Defaults

Use the Zuno health premium calculator to compare, analyse, choose from, and learn about the many benefits of different medical insurance policies. By knowing this, you can make the greatest purchasing decisions. Staying informed about medical insurance prices beforehand minimises defaulting on health care coverage since you only choose a plan you can afford.

5. Insurance Advisors are not Necessary

For prospective customers who wish to understand the premiums they would have to pay throughout the duration of their individual policies and which insurance would likely be the most lucrative, Zuno' premium calculator is a useful tool. You may skip the financial advisor by using the Zuno health calculator. You can quickly and easily seek coverage information for various health insurance plans whenever it's convenient for you. Certain coverage aspects are included without any influence from agents or other parties. Since you alone have the ability to alter the features provided, you are free to choose your preferred premium.

Things to Remember While Using an Zuno Health Insurance Premium Calculator

It's important to remember that even though an insurance premium calculator is made to help you decide whether to purchase insurance by providing you with an approximation of the premium cost, the amount they offer may vary somewhat from the actual price. It's not always entirely accurate.

  1. The Zuno health mediclaim premium calculator just forecasts your health insurance based on the data you have provided. But it's not a sacrosanct thing. When you officially purchase the plan online, the cost may alter according to your family's age, health, medical history, and other variables. Therefore, consider this to be an estimate rather than the sum that must be paid.
  2. To choose the policy that best suits your needs, you may change the calculator's parameters to change the coverage and the cost. You should only use the Zuno health mediclaim premium calculator as a tool when choosing a plan or plan variant.

How to Use the Zuno Health Insurance Premium Calculator Online?

The easy, user-friendly premium calculator that Zuno has created was based on the factors needed to compute rates. You must provide the required personal information in order to purchase insurance for a person or people. To use your Zuno health insurance premium calculator online, you must enter your age, the amount covered, the kind of coverage, any existing medical problems, your location of residence, and other details. View the process as it is explained below:

In order to determine an approximate estimate of the cost of the health insurance premium, the premium Zuno health calculator considers the following factors:

  • The insured's age
  • Policy term of 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years
  • Medical background
  • Details of the coverage and policy characteristics
  • Insured amount/Coverage amount
  • Critical illness insurance, optional covers, and rider perks

These factors are taken into account while deciding on the Zuno health insurance plan and paying the online premium.

Zuno Health Insurance Premium Chart

The Zuno medical insurance premium chart is a spreadsheet that lists the costs of various plans for health insurance. The premium rate, sum insured amount, and insurance duration are divided into separate columns in the table. The Zuno medical insurance premium chart includes the health insurance prices for the plan you have chosen. You may check the price of your precise health insurance policy on one of the many premium tables available with each health insurance plan. According to the age, sum covered, and duration of the policy, the Zuno health insurance premium prices are displayed in the premium chart.

How is Zuno Health Insurance Premium Determined?

The following is a list of every aspect influencing the cost of health insurance:

  • Gender

The cost of medical insurance varies depending on the gender of the subscriber. According to experts, as women tend to visit doctors more frequently, they may demand greater prices.

  • BMI

People with high BMIs are far more likely to develop heart disease, joint problems, and maybe diabetes. As a result, people are more likely to utilise medical additional services. Their premiums are consequently increased.

  • Age

Since older individuals require more medical treatment and are more vulnerable to illness than younger people, your health insurance premium will rise as you become older. To avoid rising rates, it is recommended to obtain health insurance as soon as feasible.

  • Profession

Working in a dangerous workplace or having a stressful job increases your risk of developing health problems. Because of this, you will need to pay a higher premium.

  • Previous Medical Record

Customers who currently have health difficulties must pay more since they require more coverage, which raises the cost of health insurance. You are more prone to get certain illnesses like high blood pressure, cancer, or high heart disease if your family has a history of them. As a result, your premium will increase.

  • Smoking Habits

Smokers must pay substantially higher health insurance rates since smoking is so harmful to their health. Smokers who continue to smoke are more prone to illnesses, including hypertension, cancer, heart problems, stroke, asthma, and other conditions.

Tax Exemption on Zuno Health Insurance Premium

The Indian Income Tax Act offers exemptions for 2 kinds of premium payments: those for a plan for the self and home and senior citizens/parents who are either dependent or more than 60 years, in an effort to encourage consumers to choose appropriate health insurance coverage. As a result, the health coverage amount paid under Income Tax Act Section 80D may be refunded under individual and family medical plans.

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the total premium paid for medical insurance coverage may be deducted from the policyholder's taxable income. The highest deductible an individual can get for self, spouse or children is up to INR 25,000. However, if he has dependent parents above 60 years of age, the deduction limit has been raised from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000. Thus, a policyholder has become eligible for a total reduction of their tax of up to INR 75,000, including himself and his dependent parents. However,  if the insured and his dependent parents, both are older than 60, the deductible might increase to INR 1,000,000.

InsuredTax Benefits
<60 years>60 years
Children, Self,  & SpouseINR 25,000INR 50,000
Dependent Parents/ Senior CitizensINR 25,000INR 50,000
Overall DeductionINR 50,000INR 1,00,000

Zuno Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • 1. What is the cost of monthly health insurance?

    The monthly premium you pay for health insurance varies from insurer to insurer. And, the plan or coverage that you have opted for. Moreover, it also depends on a lot of factors like age, medical history, profession, etc. 

  • 2. How can I make my premium less expensive?

    Following are some tips for reducing your premium:

    • Longer term of employment
    • Start paying premiums right now
    • Choose an annual premium amount
    • Keep up your fitness
    • Avoid only useful  riders
  • 3. Why should I use the premium calculators that are offered online?

    A premium calculator not only helps to save time and work but is also simple to use. No authentic papers are required to get top quotations. One may get premium quotations for various alternatives in under 1 minute by providing a few basic facts, such as annual income, identity, birth date, and so forth. A person can get health insurance online without the need for an agent's assistance if they make an informed decision.

  • 4. How is the insurance maturity amount calculated?

    The basic structure is Final Additional Bonus (if declared) + Bonuses + Sum Insured. Business policy dictates that the insurance company includes bonuses and the most recent incentive all through the maturity value.

  • 5. How do premium calculators operate?

    An online tool known as a health insurance premium calculator allows a potential customer to calculate the premium cost for a specific health insurance plan. With medical prices rising, figuring out the premium becomes more crucial.

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