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Renewal of Zuno health insurance coverage is important for its maintenance. You avoid last-minute dissatisfaction when filing a claim when you renew health insurance coverage before the expiration date. It's because a late renewal might cause the coverage to expire. It is thus recommended to pay the renewal premium before it is due. Zuno health insurance renewal is quite simple. Policyholders with health insurance can easily and quickly renew their contracts. In this post, the intricacies of the Zuno health insurance renewal will be addressed.

You need to renew your health insurance depending on the policy term you select. You should update your health insurance to continue receiving benefits from your plan. If you don't renew your health insurance online, it will expire and you'll have to begin the 30-day waiting period all over again.

Zuno Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal Process

Here's how to complete the Zuno health insurance renewal online process.

  1. Visit the Zuno General Insurance website through the browser of your preference.
  2. On the right side of the main page, next to claims and toll-free no., select the menu choice that resembles three horizontal lines stacked on top of one another.
  3. Select the renewal option after choosing the menu item.
  4. Click on the "health" option to go forward with the process.
  5. Click on ‘proceed’ after entering the proposal's DOB and your policy number.
  6. You will get an automated verifying email stating successful Zuno health insurance renewal premium payment after entering your data and paying the policy premium.

However, you can also renew Zuno health insurance plan via the Paytm app. You must follow the guidelines below for Zuno health insurance renewal online.

Zuno Health Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

One can easily renew their Zuno health insurance coverage even if they are not comfortable doing it online. As a result, the choice of offline renewing is also available. Call 1800-12000, Zuno' toll-free number, to proceed with an offline renewal by providing all the required information. If you're interested, you may renew your coverage by going to the Zuno health insurance location that's closest to you.

Benefits of Renewing Zuno Health Insurance Policy

The following benefits are available to you with an Zuno health insurance renewal policy.

1. Massive Array of Coverage Benefits

Each of the three plans available at  Zuno Health Insurance may give a different level of coverage. However, the following are some typical inclusions in Zuno health insurance:

  • Hospitalization costs recovery advantages.
  • Ambulance costs.
  • Up to 60-year-olds may choose voluntary co-payment.
  • Recharge advantage coverage for critical illnesses
  • The benefit of no claim discount.
  • Spending on hospital rooms.
  • Spending before and after hospitalisation.
  • Restoration advantage.

2. Cashless Treatment Benefits at 2,578+ Network Hospitals

Zuno health insurance offers a service called "cashless hospitalisation" that enables policyholders to use hospital services without worrying about paying hospital expenses. Zuno health insurance renewal allows cashless treatment access at over 2,578 network hospitals. They are widely dispersed around the nation and are easily accessible for medical care.

3. Quick claim settlement

An effortless and trouble-free claim process is guaranteed by Zuno General Insurance. The firm is dedicated to resolving claims in accordance with the terms and circumstances of the policy and has more than 2,578+ network hospitals dispersed around the nation. Claims are granted in both emergency and scheduled hospitalisation situations. Additionally, this insurance provider accepts all reimbursement and cashless health insurance claims. In the case of cashless hospitalisation, it pays the hospital directly, and in the event of a reimbursement claim, it sends the funds to the policyholder's account.

4. Lifelong renewal

Zuno health insurance renewal can be effective for as long as necessary without any age or other restrictions, thanks to the lifetime renewability feature. The benefit of lifelong renewability relieves financial stress for older persons in the event of any medical crisis. When it comes to senior citizen medical insurance policies, the lifetime renewability option is particularly helpful. The benefit of lifelong renewability relieves financial stress for older persons in case  of any medical crisis.

5. Tax Benefits

In addition to preserving your financial security, you may be eligible for tax advantages on previously paid premiums under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You are entitled to a tax exemption of up to INR 1 lakh per fiscal year. If your health insurance is not renewed, you risk losing access to these tax benefits.

Things to Keep in Mind During Zuno Health Policy Renewal

  1. A notice will be sent to you by Zuno health insurance around 45 days before your insurance ends. The company will advise you to extend your coverage at this time using the information currently on file. Before renewing your insurance online, double-check your name, the identity of your nominee, the amounts covered, and the features and limitations of the policy. You must notify your insurance right once whether there are any differences. They will then fix the problem. You can extend your healthcare plan as soon as you are certain that all of your information is accurate.
  2. Over the previous policy year, your household may have expanded. The Zuno health insurance renewal is the ideal opportunity to include additional family members in your coverage.
  3. Every year, whether you're expanding your family or not, you should review the amounts covered. Health problems might arise as you age.Therefore, it is wise to enhance your total insured amount routinely.
  4. You can extend your current policy by purchasing top-up or super-top-up health insurance coverage. These top-ups provide you with an additional sum insured over and above the coverage provided by your current policy. As a result, you have a contingency plan in case you accidentally exceed your sum covered.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, purchasing health insurance is a need. Taking an active part in your health and welfare is the best way to avoid any catastrophic medical emergency. Additionally, regular renewal of your present medical insurance coverage guarantees that you won't be helpless in a crisis. An easy and convenient option exists for your Zuno health insurance renewal online.

Zuno Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Is it possible for me to pay for the Zuno health insurance renewal online?

    Yes, you can make the Zuno health insurance online payment for renewal. In addition, you have offline payment options. It is also possible to visit the insurer's branch and pay by demand draft or cheque. Be aware that some insurers only accept cash payments up to a certain amount when renewing medical insurance coverage in cash.

  • 2. What transpires if I don't pay the renewal fee by the due date specified in the Zuno health insurance policy?

    We suggest paying the premium prior to the policy's expiration date in order to benefit from the plan. In the event of unexpected circumstances, Zuno health insurance offers a 30-day grace period to settle the premium; however, insurance benefits are suspended during this time.

  • 3. Do health insurance contracts renew themselves automatically?

    Zuno health insurance plans are often sold as one-year contracts that need to be renewed annually. A renewal notification may be sent by the insurer. 

  • 4. Can I renew my Zuno health insurance policy if I fail to do so on the due date?

    According to IRDAI, you have 60 days from the payment due date to renew your coverage only when your existing Zuno health insurance policy ends.

  • 5. Does Zuno General Insurance provide portability as a feature?

    Yes, policyholders of Zuno General Insurance have access to the portability option. With this, you may simply move your plan into Zuno General Insurance in accordance with IRDAI regulations without losing any continuity benefits. You can apply for the portability option only at the time of renewal.

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