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ManipalCigna Health Insurance is one of India's leading health insurance companies where you can find affordable, effective, quality policies. It has earned a solid reputation by serving people in need of proper insurance throughout the country. The company offers a variety of health insurance plans according to individual needs. It has also created an exceptional platform for all its customers who wish to take advantage of their health and wellness benefits. Let’s go through ManipalCigna health insurance benefits in detail.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Benefits 

ManipalCigna offers comprehensive health insurance coverage for individuals, families and even company employees. Whether you are young or old, salaried or self-employed – it has a health plan for all. 

Here are the general benefits of ManipalCigna Health Insurance:

1. Multiple Options

The company provides a broad variety of distinctive health insurance solutions that give complete coverage. Many kinds of health insurance policies are available, including family health insurance floaters, senior citizen medical insurance policies, critical illness medical insurance plans, etc. These plans provide customers with unmatched coverage.

2. Free Health Check-up

The benefits of ManipalCigna Health Insurance include a free annual health check for every claim-free renewal. Free health examinations are provided to policyholders of ManipalCigna health  insurance policies. The benefit may be used by policyholders once annually or once every two to four insurance years. It is a great addition to ManipalCigna health insurance benefits list.

3. Employee Coverage

Group medical insurance is often provided to employees by their employers as a part of an employee benefits package. On the other side, these group plans could not offer the necessary coverage benefits or enough coverage. To enhance their coverage, ManipalCigna Health Insurance provides employers with multiple health insurance policy options at reasonable prices. All these plans are tailored for different situations, so it is important for employers to keep their company's needs in mind when deciding on coverage.

4. Cashless Facility

For your convenience, ManipalCigna has collaborated with some of the best hospitals in the country to offer cashless claim benefits. When you submit a cashless claim, the insurance provider pays your medical costs right away rather than you have to. ManipalCigna offers clients simple access to cashless health insurance claims by collaborating with top hospitals across India. Just locate the nearest network hospital to grab this exciting ManipalCigna health insurance benefit.
ManipalCigna has a network of more than 6500 hospitals where a cashless claim can be seamlessly processed. In fact, the turnaround time of processing a ManipalCigna cashless claim is extremely low as it is super prompt with the same.

5. Easy Claim Settlement

For the fiscal year 2019-20, ManipalCigna's claim settlement ratio was a respectable 85.72 per cent. This demonstrates the efficacy of ManipalCigna in settling health insurance claims. The business has a devoted internal claim management staff that assists the insured in having their claims handled as quickly as possible. The easy claim settlement process adds to the growing list of ManipalCigna health insurance benefits. The organisation offers a devoted in-house claim management staff that assists insureds in having their claims handled as quickly as possible.

6. Claim Intimation Desk

ManipalCigna has a unique claim intimation desk that caters to all your health insurance concerns. All you need to do is dial its  toll-free number - 1800-419-1159 or email at, and someone from its claims department will get in touch with you and make your claim experience super quick and special. Only these details need to be provided, and the remaining would be taken care of by its team:

  • ManipalCigna health  insurance policy number and other details.
  • The insured's name and the relationship between the insured and the policyholder are different.
  • The nature of the illness for which hospitalisation is required.
  • Details of the doctor prescribing hospitalisation.
  • The date when hospitalisation is done.
  • Any other necessary information.

7. Tax Benefits

The premium paid towards a ManipalCigna health insurance plan is tax-free upto INR 25,000. This tax-saving norm applies to premiums paid towards self, spouse and dependent children under Section 80D. There is an additional tax benefit of upto INR 25,000 for premiums paid for dependent parents and upto INR 50,000 if any of the parents are more than 60 years of age.

The Bottom Line

When buying health insurance, you have to understand what it is for. Even if you are an active person and don't need healthcare,  it's very important to make a good choice when buying stuff like this. ManipalCigna Health Insurance offers one of the best possible options in the market, with all your needs under one roof.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Benefits FAQs

  • 1. What is the distinction between in-patient treatment and outpatient care?

    In-patient treatment occurs when an individual is hospitalised and stays in the facility for 24 hours or more just for treatment.

    Outpatient care occurs when an insured person attends a clinic, hospital or any consultation session for treatment or diagnosis based on a medical practitioner's recommendation. The individual is not admitted to the hospital during an out-patient therapy.

  • 2. What are the Manipal Cigna health insurance policy exclusions?

    Diseases and expenditures originating from or due to any of the below situations will not be covered under Manipal Cigna health insurance policies.

    • Research and evaluation.
    • Restorative medicine, rehabilitation, and respite care.
    • Treatments for Gender Change.
    • Plastic or cosmetic surgery.
    • Therapy for alcoholism, drugs or substance misuse, or other addictive illness and the repercussions thereof.
    • Hazardous sports.
    • Expenses for corrective eye surgery owing to refractive defects of fewer than 7.5 diopters.

    The above information is only suggestive and not complete. For the full list, please see the policy wording.

  • 3. How do you get a free annual health check-up from the Manipal Cigna health insurance plan benefits list?

    For insured who have reached the age of 18, a full healthcare check with the company's network provider is available once a year, beginning with the first year of the Manipal Cigna protect and advantage policies. And every third year on the active policies. You may, however, visit a service provider out of the company's network and have a medical screening of your choice for up to the given restrictions based on the sum insured you have selected. 

    It is important to note that the Active plan's health check-up benefit is available only if the wellness benefit of the policy is not selected.

  • 4. Do all plans of Manipal Cigna offer tax benefits?

    Yes. The tax benefit is available for all health insurance plans offered by Manipal Cigna. Premiums paid under the health insurance policy are tax deductible under Section 80D of the IT Act and any changes thereto.

  • 5. What are Manipal Cigna health insurance plans' minimum and maximum entry ages to avail the benefits?

    Adults must be at least 18 years old and no older than 95 years old to enter. Dependent children are eligible from day 1 to the age of 25.

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