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Max Bupa Health Insurance is a leading health insurance company in India. It has many interesting medical insurance plans to offer that protect all the members of a family. The plans are also available for individuals, senior citizens and people with special healthcare requirements. The plans are available online and offline as well. Max Bupa has many agents working with them and these agents can guide you about the plans you need. Max Bupa is a very reliable provider of health insurance in India. The company received the Economic Times Best Brands 2019' award, which is a very prestigious recognition and it tells everyone just how dependable a name Max Bupa is in the Indian health insurance sector.

The most popular plans from Max Bupa

Here is a list of the most popular Max Bupa Health Insurance plans available:

Name of plan

Brief description

Health Premia Family Floater Plan
  • This is a comprehensive health insurance plan available for the entire family. 
  • You can buy the policy for members of the family and get a maximum sum insured of INR 3 crores. 
  • It offers all the benefits of health insurance such as in-patient care, pre and post-hospital care, daycare expenses and so on.
Health Companion Family Floater Plan
  • This is a very unique family health insurance plan that can include up to 19 family members under a single policy. 
  • It offers covers for the individual as well as the entire family. 
  • The plan has other benefits such as annual health check-up, alternative medicine cover, and so on. 
Go Active Family Floater Plan
ReAssure Health Insurance 
  • This is a very popular health plan from Max Bupa. It offers very comprehensive coverage against a large number of medical issues including inpatient care, pre and post-hospitalisation, daycare procedures, etc. 
  • It also offers coverage against ailments such as COVID 19 and critical illnesses. 
  • It has a maximum sum insured of INR 1 crore, which is extremely high and very substantial. 
Health Premia Family Floater Plan
  • This is a very handy super top-up plan that allows you to extend the coverage and scope of health insurance. 
  • You can get a sum insured of up to INR 5 lacs under this plan. 
  • It offers hospitalisation, post and pre-hospitalisation covers, diagnostic tests, etc. 
Health Pulse Plan
  • One of the best-selling policies from Max Bupa Life insurance, the Health Pulse plan is a family floater plan that offers health insurance benefits for the entire family. 
  • You get all the usual covers such as inpatient care and pre and post-hospital care.
  •  In addition, you can make the plan flexible by adding riders, etc.
Corona Kavach
  • This is a specific family health plan that offers protection against the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic. 
  • You can cover your entire family under this policy that has attractive features such as no room rent cap, the sum insured of up to INR 5 lacs and Ayush care options.

The benefits of buying a Max Bupa health insurance policy

Listed below are some of the main benefits you receive when buying a Max Bupa Health Insurance policy:

  • You get preventive health check-up options under a majority of the Max Bupa Health Insurance plans. This helps you to keep your overall health in check and also prevent any serious illness from striking
  • Max Bupa does not engage the services of TPAs. All the claims are settled directly by the company itself. This makes the claim process fast and more efficient
  • Under some plans, you can get a cashless settlement in hospitals situated outside India as well
  • Usually, there are no age limit restrictions for getting enrolled in the health plans offered by Max Bupa
  • Some of the family floater plans offer benefits including maternity coverage and newborn care
  • The insurance company offers a bonus called the no-claim bonus which can be received if no claims are made in a particular policy period. The bonus is offered as a discount on the following year’s premium amount
  • You get a wholesome list of benefits under the Max Bupa Health plans. These apart, you also get the option to customise the plans by adding riders to the basic plans
  • The company has an excellent online presence and so finding and buy the health plans online becomes a hassle-free task to complete
  • It is easy to renew a Max Bupa Plan as you can do so online by visiting the insurer’s official website
  • The Max Bupa health covers offer lifelong renewability. Buy the policy when you are young and stay covered for as many years as you wish
  • Max Bupa has a list of over 5,000 network hospitals spread across the country. It becomes easy to find a panelled hospital and seek cashless treatment
  • The company has over 35,000 insurance agents working for them, making it very easy for you to buy the plan offline if you wish to do so
  • The plans offer high amounts as the sum insured, the highest being INR 1 crore
  • You get an income tax benefit under Section 80 D of the Indian Income Tax Act when you buy a Max Bupa health insurance plan

What are the common covers available under the Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans? 

  • Inpatient care - The hospitalisation costs are covered under the Max Bupa Health plans. You get all the expenses covered such as room rent, surgery costs, doctors’ charges, pharmacy bills, diagnostic checks and so on.
  • Pre and post-hospital care - You need home health care after or before a serious hospitalisation. This may be pre or post-surgery care, physiotherapy etc. The Max Bupa health plans offer protection for all expenses incurred during the pre and post-hospital treatments.
  • Ambulance cover - You can get coverage for ambulance charges incurred when ferrying an insured patient to and from the hospital. This can happen during an emergency or during a planned hospital visit.
  • Daycare procedures - Many serious medical procedures do not require an overnight hospital stay. Getting admitted for a few hours is often enough. These procedures are known as daycare procedures and include angioplasty, cataract operation, dialysis and so on. Max Bupa compensates for the daycare procedure expenses incurred.
  • Home health care - Domiciliary treatment is the treatment that is sought at home. Many important health conditions require you to stay at home and recuperate. You may also need to hire a nurse or another healthcare worker to care for you. The Max Bupa Health plans compensate you for these expenses as they fall under the domiciliary care category.
  • Maternity cover - You can get coverage for maternity and childbirth. Some of the Max Bupa family floater health plans offer this coverage that is available for normal as well as c-section deliveries.
  • Treatments related to organ donation - Organ donation is an important and very crucial medical procedure that is covered under the Max Bupa plans. You can get cover for all the expenses incurred when undergoing an organ transplant procedure.
  • Restoration of the sum insured - Max Bupa offers the benefit of sum insured restoration. The sum insured gets automatically restored after a claim is made. This is not available on every single plan but is available on some plans.
  • Alternative medicine - Many of the Max Bupa plans offer coverage for Ayush treatments, homoeopathic treatments and also ayurvedic treatments. You can get coverage for these along with the usual allopathic covers.

Please keep in mind that all the covers are not available on all the plans. You need to read the policy wording very carefully before you purchase the plan to understand what exact covers and benefits you are entitled to.

What are the common exclusions? 

 Now, let us take a look at the common exclusions found in many of the Max Bupa Health insurance plans:

  • Health problems arising within the first month of buying the policy
  • Pre-existing health issues are not covered until the specified waiting period lapses
  • No coverage is available for HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and complications arising out of those
  • No coverage is available for ailments resulting from suicide attempts or other types of self-harm
  • No coverage is available if an accident or illness happens due to consumption of alcohol or drugs, or due to any other substance abuse
  • No compensation can be sought for injuries sustained in war, war-like conditions or other man-made calamities
  • No coverage is available for injuries and ailments resulting from nuclear warfare
  • You cannot make a claim for any cosmetic surgery or procedure under the Max Bupa Health insurance plans
  • No coverage is available for fertility or IFV treatment

Keep an eye for the exclusions when buying the health plan from Max Bupa so that you do not face any confusion when making a claim.

How to buy Max Bupa Health insurance? 

It is very easy to buy a Max Bupa medical insurance policy. There are various channels through which you can get a policy of your choice. They include:

  1. By visiting the insurer’s office - You can get any Max Bupa health policy by visiting any branch of the health insurance company. The insurer has a large presence pan-India and you can easily find a branch near you. Walk into any branch, fill and submit the policy form, submit the documents, pay the premium and the plan will be issued to you in a simple and hassle-free manner.
  2. Through an agent - Max Bupa has over 35,000 health insurance agents working with them. You can buy your mediclaim policy through any one of these agents and get your hands on a good policy. The agent will guide you about the features of the plan and will also tell you how to go about the application process. You have to pay a brokerage amount, in return for this service.
  3. Buying online - Max Bupa has a very modern and structured website. All the Max Bupa health plans are available online on the company's official portal. You can log in, browse through the options, read the specifications and buy a policy of your choice. The online plans are less expensive as compared to their offline counterparts as you do not pay any brokerage. 
  4. Buying through an insurance aggregator - The Max Bupa Health plans can also be bought online via an insurance aggregator. There are many good aggregator websites on which you can compare and then buy a plan of your choice. 

Some people like buying health insurance online, while some prefer the old-fashioned way of getting health insurance offline. You can choose any medium, but make sure you find the most suitable Max Bupa Health plan for yourself and your family.

How to renew a Max Bupa Health Insurance plan? 

Getting a Max Bupa medical insurance plan renewed is not a difficult task in any way. The plans can be renewed online in a matter of a few minutes. All you have to do is visit You simply need to enter your policy number and some details about yourself. Then, pay the premium and the policy will be renewed then there in the most effortless manner.


Other popular health plans from Max Bupa

Let us take a look at some of the other popular plans from Max Bupa Health Insurance:

Name of plan

Brief description 

  • One of the most popular plans from Max Bupa Health Insurance, the Heartbeat Family Floater plan is available for sum insured amounts between INR 5 lacs to INR 50 lacs(Gold) and INR 15 lacs to INR 1 crore (Platinum). 
  • All members of a family can be enrolled in the plan that covers inpatient care, domiciliary care, daycare procedures, etc. 
  • The plan offers maternity benefits of up to INR 1 lakh(Gold) and INR 2 lakh (Platinum)
  • The plan also offers health check up benefits of up to INR 2,500(Gold) and INR 5,000(Platinum) 
Money Saver 
  • The Money Saver plan is a comprehensive family floater health plan that offers a maximum sum insured of INR 1 crore. 
  • It offers other benefits such as hospital cash, and annual health check-ups, among others.
  • The plan gives coverage to up to 2 adults and 4 children
  • The plan offers hospital cash of up to INR 2,000 per day 
Health Assurance 
  • The Health Assurance plan is a family floater plan that also has provisions for critical illnesses.
  •  It offers all the benefits of a comprehensive health plan and additionally offers a sum assured if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • Family members up to the age of 65 can be covered under this policy.
Family First
  • This is a very good family floater health plan from Max Bupa that covers up to 14 people from the same family under the same health insurance policy.
  •  It is a comprehensive health plan that offers many benefits including maternity benefit and preventive health checks. 
Super Saver
  • A very affordable and wholesome family floater health plan, the Super Saver Plan offers a maximum sum insured amount of INR 1 crore. 
  • This offers protection for all members of the family.
Employee First
  • This is a group health policy that can be purchased by an employer for the employees of an organisation. 
  • Employees can receive sum insured amounts ranging between INR 1 lac to INR 50 lacs under this cover. 
  • The employees and their family members can be protected in this policy, which also pays for maternity expenses. 


Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim Process

There are two types of health insurance claims that Max Bupa entertains - cashless and reimbursement. Here are the steps included in the cashless claim process: 

  • Keep the insurer informed - You need to keep the insurer informed about the upcoming hospitalisation. Call the toll free number and tell Max Bupa that you are getting admitted in a network hospital, at least 48 hours in advance. If you get hospitalised following an emergency, the insurer needs to be informed at the earliest, preferably within 24 hours of the hospitalisation.
  • Pre-authorisation - When you seek cashless hospitalisation, you have to get admitted in a panel hospital of Max Bupa. Download the pre-authorisation form that is available on the insurance provider’s website. Fill the form and submit it to the hospital as soon as you get admitted. The hospital will inform the insurer and the payment will be made directly to the hospital.
  • For reimbursement - When you get admitted to a non-network hospital, you need to make the bill payment yourself while getting discharged. Thereafter, you have to submit the bill in original, along with the following documents and get the claim amount reimbursed from Max Bupa:
    • Duly filled claim form, along with the insured’s signature
    • Policy document
    • Any KYC document of the insured
    • Advice slip of physician staging the need to get admitted
    • Original prescriptions of surgeons, doctors, anaesthetists, and other physicians
    • Original medical bills, along with the bills of the pharmacy
    • Original hospital memo
    • Summary of discharge
    • Original FIR copy, if the insured was involved in a road accident

Submit these documents and then Max Bupa will scrutinize them. If everything is found satisfactory, the claim amount will be reimbursed at the earliest. You can file a claim online by visiting You can file the claim online and also check the status of your claim by entering the policy number and birth date.

Contact details of Max Bupa Health Insurance 

If you are looking to contact Max Bupa, here are some ways in which you can contact the health insurance company:

Toll-free number

Just dial 1860-500-8888 (Toll-free) and speak with the customer service team.


Drop an email at


You can write to 
Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited,

B-1/I-2, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,

Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044

Branch locator

You can log on to  and find the nearest branch if you wish to pay a visit.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Review

Max Bupa Health Insurance is a very well-loved name in the Indian insurance industry. The company offers affordable health covers for the entire family and also offers a wide range of plans that include COVID-19 and maternity covers. The company has a hassle-free and quick claim process which makes it very smooth and convenient for the customers.

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