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SBI Health Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What papers must I provide to apply for SBI medical insurance?

    In order to register for an SBI health insurance plan, you have to send the completed application form together with proof of age, identification, income, residence, and current medical reports.

  • 2. How can I purchase SBI health insurance policies?

    You may get SBI Medical Insurance by visiting their official website and following their application procedure, or by visiting Paytm Insurance and browsing through different insurance plans currently offered to you and applying for the one that best meets your requirements

  • 3. How do I find the nearest SBI General network hospital?

    A network hospital is one with whom the insurance has an agreement to submit a cashless claim. You may get a summary of all the partnered hospitals in the SBI General network by clicking here. You may then choose the one that is closest to you.

  • 4. How can I get in touch with SBI health insurance?

    In order to get in touch with SBI health insurance, you can call their toll-free number at 1800 210 3366 or email them at

  • 5. Can I check the progress of my SBI medical insurance claim?

    Yes. You must go to the company's online website and navigate to the claims area. You can then enter your insurance claim reference number to acquire the latest insurance claim progress.

  • 6. Which relatives are authorized for SBI family medical insurance coverage?

    Self, spouse, kids, dependent parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, dependent parents-in-law, as well as any other relation with a valid insurable interest, are all authorized to be covered under an SBI family health insurance policy.

  • 7. Is there a special plan for children available with SBI health insurance?

    No, SBI General does not offer a distinct health insurance policy for children; nevertheless, children are covered under its family policy.

  • 8. Is SBI health insurance providing free yearly medical exams?

    Yes, SBI provides a free health test every year that turns out to be claim-free for insureds aged 18 and above.

  • 9. Is pre- and post-hospitalization coverage included in the SBI Arogya Supreme Health Insurance policy?

    Yes, SBI Arogya Supreme health insurance covers the following pre- and post-hospitalization expenses:

    Health Insurance PlanPre-Hospitalisation CoveragePost-Hospitalisation Coverage
    SBI Pro (Silver) Arogya Supreme Plan30 days 60 days
    SBI Plus (Gold) Arogya Supreme Plan60 days90 days
    SBI Premium (Platinum) Arogya Supreme Plan60 days180 days
  • 10. Does SBI General offer critical illness coverage?

    Yes. SBI Critical Illness plans offer coverage against 13 different critical diseases, including specified severity cancer, aorta graft surgery and permanent symptoms resulting from stroke. The plan offers to benefit up to a limit of 10 lakhs.

SBI Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Is it good to renew and pay for my SBI Health Insurance online?

    The process for SBI Health Insurance renewal is seamless and uncomplicated. You have both online and offline options for renewing your SBI Health Insurance coverage. You can renew your SBI health insurance policy on the official website of the insurer by mentioning your policy number and a few more details.

  • 2. What occurs if I pay my SBI health insurance premium after it's due?

    Policyholders get a grace period following the premium due date to renew their SBI health insurance policies.

  • 3. Do contracts for SBI health insurance recur every year automatically?

    SBI Health insurance is often sold as a one-year contract that must be renewed annually on a set date. In addition, there is intense rivalry in the market for health insurance, which forces each insurer to update and improve their plans periodically. Check with SBI General Insurance about any multi-year plan. Getting it will do away with the requirement of renewing every year. Plus, you can also get discounts, as often remains the case with these policies.

  • 4. What is the SBI health insurance grace period?

    There is normally a 30-day grace period during which SBi General is not obligated to cover medical costs. However, accident-related hospitalisation is accepted by the insurer. When renewing existing coverage, there is no waiting time.

  • 5. What is the SBI General Insurance toll-free customer service number?

    SBI General Insurance's toll-free number is 1800 221 111.

SBI Health Insurance Claim Settlement FAQs

  • 1. How much time do you have to resolve an SBI health claim?

    According to the 2017 IRDAI policyholders interest regulation, SBI General will start the claims procedure, and all legitimate claims must be resolved within 30 days of receiving the final survey report and/or the final pertinent and required document, as applicable.

  • 2. How many network hospitals do I have access to under the SBI health insurance?

    SBI health insurance provides over 6000 network hospitals under their coverage.

  • 3. If I don't file an SBI health claim during the policy period, will my money be refunded?

    No. If you do not make an SBI health claim during the policy period, there will be no reimbursement. Nevertheless, you will be qualified for a "Cumulative Bonus" of 5%, which may be increased to a maximum of 25%.

  • 4. When should I notify the company if a refund or cashless period is planned?

    If a reimbursement or planned period of no cash transactions is required, you must notify the SBI health insurance as soon as feasible.

  • 5. To claim the settlement process, whom can I connect with at SBI general insurance?

    You may contact SBI General Insurance directly by calling their toll-free number 1800 210 3366 for claim notification and settlement, or you can do the same task using their web portal.

SBI Health Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. What do you mean by the SBI health insurance download policy document?

    The medical examiner's report, any addenda provided by the company from time to time, the policy schedule, the first premium receipt, any attached endorsements or supplements, and any other document(s) requested by the company and provided by the policyholder to enable the company to process the proposal are all regarded as being a part of the policy document. Through the SBI health policy download online page, you may obtain your own.

  • 2. Does the SBI health insurance policy clear about the claim process?

    SBI health insurance claim process is explained in the policy document. You could know the time limit for claim intimation and the procedure you need to follow when initiating a cashless or reimbursement claim.

  • 3. What are the types of SBI health insurance policy download plans?

    SBI health insurance policy papers feature these :

    • Exclusions
    • Insurance declarations
    • Insurance contracts
    • Definitions
    • Conditions

    The sixth element of SBI health insurance policies is said to be endorsements.

  • 4. What is an SBI insurance cover note?

    The insurance company will occasionally send a cover note known as an SBI Insurance policy note when true policy information is either unavailable or takes some time to arrive. You may obtain the SBI health insurance copy download from their official page.

  • 5. Is the SBI health insurance policy available for download online?

    Yes, one can easily go to the official website and download the  SBI health insurance policy online. You can check every detail about the policy thereafter. And in case of any queries regarding the same, call the SBI health insurance team's customer care at 1800 102 1111.

SBI Health Insurance Benefits FAQs

  • 1. What are the inclusions of SBI Health Insurance?

    The term "inclusions" describes the kinds of costs that are covered by your health insurance policy and for which it would compensate you. The following costs are covered under SBI Health insurance plan benefits:

    • Costs related to a hospital stay lasting at least 24 hours, as well as pre-and post-hospitalization costs according to the appropriate time frame and policy guidelines.
    • 141 daycare operations' medical expenditures.
    • Hospitalisation costs associated with AYUSH care.
    • Fees for doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, consultants, and specialists.
    • Anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operating room costs, surgical equipment, medications and supplies, diagnostic costs and X-rays, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation, pacemaker cost, prosthesis/internal implants, and any other medical costs incurred that are a necessary component of the procedure.
    • Costs associated with treating cataracts.
    • Ambulance costs are limited to a total of INR 2,000 for each hospitalisation.
    • Costs associated with dental care and plastic surgery that were required as a result of illness or accident.
  • 2. Is AYUSH coverage included in this policy?

    Exclusions are the costs SBI health insurance plans won’t cover. Before submitting a claim, it's crucial to make a note of exclusions to prevent misunderstanding later. The following expenditures don’t form part of SBI General health insurance plan benefits:

    • Treatment for illnesses discovered during the first 30 days following insurance acquisition.
    • Restorative care, rehab, and respite care.
    • Obesity and weight management in specific situations
    • Methods for changing gender.
    • Plastic or cosmetic surgery unless necessary owing to illness or injury.
    • Injury brought on by risky or adventurous sports.
    • Breaking the law.
    • Alcoholism, drug addiction, or substance misuse.
    • Dietary and over-the-counter supplements unless they are recommended by a doctor as part of admission, claim, or childcare process.
    • Refractive mistake
    • Experimental or unproven methods
    • Infertility and sterility
    • War and scenarios like war
    • Rehabilitation outside India
  • 3. In terms of SBI health insurance, what do you mean by pre-existing conditions?

    Pre-existing illnesses are ailments a policy applicant may have had before acquiring the coverage. These include things like blood pressure, sugar, and diabetes. Depending on the insurance acquired, you may need to wait 2 to 4 years before certain pre-existing conditions are covered.

  • 4. Are post-hospitalisation expenses covered under ManipalCigna super top up plans?

    Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy are together referred to as AYUSH. Policyholders of SBI health insurance can receive reimbursement for their inpatient Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathic, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathic treatments under the Ayush treatment benefit. A division of the federal government is AYUSH. Health insurance customers have been clamouring for Ayush treatment coverage since IRDAI urged them to offer alternative treatment coverage in 2012–2013.

  • 5. What are the policy terms available under SBI General Insurance policies?

    The majority of SBI General Insurance's health insurance policies have a duration of one, two, or three years.

SBI Health Insurance Network Hospitals FAQs

  • 1. Can a hospital on the SBI health insurance hospital list near me provide COVID-19 coverage?

    COVID-19 is covered under the scope of SBI health insurance. The insurance policy covers hospital stays as well as COVID-19 diagnostic procedures. Visit this website to see whether there is any local SBI health insurance cashless hospital list.

  • 2. What is the distinction between a network hospital and a non-network hospital?

    Network hospitals will give you the advantages of cashless transactions. In contrast, non-network hospitals do not offer such services. Medical expenditures must always be completely paid at first, with a reimbursement petition made afterwards.

  • 3. Can we make a claim at a non-network hospital?

    When you receive care in a non-network hospital, you must shoulder the entire treatment expense and pay the bill out of your own money. You can make a reimbursement claim with SBI health insurance once you are discharged.

  • 4. How many hospitals are under the SBI health insurance network hospitals?

    The SBI health insurance coverage plan's network comprises around 6,000 hospitals. They are distributed around the country and have convenient access to medical treatment.

  • 5. What does a cashless hospital not accept?

    Here are a few reasons why your cashless health insurance claim, whether it's an individual or family floater or a business mediclaim policy, may be denied:

    • When the pre-existing diseases are not disclosed
    • The treatment is still in the waiting period
    • The sum insured is exhausted 
    • The policyholder doesn't choose a network hospital
    • The insurance company needs more information

SBI Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • 1. What is a health insurance premium calculator?

    If you wish to compare health insurance coverage, a health insurance calculator is a useful tool. It is possible to compare the premium costs for several health insurance plans. This enables you to choose which insurance company provides the most complete insurance coverage at a reasonable price.

  • 2. How are the costs of health insurance determined?

    Your premium is determined based on the information you have supplied, including your health status, lifestyle choices, whether you smoke or drink, and other factors. Additionally, because they are more likely to require hospitalisation, persons who currently have a health issue may be compelled to pay a higher premium.

  • 3. Does the cost of health insurance rise as you get older?

    As long as you fall within the same age range, the premium often stays the same. But the price will rise as you go from one age group to another.

  • 4. How to reduce the cost of your health insurance policy?

    Here are a few strategies to lower your premium:

    • Decide on long-term medical coverage
    • A few top-ups
    • Select family floater plans and purchase young
    • Keep up a healthy lifestyle
    • Increase the amount of your deductible

SBI Health Insurance Top Up Plans FAQs

  • 1. What sum insured choices are available with the SBI health insurance top-up plan?

    SBI health insurance's top-up plan is available in sum insured choices ranging in value from INR 1 lakh to 50 lakh.

  • 2. What are the deductible choices available with the SBI health insurance top-up plan?

    Sum deductible choices for the SBI health insurance top-up plan range from INR 1 lakh to 10 lakh.

  • 3. What is the policy tenure of the SBI health insurance top-up plan?

    The SBI health insurance top-up plan policy terms range from 1 year to 3 years.

  • 4. Does SBI health insurance cover AYUSH treatment?

    Yes. SBI health insurance top-up plan covers AYUSH treatment expenses.

  • 5. What are the age requirements for coverage under SBI health insurance top-up policy?

    The minimum age and maximum age for the SBI health insurance top-up plan are  three months and sixty five years, respectively.

SBI Health Insurance Critical Illness Plans FAQs

  • 1. Is a pre-acceptance medical test required for an SBI health insurance critical illness plan?

    Medical Screening is mandatory for SBI health critical illness cover for all insured people above the age of 45, as well as for any pre-existing ailment disclosed on the proposal form, regardless of age or the insured sum.

  • 2. What is the maximum and minimum coverage provided by SBI General Insurance's critical illness plan?

    SBI General Insurance's critical illness plan provides maximum and minimum coverage of INR 50 lakh and INR 3 lakh, respectively.

  • 3. How long is the survival duration for SBI General Insurance's critical illness plan?

    Under SBI General Insurance's critical illness coverage, there is a 28-day survival term.

  • 4. How long is the policy period for SBI General Insurance's critical illness coverage?

    SBI General Insurance's critical illness coverage is offered in two lengths: one year and three years.

  • 5. What are the policy exclusions?

    The policy exclusions under SBI General Insurance’s critical illness are as follows:

    • Pre-existing diseases and illnesses
    • Diseases and illness during the policy’s waiting term as defined
    • Any illnesses that kill the insured during the specified survival period, assessed from the day of the illness's onset
    • Any medical operation or treatment that is not medically required or is not administered by a healthcare professional
    • Any congenital disease or condition.
    • Any recognized critical illness resulting from birth control treatments and/or hormone replacement treatment, as well as any related complications.
    • Any recognized critical illness caused by any family member's therapy and/or self-medication, or any therapy that isn't scientifically acknowledged, and any problems resulting from it.
    • Any recognized critical illness resulting from therapy with alternative medicines as well as any problems ensuing therefrom.
    • Suicide attempt or purposeful self-inflicted illness or injury.

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