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Brief Overview

A joint venture between Future Group and Generali, Future Generali India Insurance Company was established in the year 2007. Over the years, the company has made its mark in the Indian Insurance market and has become a leading name especially in the health insurance sector. 

The health plans introduced by the company have been designed to suit the health insurance needs of customers that come from various economic backgrounds. One such plan is the Future Generali Vector Care Plan. This is a fixed benefit health insurance plan which would offer a lump sum benefit in case you are diagnosed with a covered vector-borne disease. 

In simple words, a vector is a biting insect or tick that transmits a rapidly spreading severe disease. In India, there are a number of vector-borne diseases, such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis, Kala-azar, Zika Virus and Lymphatic Filariasis all of which are transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas, ticks etc. 

These diseases not only take a toll on your health, getting the right treatment can often make a big hole in your pocket. Available at an affordable price, Future Generali Vector Care Plan allows you to insure yourself and your family against these 7 deadly diseases.  

Best Features of Future Generali Vector Care Plan

  1. If diagnosed with any of the 7 listed diseases, you would receive a lump sum benefit
  2. The plan offers various sum insured options
  3. You can cover yourself, your spouse, up to 3 dependent children and dependent parents 
  4. Get 100% restoration of the sum insured
  5. The policy can be taken for a period of 1 year/ 2 years/ 3 years
  6. Avail discounts while opting for longer tenures 
  7. If unhappy with the plan, you have a 15-day free-look period to return it
  8. No pre-policy medical screening required
  9. The plan is available with the option of lifelong renewability

Benefits of Future Generali Vector Care Plan

  1. Lump-Sum benefit
    On the diagnosis of any of the following diseases that require a minimum 24-hour hospitalisation, you will receive 100% of the sum insured that you have opted for. The diseases are listed below:
    1. Dengue
    2. Malaria
    3. Chikungunya
    4. Zika Virus
    5. Japanese Encephalitis
    6. Kala-azar 
    7. Lymphatic Filariasis

  2. Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured
    On the diagnosis of any of the listed ailments, you will receive 100% of the sum insured. However, the policy benefits will not end with this. There would be an automatic restoration of the sum insured. There would be a deduction of pro-rata premium from the payable claim amount for the remaining period of the policy year.

  3. Discounts
    When you purchase the policy for a longer-term, you can avail the following discounts:
    1. 5% discount on single premium when the policy term is 2 years
    2. 7.5% discount on single premium when the policy term is 3 years

  4. No Pre-Policy Medical Test
    There is no requirement of undergoing any medical screening before purchasing the Future Generali Vector Care Plan.

  5. Sum Insured Options
    Depending on your insurance needs, you can select a sum insured that you think would be enough. You can choose a sum insured of:
    1. INR 10,000
    2. INR 25,000
    3. INR 50,000
    4. INR 75,000


Plan Details of Future Generali Vector Care Plan

Entry Age1 day to 65 years
Tenure of Policy1 year/ 2 years/ 3 years
Type of PolicyIndividual Basis
Minimum Sum Insured INR 10,000, per person, per year
  • Waiting Period
    • There is a waiting period of 15 days from the policy inception, during which the company will not be liable for any claim, even if it arises from the listed diseases.
    • This waiting period may be increased to 60 days if the insured member is suffering or has suffered from any of the specified diseases, except Lymphatic Filariasis, within the last 60 days.

  • Free Look Period
    At the inception of the policy, i.e when you purchase the policy for the first time, you are given a 15-day period to review the policy terms and conditions. In case you feel dissatisfied with the policy, you can return it to the company, provided no claim has been made by you during this period. The premium that you have paid will be refunded to you after the company makes a deduction for the following:
    • Stamp Duty charges
    • Proportionate risk premium

What is Not Covered in the Future Generali Vector Care Plan?

The company will NOT accept any claim for the following conditions:

  1. Any condition other than the 7 listed diseases-Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis, Kala-azar, Zika Virus and Lymphatic Filariasis
  2. Any condition that arises within the waiting period
  3. Any treatment that is taken on an Out-patient basis
  4. A diagnosis or treatment that is taken outside India, except the listed countries
  5. Treatment in a hospital/ healthcare centre that has been blacklisted by Future Generali Insurance Company 
  6. Non-allopathic treatments 

Renewal Process of Future Generali Vector Care Plan

To keep yourself guarded against the vector-borne diseases, it is important that you never miss a renewal date. When you renew the policy on time, you can ensure that you and your family are not without the protective cover of the Future Generali Vector Care Plan. When renewing your policy keep the following points in mind:

  1. Once the policy reaches the expiry date, the company gives you a 30-day grace period to renew the policy
  2. No claims would be accepted during the grace period
  3. After this period the policy will be terminated 
  4. If renewal is requested after the grace period, all waiting periods would apply afresh
  5. At the time of renewal, if a child completes 25 years, he can then be covered under a separate policy
  6. An increase or decrease in the sum insured is allowed only during the renewal time

Future Generali Vector Care Plan - Claim Process

In the case of a health insurance claim, you need to get in touch with the company within 48 hours of hospitalisation. You can follow any of the given ways:

Once all the documents are received by the company, they would be authenticated. Post all verification formalities, your claim would be settled and you would receive the amount in the registered bank account. 

  • Required Documents
    Within 15 days of discharge, the following documents are to be submitted with the Company. Make sure you submit all the Original Documents:
  1. Claim Form, duly filled and signed
  2. Copy of policy document
  3. Discharge Summary
  4. Medical certificate confirming the diagnosis/treatment of Illness 
  5. Diagnosis Report
  6. Treating doctor’s certificate regarding the duration of the illness
  7. KYC documents of the insured patient
  8. Laboratory Report

Review of Future Generali Vector Care Plan 

In recent years, when there has been a rise in vector-borne diseases, Future Generali Vector Care is an excellent health insurance plan that provides you and your family a cover against 7 such deadly diseases. The treatment of any of these diseases can range from INR 25,000 to INR 75,000. In such a scenario, investing in Future Generali Vector Care is a prudent option. On the diagnosis of any of the listed diseases, you will receive 100% of the sum insured. This money can come in very handy in dealing with the numerous expenses that you may have to incur on hospitalisation, investigative reports, medicines etc. 

Future Generali Health Insurance - Customer Care Details 

Official Websitehttps://general.futuregenerali.in
Email IDfgcare@futuregenerali.in  
Phone Number1800-220-233 / 1860-500-3333 / 022- 67837800
Fax Number022 4097 6900
Registered Office 

Future Generali India Insurance Co Ltd., Unit 801 and 802,

8th floor, Tower C, Embassy 247 Park,

L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (W),

Mumbai - 400 083


Future Generali Vector Care Plan - Frequently Asked Questions
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