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Brief Overview - Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan

Mohit worked as a Senior Manager in a well-known IT company. He was married to Usha, who ran a small boutique. A few weeks after their son Kunal’s sixth birthday, Mohit started to feel very uncomfortable and often had a severe stomach ache. He went to a doctor and after a series of costly investigations, it was diagnosed that Mohit was suffering from acute kidney failure. Mohit had saved a little, most of which has now been spent. His condition worsened and he lost his job. Usha had to look after her husband, and couldn’t manage the boutique, which is now nearing a shut-down. Mohit’s parents, who are now retired, have been trying hard to raise funds for his future treatment. 

Unlike common health issues and problems that make you unwell for a while, a critical illness can have a debilitating effect on your otherwise smooth and peaceful life. Such an illness can not only affect your daily routine but also be terminal and fatal. When someone suffers from a critical illness it is common that their lives come crashing down. A terminal illness can affect a person far beyond the apparent costs and conditions. Some diseases can leave a person unable to work just like Mohit who lost his job, while some diseases might even cause partial or total disability.

With the changing lifestyle in today’s world, critical illnesses are on a rise and it is common to see people suffering from one. The high-cost treatments make it all the more difficult for the common man to be able to afford the medical care required. In such a scenario, a critical health care insurance policy offers a ray of hope and supports you in your time of need. 

Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan has been launched by Max Bupa with the aim to reduce the risk of facing a financial crunch due to a terminal/ critical illness. The plan offers a payable benefit. 

Best Features of Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan

  1. Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan is a fixed benefit plan. 
  2. It offers 2 payout options in case the insured is diagnosed with an illness
  3. The policy covers 20 critical illness
  4. The benefit received can be utilised for treatment or any other financial obligations that may arise due to the disease
  5. The plan offers multiple sum insured options to choose from
  6. Avail discounts when you opt for long terms
  7. There is a 15-day free look period to review the terms of the policy
  8. The policy comes with the option of lifelong renewability  

Benefits of Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan

  1. Comprehensive Coverage
    Under the Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan, there are 20 critical ailments that are covered.  These are- 
  2. Cancer of Specified Severity
  3. Open Chest CABG
  4. Coma of Specific Severity
  5. First Heart Attack of specific severity
  6. Open Heart Replacement
  7. Major Organ/ Bone Marrow Transplant
  8. Third Degree Burns
  9. Kidney Failure Requiring Regular Dialysis
  10. Permanent Paralysis of Limbs
  11. Motor Neurone Disease with Permanent Symptoms
  12. Stroke Resulting in Permanent Symptoms
  13. Aplastic Anaemia
  14. Fulminant Viral Hepatitis
  15. Deafness
  16. Muscular Dystrophy
  17. Bacterial Meningitis
  18. Multiple Sclerosis with Persisting Symptoms
  19. Loss of Speech
  20. End-stage Lung Disease
  21. End-Stage Liver Disease

  22. Fixed Benefit
    Under Criticare the fixed amount would be paid to you as per your choice. At the time of purchase of policy you can decide if you want:
    1. Option 1: Receive the sum insured as a lump sum
    2. Option 2: Along with lump sum with 10% of the sum insured payable for 5 following years

  23. Choice of Sum Insured
    As per your budget and insurance need you have the freedom to select the sum insured from INR 3 lakhs to INR 2 crore. 

  24. Extended Coverage
    Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan can be bought on an individual or a family floater basis

  25. Discounts
    When you buy the Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan for a tenure of 2 or 3 years, you become eligible for a discount on the premium.

  26. Tax Benefits
    With Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan you can also cut down on your taxes, as you have the option to enjoy the tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  27. Quicker Claims
    Max Bupa has an in-house claim settlement cell and thus no third-party agents, TPAs, are involved. The claims are settled in a much more transparent and easier way.

  28. Assured Renewal
    You have the freedom to renew the Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan indefinitely. Your age and the city you live in are the only factors that would be considered. 

  29. Avoid a  Financial Crisis
    The stress of a high-cost treatment can take away your peace of mind. With Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan, you can put your financial worries away and focus only on getting better.

Plan Details of Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan

Entry Age18 years o 65 years
Tenure of Policy1 year/ 2 years/ 3 years
Type of PolicyIndividual and Family Floater
  • Waiting Period
    • There is a 90-day waiting period for any illness/ symptoms
    • Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan does not offer benefits for any pre-existing diseases until 48 months of non-stop coverage since the beginning of the policy. 
  • Free Look Period
    When you invest in the Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan, you are given a period of 15 days in which you can review the terms and conditions of the policy. During this time if you do not feel satisfied, you can return the policy. 

The premium that has been paid towards the policy would be refunded to you after subtracting the stamp duty charges and the proportionate risk premium.


What is Not Covered in Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan?

  1. Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan covers only the 20 listed illness, and none other
  2. Illnesses or diseases caused due to participation in illegal activities
  3. Self-inflicted injuries or suicide attempts
  4. Conditions/Symptoms that arise from willful failure in following the doctor’s advice
  5. Participation in defence services
  6. Participation in adventure sports/ activities

Renewal Process - Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan

To renew the policy you can visit a company branch office and make the payment via cheque or demand draft. In case you want to renew the policy online, follow these steps:

  • Go to the company website and go to “renewal”. 
  • Enter your policy number. You would then be directed to your policy account details. 
  • Check all the details and move to make the premium payment. 
  • The payment can be made through net banking, credit/ debit card or UPI Wallets.

Just like any other health insurance plan if you wish to keep yourself covered from critical illnesses, you need to renew the Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan. The premium should be paid on or before the due date. A grace period of 30-days is allowed once the policy crosses its expiry date, however, no coverage is offered during this period. Once the grace period is over, a fresh policy may be issued with no continued benefits from the policy that has expired. 

Claim Process - Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan

In case you or an insured member is diagnosed with any of the 20 specified critical illnesses. You would be required to submit a written notice to the company within a few days of the diagnosis. The claim form is then to be submitted along with some documents. The Claim Form can be downloaded from the company website or can be collected from a branch office. You will receive the lump sum amount in the bank account that you have registered with the company. 

Required Documents

  • Claim Form-Duly filled and Signed
  • KYC documents 
  • Final Hospital Discharge Summary
  • Hospital Bill in original 
  • Consultation/ Investigation reports 
  • Copy of Medico-Legal Certificate 

The above Certificates can either be Original or self-attested copies 

Review of Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan

A critical ailment not only causes bodily strain but also takes away your mental wellness. With sky-high treatment costs, it becomes difficult to afford quality treatment. Max Bupa CritiCare Insurance Plan offers you financial support when diagnosed with one of the listed diseases. You have the option to choose the mode of the sum insured. It can either be the whole amount in a lump sum or some portion in a lump sum and then in the form of regular payouts. This amount that you receive can prove to be extremely helpful in the treatment process from the very beginning.

As discussed earlier a critical illness can put you and your family in a financial crisis. With the right kind of health insurance policy, you can avoid any such situation. Even in case, life throws a challenge at you, you will be prepared to deal with it.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Customer Care Details

You can get in touch with the company through different modes –

Phone numbers1860-500-1000, 1860-500-8888 (for senior citizen)
Company Corporate Office Address Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited, 14th Floor, Capital CyberScape, Sector 59, Gurugram, Haryana
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