Aegon ULIP Plans


Unit-Linked Insurance Plans, better known as ULIPs, are a hybrid product that has been created to give the customers the dual benefits of insurance and market-linked investments. When you invest in Aegon ULIP, a share of the premium goes towards your life cover and the remaining is carefully invested in the money market. In case you pass away during the policy term, the nominee would receive the life cover in the form of the death benefit, and in case you survive the policy term, at the end of the term, you would receive a lump-sum payout in the form of maturity benefit. 

Features of Aegon ULIP

Name Of PlanEntry AgePolicy Term
iMaximize Plan

Minimum 7 years/ 18 years 

Maximum 55 years/ 50 years

Subject to Benefit option chosen

15/ 20/ 25 years
iInvest Plan

Minimum 7 years

Maximum 55 years

10/ 15/ 25 years
Future Protect Insurance Plan

Minimum 7 years

Maximum 50 years

15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 35 years
Rising Star Insurance Plan

Minimum 18 years

Maximum 48 years

25 years - Age at the  entry of the child in years

Benefits of Buying Aegon ULIP

  1. Dual Benefits
    With your Aegon ULIP, you get the benefits of insurance along with investment. In case you, the policyholder, pass away during the policy tenure, your appointed nominee receives the death benefit. If you survive the policy you will receive the maturity benefit, along with loyalty benefits.
  2. Plan for Different Stages of Life
    When you invest in Aegon ULIP, you can make partial withdrawals after the lock-in period is over. These withdrawals can be extremely beneficial when you have the need some financial needs in different stages of life.
  3. Tax Benefits
    With your ULIP, you can avail tax benefits up to INR 1.5 lakhs. The premium that you pay towards the ULIPs is tax-exempted. 
  4. Freedom to Choose
    When you invest in Aegon ULIPs, you get the flexibility to switch from an equity to a debt fund, or a combination of the two. On the basis of your risk tolerance ability, you have the freedom to modify your plan.
  5. Affordable 
    Another great advantage of investing in Aegon ULIPS is that these plans are extremely affordable. Some plans come with a premium as low as INR 2,000 per month. 

Most Popular Aegon ULIP

  1. iMaximize Plan
    An excellent plan especially for first-time investors. An affordable insurance plan that offers financial security for your child, even in your absence. With the triple Benefit Payout option, iMaximize Plan also provides you with the flexibility and allows you to invest as per your risk appetite. 
  2. iInvest Plan
    This is an online unit-linked insurance plan that is well-suited for new investors. You can start your investment with as low as INR 2,000 per month. You get the option to choose from 6 unit-linked funds as per your goals. 
  3. Future Protect Insurance Plan
    This is a unit-linked non-participating life insurance plan. While protecting your loved ones with a sufficient life cover, you can gain from the upside of the stock market with the Future Protect Insurance Plan. With this plan, you can invest your money systematically to build a corpus. You also have the option of “Invest Protect” to minimise the risk on your returns. 
  4. Rising Star Insurance Plan
    With the Rising Star plan, you can systematically contribute money and save a corpus for securing your child’s future. The plan allows you to provide triple benefit insurance cover against your life till the time the child turns 25 years of age. The option of “Top-Up” is also available. 

Insight on Aegon ULIP
Aegon has been quite successful in making ULIPs uncomplicated and easy-to-understand. Aegon ULIPs are also a much-preferred investment option that helps in fulfilling your long-term goals. Along with the multiple benefits, Aegon ULIPs also offer you and your loved ones with a protective cover of life insurance. The market-linked returns that you gather over the years, help in creating a corpus, which is inflation-adjusted. ULIPs by Aegon have other advantages such as partial withdrawals, top-ups and freedom to switch allow you as an investor to operate and strategize your investments. 

Understand the policy before investing can give you an edge in recognising the strengths of the plan. When you invest in a suitable ULIP plan, even if you are an amateur investor, you can reap maximum benefits.

Aegon Life ULIP Plans-FAQs
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