Bharti AXA ULIP Plans

Bharti AXA Life Insurance is a joint venture between two financial experts-Bharti Enterprise and the AXA Group. The company offers various Unit-Linked Insurance Plans, better known as ULIPS, which are very affordable and equally popular among different strata of society. 

When you select an appropriate ULIP Plan you can secure your as well as the future of your loved ones. Even if tomorrow something happens to you, you have the assurance that your family will be financially secure to live well. Bharti AXA ULIPs also offer a great opportunity to invest systematically. 

Features of Bharti AXA ULIP

Name Of PlanEntry Age (Age Last Birthday)Policy Term
Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest Plan

Minimum: 18 years

Maximum: 60 years

10 years
Bharti AXA Life Grow Wealth Plan

Minimum: 91 days

Maximum: 70 years 
(Depending on the option selected)

5/ 10/ 15/ 20 years
Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan

Minimum: 18 years

Maximum: 60 years

10 years

Benefits of Buying Bharti AXA ULIP

  1. Saving-Oriented Insurance
    When you invest in Bharti AXA ULIPs, you get the dual benefits of an insurance cover along with long-term savings. 
  2. Online Benefits
    A customer-friendly online portal makes buying the ULIPs extremely convenient. The plans that can be bought online also become all the more reasonable. 
  3. Invest as per Your Needs
    No two people have the same investment needs, with Bharti AXA ULIPs, you can invest as per your risk appetite. If you are a seasoned investor you may want to invest differently than an amateur one. 
  4. Partial Withdrawals
    When you know that you would be able to make partial withdrawals, after the lock-in period there is so much that you can plan to do. From the birth of your child to arranging funds for his education, you can do it all. 
  5. Long Term Investment 
    One of the biggest advantages of investing in a ULIP is that you slowly, yet steadily you save for the future. This not only disciplines you to manage your budget but also helps in securing the future. 
  6. Tax Benefits
    The premiums, as well as the claim that you receive, are exempted under the Income Tax Act, Section 80C and Section 10(10D). 
  7. Switch when you Want
    When you invest in a Bharti AXA ULIP, you can switch funds up to 12 times a year. Get the freedom to switch between the funds as per your wish and the market conditions. 
  8. Stay Updated
    To get instant information on the fund value of your product, just give a missed call to 09289204444, and you will receive an SMS stating the same. 

Most Popular Bharti AXA ULIPs

  1. Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest Plan
    Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest Plan is a plan with a fixed policy term of 10 years. An affordable ULIP Plan, it lets you save on morality charges, policy administration charges etc. the plan being an online plan also comes with zero allocation charges. You have the option of paying the premium as a Single pay or a payment term of 5 years. Once the 5-year lock-in period is over, you can withdraw from the policy fund value.
  2. Bharti AXA Life Grow Wealth Plan 
    This unit-linked plan by Bharti AXA is a savings-oriented plan that offers a life cover along with high-interest investment options that help you secure your family. The plan offers an array of fund options that you can pick as per your investment portfolio. You can also receive loyalty additions apart from many other benefits.
  3. Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan
    With Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan, you can invest your money for a specific time-frame and enjoy high-returns when the term ends. You pay for a period of 5 years whereas you enjoy the benefits for a period of 10 years. The plan also comes with tax benefits. 

Insight on Bharti AXA ULIP

There is no denying that Bharti AXA is one of the most reliable and most trusted companies in the Indian financial market. The customer-centric approach followed by the company helps it to understand the needs of each policyholder and offers customised plans. The digital-enabled services, user-friendly portal and efficient customer care make Bharti AXA an empathetic workforce. If you or someone you know is looking for a suitable ULIP plan, considering Bharti AXA is definitely an option. The plans give you the flexibility to select the investment avenue of your choice without burning a hole in your pocket.

Bharti AXA ULIP Plans FAQs

  • 1. What is the minimum premium in Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest Plan?

    1. The plan comes with the following details:
    Payment TermAnnualHalf-YearlyQuarterlyMonthlySingle Pay
    5 yearsINR 18,000INR 9,000INR 4,500INR 1,500INR 25,000
  • 2. What fund options are available with Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest Plan?

    You have the option to invest in 6 different funds. 

  • 3. What do you mean by ‘loyalty additions’ in Bharti AXA Life Grow Wealth Plan?

    Subject to the policy, from the 6th policy year to the end of the tenure, at the end of every policy year, a percentage of the Fund Value will be added as loyalty addition. 

  • 4. With Bharti AXA ULIP, can I extend the cover to my spouse?

    Under  Bharti AXA Life Grow Wealth Plan, you can select between a Single Life option which offers life coverage for one individual OR Joint Life Coverage which covers two individuals.

  • 5. If I buy Bharti AXA ULIP from an insurance aggregator, will it be any different?

    No, it would not be any different. All applications that are received by an insurance aggregator are further routed to the company. The company then processes the application. 

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