Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans


Unit-Linked Insurance Plans, better known as ULIPs, are insurance cum investment plans. While covering for life, these plans also give you the advantage of generating wealth. When looking for ULIPs, Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans offer a lot of benefits along with the flexibility to invest your money, the way you find suitable. 

Features of Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans

Name Of PlanEntry AgePolicy Term
Canara HSBC OBC Invest 4G Plan0 to 65 years10 to 30 years 
Canara HSBC OBC Titanium Plus Plan

0 to 70 years (Limited and Regular Pay

13 to 70 years (Single Pay)

10–30 years (Limited and Regular Pay

5 years (Single Pay)

Canara HSBC OBC Smart Future Plan18 years-51 years

Option 1: 10 years (fixed)

Option 2: 15/ 20/ 25 years

Canara HSBC OBC Smart Goals Plan8 years to 64 years

Option 1 - 10 years (fixed)

Option 2 -  15/ 20/ 25 years

Canara HSBC OBC Smart Life Long Plan7 years to 65 yearsUp till the age of 99 years
Canara HSBC OBC Grow Smart Plan7 years to 65 yearsWhole of Life
Canara HSBC OBC Insure Smart Plan8 years to 70 years10 years (fixed)
Canara HSBC OBC Secure Bhavishya Plan25 to 70 years

Minimum: 10 years

Maximum: 80 years minus Entry Age

Benefits of Buying Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans

  1. Single Plan - Dual Benefits 
    A ULIP offers you the combined benefits of insurance as well as investment. With such a plan you can not only ensure that your absence would not leave your family in a financial crisis but also avail numerous investment options. 

  2. Your Money Your Decision
    With Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans, you have a range of options to balance your equity-debt portfolio. You can switch between the assets and select the funds that suit you the most. 

  3. Cater to Different Stages of Life
    With ULIPs you have the option of partial withdrawals. Planning for your retirement, your child’s education, buying a house etc. becomes much more convenient when you know you can depend on these withdrawals. 

  4. Long Term Investment 
    Before you invest, make a list of the goals you have made for your future, and then plan the option that you need to invest in. With a systematic investment, you will be able to grow your money steadily. 

  5. Tax Benefits
    Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the premiums paid towards your ULIP will be exempted.

  6. Excellent Returns
    Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans provide higher returns through the range of investment options, such as debt funds and equity funds.

  7. Stay Updated
    It is simple and easy to keep yourself updated with the ongoing market trends. If you find a change there you can switch back when the market stabilises.  

Most Popular Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans

  1. Canara HSBC OBC Invest 4G
    Considered to be a new-age plan Invest 4G is an online plan that comes with zero commission. Along with wealth boosters and loyalty additions, the plan offers excellent returns.

  2. Canara HSBC OBC Titanium Plus Plan
    This saving-cum-protection plan offers flexibility as per your altering financial requirements. You can have full control and invest your hard-earned money as per the market movement. 

  3. Canara HSBC OBC Smart Future Plan
    The Smart Future Plan is an investment opportunity that lets you save for the long term. If you are looking for an investment to help you with a financial commitment in the future, this might be the plan for you. The plan also comes with the option of Death and Disability benefits.

  4. Canara HSBC OBC Smart Goals Plan
    Apart from the death and maturity benefits, you can earn loyalty additions with this plan.  Smart Goals Plan offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of product options and investments funds. There are 7 funds to choose from, that come with an equity exposure that ranges from zero to 100%. 

  5. Canara HSBC OBC Smart Long Life Long Plan
    With the main goal of wealth creation, this plan offers a whole life cover, that goes up to 99 years. You can select an annual or a monthly premium payment mode, as per your needs. You can also avail the loyalty benefits. 

  6. Canara HSBC OBC Growth Smart Plan 
    The Growth Smart Plan will cover you for your whole life. This affordable plan comes with the benefit of paying a premium for a specific period of time and a cover for life. 

  7. Canara HSBC OBC Insure Smart Plan
    Insure Smart Plan allows to plan the finances in the different stages of life. List down your goals such as retirement plans, children’s higher education, or investing in real estate, and enjoy the financial freedom. 

  8. Canara HSBC OBC Secure Bhavishya Plan
    This plan lets you build a corpus for enjoying your golden years, by providing a steady post-retirement income. Along with the death/ maturity benefit, the plan gives protection to the corpus that you have collected. 

Insight on Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans

With a very vast experience in the financial market, Canara HSBC offers a lot of choice in ULIP plans. These ULIP Plans are a one-stop solution if you are looking for making a long-term investment. Not only are they transparent, but also quite affordable making it possible for people from different economic backgrounds. In most cases, Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans offer excellent returns while also covering the policyholder for life.

Canara HSBC OBC ULIP Plans - FAQs
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