Future Generali ULIP Plans

Established in 2007, Future Generali India Insurance Company is a collaboration between Future Group and Generali. Since its inception, the company has been successful in making its mark in the Indian Insurance market. Future Generali ULIPs have become immensely popular as well.

A ULIP is an insurance product that offers combined benefits of a life insurance plan and investment. While allowing you to invest in a range of market-related funds, the plans offer you the protection of life cover.

Features of Future Generali ULIP Plans

Name Of PlanEntry Age (As on last birthday)Policy Term
Future Generali Big Dreams Plan

Minimum: 0 years

Maximum: 55 years

5 to 20 years 
Future Generali Easy  Invest Online Plan

Minimum: 0 years

Maximum: 50 years

10 to 20 years
Future Generali Wealth Protect Plan

Minimum: 7 years

Maximum: 60 years

15 to 40 years
Future Generali Dhan Vridhi Plan

For 5-year PPT :

8 years to 50 years 


For 8-60 years PPT:

18 years to 70 years 

10/ 15/ 20 years
Future Generali Bima Advantage Plus Plan 7 years to 65 years10 to 30 years

Benefits of Buying Future Generali ULIP Plans

  1. Double Benefit
    With a single insurance product, you can avail two major benefits-Insurance and Investment. One part of your premium goes towards the life cover, while the other toward market-linked investments.
  2. Save Orderly
    With Future Generali ULIPs, you can bring a system into the way you invest your hard-earned money. With small and affordable premiums, you can build a corpus in some years.
  3. Partial Withdrawals
    The option for making partial withdrawals is a great advantage offered by Future Generali ULIPs. If you are in a financial crunch, after the 5-year lock-in period, you can withdraw a part of the corpus.
  4. Tax Benefits
    Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, the premiums paid towards the ULIP are tax-exempted up to INR 1.5 lakhs in a year. Death and Maturity benefits are exempted under Section 10(10D).
  5. Freedom and Flexibility
    You have the freedom to invest in a number of funds that have been classified as fixed income securities, liquid and equity investments.
  6. Availability of Riders
    Riders help you in increasing the scope of coverage of your particular ULIP.

Most Popular Future Generali ULIPs

  1. Future Generali Big Dreams Plan
    With the Big Dreams Plan, you can boost your savings. Along with a life cover, the plan offers a 1%-7% extra allocation on your premium. The plan becomes all the more affordable as you can save more with zero allocation and admin charges.
  2. Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan
    This online plan helps in boosting the habit of saving in a systematic way, over a period of time. An easy-to-understand plan, it also gives you the freedom to switch your funds and be in control of your hard-earned money. For maintaining the policy etiquettes you are rewarded with loyalty additions.
  3. Future Generali Wealth Protect Plan
    This individual unit-linked, non-participating life insurance plan offers broad coverage of 7 to 30 times the annual premium. With the options to choose among 7 investment funds, this plan offers a lot of flexibility to you. You can also opt for riders with this plan.
  4. Future Generali Dhan Vriddhi Plan
    A limited premium payment plan, Dhan Vridhi offers the perfect balance of insurance cover as well as investment. You can plan your medium as well as long-term financial commitments. With an investment fund option of 7 robust funds, the plan offers you the opportunity to switch your investment as per the market.
  5. Future Generali Bima Advantage Plus Plan  
    This plan is a great way to plan your medium to long-term financial goals such as education or wedding of your children, investing in real estate or securing your golden years. There is also a lot of flexibility that this plan offers such as the option to select policy terms of your choice, the sum assured re-direction and withdrawals etc.

Future Generali ULIP Riders

You can further enhance the cover by including the given riders to your base variant, depending on the plan selected by you:

  1. Future Generali Linked Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Rider
  2. Future Generali Linked Accidental Death Rider
  3. Future Generali Linked Critical Illness Rider

Insight on Future Generali ULIPs

The ULIPs introduced by Future Generali have been designed to cater to the insurance needs of customers who come from various budgetary backgrounds. Once considered to be a costly investment, these plans have now been able to establish themselves as a cost-effective insurance product that helps in wealth creation, financial protection and life insurance. The company offers an array of investment options along with the freedom to switch as per the trends of the market. Depending on the amount of risk you are willing to take, select the plan you wish to invest in, today.

Future Generali ULIP Plans FAQs

  • 1. What premium do I need to pay for the Future Generali  Easy Invest Online Plan?

    The minimum premium in annual mode is INR 40,000 and in monthly mode is INR 4,000. There is no maximum limit. 

  • 2. How many free partial withdrawals are allowed in the Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan?

    In this plan, you can avail 4 free withdrawals. After this, you would have to pay a charge of INR 200 for subsequent withdrawals. 

  • 3. What investment options are available with the Future Generali Big Dreams Plan?

    The options are:

    1. Wealth Creation
    2. Dream Protect
    3. Retire Smart
  • 4. What is the premium payment frequency with Future Generali Wealth Protect Plan?

    The Premium payment frequency with this plan are: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly.

  • 5. What would be the premium and the premium paying frequency in the Future Generali Dhan Vriddhi Plan?

    The minimum premium would be as follows:

    1. Annually: INR 20,000
    2. Bi-Annually: INR Rs 10,000
    3. Quarterly: INR 5,000
    4. Monthly: INR 2,000

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