SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan


SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan is an investment plan that also provides you with the benefits of a life insurance cover. It is a one-time investment opportunity as the premium needs to be paid only once for the entire policy term. The policy term can be chosen from the range of 5 to 30 years. The plan offers 6 different fund options to match the investment styles and risk appetites of different investors. The plan also provides the flexibility to switch between these funds to help you establish more control over your investments. 

Under the plan, partial withdrawals can be made after the completion of a lock-in period of 5 years to meet any urgent financial requirements. You can also choose to invest your surplus earnings in the provided fund options to maximise your returns using the plan’s top-up premium option.

Best Features of SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan

The best features of SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan are as follows -

  • Fund Options-  The plan offers 6 different fund options namely Blue Chip Equity Fund, Growth Plus Fund, Balanced Plus Fund, Income Fund, Mid Cap Fund, and Gilt Fund, featuring varying debt-equity allocations.
  • Fund Switching- The plan allows you to switch the fund options once free of charge during a policy term. Each additional fund switch costs INR 100.
  • Partial Withdrawals- Partial withdrawals can be made after the end of the lock-in period of the first 5 years to meet unanticipated financial requirements. Only 1 partial withdrawal is allowed during a policy without any extra cost. All subsequent partial withdrawals attract a charge of INR 100.
  • Top-Up Option-  The investor has the option to invest additional money as top-up premiums to grow their wealth.
  • One-Time Investment- The premium for the SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan is payable as a single payment for the entire policy term, subject to a minimum of INR 1 Lakh.
  • Flexible Settlement Payout Options- The death benefit payout can be in the form of yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly installments.

Benefits of SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan

SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan offers the following benefits to its investors:

  1. Death Benefit

In case of the untimely demise of the life assured during the policy term, the highest of the following is payable to the nominee as the death benefit-

  • Total sum assured and top-up sum assured 
  • Total Fund value and top-up fund value 
  • 105% of all the premiums paid including top-up premiums 

The death benefit as sum assured will be payable to the nominee after deducting partial withdrawals made during the 2 years preceding the death of the life assured.

      2. Maturity Benefit

In case the life assured survives till the date of maturity of the policy, the fund value and top-up fund value will be payable to the life assured as the maturity benefit. After the payment of the maturity benefit, the policy gets terminated and no further benefits remain in arrears. 

SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan Eligibility

Following are the eligibility conditions to become an investor under SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan:

Eligibility Criteria For SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan 

Minimum Age at Entry


8 Years

Maximum Age at Entry


60 Years

Minimum Age at Maturity

18 Years

Maximum Age at Maturity

70 Years

Policy Term

5-30 Years

Premium Payment Term (PPT)

Single Payment

Minimum Premium Amount

Base Plan Premium - INR 1 Lakh

Top-up Plan Premium - INR 5,000

Maximum Premium Amount

Base Plan Premium - INR 100 Crore

Top-up Plan Premium - INR 100 Crore

Minimum Sum Assured

125% of Single Premium

Maximum Sum Assured


Entry Age

Maximum Sum Assured as Multiple of Single Premium

8 to 30 years


31 to 35 years


36 to 45 years


46 to 50 years


51 to 55 years


56 to 60 years



Top-up Sum Assured 

125% of the Top-up premium

SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan Fund Options

You can choose to invest your hard-earned money in the following fund options - 

Fund Name

Asset Category



Equity, Preference Shares         Debt Instruments              Money Market              Mutual Fund & and Convertible                                                                          Instrument                        Fixed Deposit



Risk and Return Rating

Blue-Chip Equity Fund





High Risk

Growth Plus Fund





Medium to High Risk

Balanced Plus Fund





Low to Medium Risk

Income Fund





Low to Medium Risk

Mid Cap Fund





Very High Risk

Gilt Fund





Low to Medium Risk

SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan Review

SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan is an investment plan which ensures wealth creation over time while providing life cover to your loved ones in your absence. The plan only requires a single-time premium payment at the beginning of the policy which makes it an ideal ULIP for people who want to avoid paying premiums frequently.  With 6 different fund options, this plan provides you the flexibility to allocate your funds based on your investment style and risk profile.

With features like partial withdrawals, top-up premium, and fund switching, the plan provides all the essential aspects of an investment solution. Investors looking for a one-time safe investment solution with life protection can consider opting for this plan.

SUD Life Wealth Builder Plan FAQs
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