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Life Insurance Coverage for Coronavirus

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

The outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 has been quite huge and has created adverse impacts on people across the world. In India, as we write this, a total of 34,87,229 cases of people affected by the novel coronavirus have been reported. It is mostly fatal for people aged above 60 years and for people with pre-medical conditions.

Common Question Whether or not a Life Insurance Policy Covers Death Due to COVID-19

What is Coronavirus Insurance?

For the year 2021, you must include having coronavirus insurance as a part of your financial planning. Coronavirus insurance implies that if any eventuality occurs due to the novel coronavirus then a proper life insurance policy will help provide you and your family with security.

By now, we all have realised that there is no limitation on the spread of this novel coronavirus. Also, it is unprecedented as to when the vaccine for this pandemic would be available. So, it is of utmost importance to ensure the family’s financial security, and under such circumstances, the only rescue available is a life insurance policy.

Existing Policyholders of Life Insurance Policy

In case, you already have a life insurance policy and your untimely demise occurs due to being affected by the dreadful coronavirus then your nominee will receive the death benefit. The Death Benefit received would be the Sum Assured of the life insurance policy. Your nominee must be aware of the fact life insurance coverage includes the death caused due to any health-related problems. So, your nominee is eligible to claim the death benefit in case of your demise during the policy term due to the occurrence of any incident which can be COVID-19 as well.

If you already have a life insurance policy then you are covered against any eventualities occurring due to COVID-19. There can be some life insurance plans which have exclusions for death caused due to any specific reason, but coronavirus coverage would be provided if you already have a life insurance policy. 

Will Coronavirus be Covered If You Get a Life Insurance Policy Now?

If you are planning for purchasing a life insurance policy now, then you must keep in mind that the insurance provider would be determining your premium only after your medical check-up. So, if you are now in the phase of application processing then it is quite obvious that a pandemic like COVID-19 would have an impact on your policy premium and also on the acceptance of your application.

In case, if you have already been affected by the coronavirus then it is obvious that your application for policy might be rejected by the insurance provider. However, if you have given all details correctly and were not affected by the coronavirus at the time the policy had been purchased, then your beneficiary would be able to get the death benefit for your demise due to coronavirus.

It is advisable that you must check the exclusions mentioned in your life insurance policy document very carefully. By this, you would be aware of the different situations which are not covered under life insurance.

If Coronavirus Would be Covered Under Critical Illness in the Life Insurance Policies

In general, life insurance policies would not be denying the death benefit claims if the reason behind death is any type of illness. But, you should be careful about terms related to life insurance riders. The benefits for the life insurance riders/add-ons will only be paid if these terms are fulfilled. If COVID-19 would be covered under the Critical illness riders present in life insurance policy then a payout of the benefits will be done if the necessary terms and conditions are fulfilled.

Is It Difficult to Purchase a Life Insurance Policy During this Time?

If you are thinking or planning to purchase a life insurance policy during these COVID-19 times, then it is going to be somewhat cumbersome for you. You must be completely prepared for the various questions which would be put forward to you by the insurance providers. These would be queries related to the possibility of being affected by the coronavirus before you have purchased the life insurance policy.

You must listen to all the questions very carefully and answer each one honestly. You should neither try to state any false information nor hide any information from the insurance providers. However, if you are having any of the symptoms related to the coronavirus infection then it would be really difficult for you to purchase the life insurance policy.


So, coronavirus is becoming a growing problem with every passing day. But don't worry a life insurance policy can be a saviour here. If you already have a life insurance policy then you are covered against any eventualities occurring due to COVID-19. In case, you are thinking to buy now, you must keep in mind that the insurance provider would be determining your premium only after your medical check-up. However, if you have already been affected by the coronavirus, it is advisable to read the terms & conditions before buying the policy.

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