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This is Where You Should Start Investing With First Salary

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM
this is where you should start investing with first salary

Receiving your first paycheck is very precious as well as an important milestone in your life. You should however be responsible with the paycheck and make some wise investments. After all, your financial future begins from that point so you should make a positive and solid start. Take a look at this article to know how you can invest with the first salary you earn to get on the right financial track.

Ideal Investments to Make with Your First Paycheck

While it is very exciting to get your very own salary and have financial independence, you must look to spend and invest wisely. Use a part of your first salary to buy gifts for your loved ones and yourself, but with the remaining amount, you could look to make a few investments. Here are some good options for you to explore:

  • Term Insurance - Term life insurance is one of the best forms of life insurance that you can invest in with your first salary. As a youngster, you will get an excellent life cover at a throwaway price. You can also get the plan for long durations such as 25 years or 30 years. Make full use of these advantages and get the best term insurance plan. Life insurance is a major requirement these days and you will greatly benefit from buying the term plan now. You will most definitely need term insurance in a few years’ time, so be wise and get it now and reap the benefits later on in life as well.
  • Health Insurance - The same holds true for health insurance as well. It is extremely easy to get health insurance when you are young and fit. Buy a plan effortlessly and instantly now. Keep the plan for the years to come and you will be amazed by the benefits you get. If it is financially viable, include your parents in the coverage as well and they will be touched by your gesture, while getting a good health cover which they totally deserve to have.
  • SIP - Investments are important at every stage of life. However, when you earn your first paycheck, your salary may not be the highest. That is why you need to look at investments that are easy and affordable. Consider putting some money away in a SIP. SIPs allow you to invest small amounts of money over a period of time and the yields fetched help your wealth to grow. A SIP is an excellent investment option for young people who are just starting out in their careers.
  • Debt Clearance - it is very common for youngsters to have debts. Many freshers are burdened with repaying their student loans after they start working. If you also have some debts to clear, do not wait even for one day. Make a budget and allocate some money towards the debt clearance goal. You should clear your debt on priority. If you are regular with the EMIs not only will you be able to be debt-free soon, you will also have a healthy credit score which will help you immensely in your future financial endeavours.

These are some easy and practical investment options for people who just received their first paycheck. If you are serious about your finances and want to make some responsible choices, get going and consider the investments mentioned above.

The Final Word

Try to use your money wisely and you will soon get into the habit of being smart with your finances. Good financial practices take time to develop, so you should start at the earliest and become stronger and stronger with your financial understanding as you go up to your career ladder.

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